Mulberry is famous for producing high-quality bags and footwear worldwide. Mulberry Company was formed by a mother and son in England in 1971 by Joan and Roger Saul, and the company took off internationally in the year 2007. The Mulberry bags are especially popular with celebrities, and many famous people are seen carrying Mulberry bags. Its design and the pattern of the bag is awesome, and owing Mulberry bag in your collection would be mind-blowing and prestigious.

Different Types of Mulberry Handbags in India:

So let’s have a look at the top 9 latest Mulberry bag designs with pictures:

1. New Mulberry Shoulder Bag:

Mulberry shoulder handbags are very popular as they can be used as an everyday bag and carry more items. The bag can be accessed quickly without any hassles. The shoulder bag is available in mid and large sizes and looks very trendy and smart when carried. The bag has a sleek chain for carrying the bag on its shoulders. The bag is available in various colours and patterns, and you can get one according to your outfit and flaunt your looks with Mulberry handbags.

2. Hobo Style Black Mulberry Handbag:

The Hobo style Mulberry bags are very much in demand as they are small in size, and their crescent shape makes them very convenient to carry. The bag is made from high-quality black leather and appears very pretty and trendy.  The bag has a smooth finish and a smart, stylish strap to carry.

3. Full Leather Mulberry Satchels Bags:

The Mulberry Satchels bags are awesome to look at. The Satchels is generally a cross between a shoulder bag and a briefcase but has a strap to carry the bag. This Mulberry bag opens from the front and has a golden interlock for closure to protect your bag. Mulberry Satchels bags are available in various patterns, and you can choose among them that can look fashionable.

4. Double Zip Mulberry Bags:

This bag has two cabinets for storing the items and has a strong silver sip for closures. The bag has a stylish look from the front, and the Mulberry silver logo adds more look to it. The bag looks very impressive when carried to offices and even for shopping or hangout.

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5. White Colored Mulberry Clutches:

Clutches are small handbags that are clutched or held in the crook of the arm. The Mulberry clutches look amazing when carried, as they are made from high-quality leather. This white bag is perfect and ideal to be carried to parties and a good evening bag for women’s.

6. Mulberry Messenger Bag for Men:

The messenger bag is generally a briefcase-style bag with long straps so that it can wear cross-body, thus leaving your hands free. These handbags look very stylish and fashionable, and it’s the perfect urban everyday bag for men.

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7. Black Mulberry Bags for Women:

The black Mulberry bag gives women and extraordinary looks when carried. The bag has a small front pocket with a zip closure and a stylish handle to carry the bag. The bag can be matched with any outfit and gives you perfect looks.

8. Small Mulberry Bags for Girls:

Some girls appreciate carrying bag which is smaller in size. Thus these small Mulberry bags stand out perfect for them. The bags open from the front and has a small cabin for storage. These bags look cute when carried by teenage girls.

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9. Latest Mulberry Bags for Celebrities:

This bag is one of the latest bags designed by Mulberry. The colour and the pattern of the bag can drive anyone crazy. The bag lends you a minimalistic look and is the perfect bag to carry for a special day.

Mulberry bags are fine and exotic, high-quality leather, natural leather, calf hair, and printed and textured leather. The bags are usually sleek with clean, curving feminine lines without excessive detailing. Only some bags of Mulberry are decorative and have showy features. The bag is designed to keep its functionality in mind, and the closures are durable and strong, preventing theft and loss. The interior has lined with suede, and the fine craftsmanship on the bag can be held up for a number of years.

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