9 Latest Designer Fancy Handbags for Ladies

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A handbag is being defined as a woman’s best friend, as she can store all her valuables and essential in that bag. She can carry the bag where ever she goes either for shopping, workplace or to any hangout. A fancy handbag is a one which helps a girl or a woman to show off and even make her look more fashionable and stylish in front of her friend and colleagues. The fancy handbags add more look and style to her persona. Fancy handbags are available in many designs, pattern, sizes and colours and you can pick the one according to your needs are requirements.

fancy handbags

Fancy Handbags in Different Models:

Let’s have a look on top 9 fancy handbags designs:

1. Bow Shape Fancy Handbags for Girls:

Bow Shape Fancy Handbags for Girls

The handbag looks very pretty when carried by young girls. The floral print on the bag and the cute small red colour bow attached in the front makes the bag appear more attractive and pretty. The bag has small handles helping to carry the bag smoothly on your shoulders.

2. Jute Fancy Handbags Fashion:

Jute Fancy Handbags

Jute bags are very much in fashion and popular they are eco friendly and hence by using this bag one is contributing towards a green and clean nature also. As these bags don’t pinch your pockets very high you can get as many as you want and match it with your outfit and get a gorgeous and mind-blowing looks.

3. Egg Shaped Fancy Handbag:

Egg Shaped Fancy Handbag

This beautiful egg shaped glittering handbags adds more charm to your look when carried. These types of stone studded handbags are perfect to be carried for wedding parties or to any special occasion. The bag has a small metal handle to hold the bag. The bag makes you appear stylish and classy when carried.

4. Fancy Cross Body Handbag:

Fancy Cross Body Handbag

These fancy handbags are no more utilitarian item; it has become a fashionable accessory for women. This handbag has a long adjustable metal chain thus enabling you to carry the bag on one side of the body, giving you a stylish and cool look. These type bags are found in various design, colour and size and you can pick the one according to your choice and needs.

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5. Fancy Handbags for Woman’s:

Fancy Handbags for Woman’s

Here comes a amazing looking fancy handbag for woman. The colour combination of golden and green can make you speechless and the shape of the bag is awesome. The bag has beautiful printed handles also and a ideal bag for evening parties and for clubs also.

6. Rose Printed Fancy Handbag:

Rose Printed Fancy Handbag

Here comes a shining rose flower embossed handbag which can leave anyone speechless. The colour combination of the bag is amazing and makes the bag more attractive when carried. The pastel colour enhances the look of the bag by many folds thus adding more look to when carried.

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7. Canvas Fancy Handbag:

Canvas Fancy Handbag

The bag is made from canvas and the cute cat designed make the bag look awesome. The bag has small pockets in the front thus having ample space for storage and is perfect and cool fancy handbag to be carried to collages or to workplace.

8. Fancy Bucket Style Handbag:

Fancy Bucket Style Handbag

The bag is shaped in a bucket style thus having ample space for storage. The bag has the stylish fur hanging in the front of the bag and the beautiful mirror work towards the bottom of the bag. The sizzling and the sparking work enhances the looks of the bag and makes you look different in the crowd.

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9. Fancy Shoulder Handbag:

Fancy Shoulder Handbag

This type of handbag can be hanged or carried on shoulders thus making it easier to carry the bag for shopping or to any workplace. The bag has comfortable and strong handles and makes you appear stylish and gorgeous when carried.

Fancy handbags have become a necessity rather than style for girls as it helps them to travel freely.  The fancy looking handbags are available in many sizes, pattern and styles and are available for all age groups. These bags can be carried to any place without any hesitation. The handbags add more glamour and looks to a person thus giving you a minimalistic looks.

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