Christian Dior is a French luxury goods company and is well known as Dior. The company was founded in 1946, and today, it designs and retails ready-to-wear, leather goods, fashion accessories, bags, fragrances and many more. The company is dedicated to women’s offerings only. Christian Dior products are available all over the world and in branded stores. It even has its outlets wherein you get all the effects of Dior.

Different Types of Christian Dior Handbags in India:

The bags of Dior are gorgeous and look heavenly when carried. Let’s look at the top 9 designs of Christian Dior bags for women and men.

1. Embroidered Christian Dior Denim Bag:

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A new look and style given to denim bags by Dior. The beautiful floral and colourful embroidery on the bags enhances the look. The bag has stylish silver metal hardware and a sleek, adjustable strap. A perfect bag carried by a woman for evening parties.

2. Gypsy Style Red Leather Christian Dior Bags:

The bag is made of pure red leather and in a gypsy pattern. The gypsy pattern of the bag makes it look very exclusive and different from other bags. The bag can match any outfit and gives you perfect, sexy, stylish looks.

3. Christian Dior Lady Bag with Embellished Strap:

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The strap of the bag makes the bag appear different from other Dior bags. The strap is embellished with small colourful stones, thus giving the bag a sizzling and unique look when carried. These bags look stylish and fashionable and are the perfect urban everyday bag for every woman.

4. Christian Dior Evening Clutch Bag:

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Clutches are small bags which can be held on the arms of women. This silverfish clutch bag with a beautiful pattern on the front makes this Dior clutch appear attractive. The clutch is an eye-catching one and is perfect and ideal to be carried to parties and a good show of the bag for women.

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5. Black Lamb Skin Christian Dior Bags:

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This shining Dior bag is made of lambskin and has a pattern of carnage. The bag has a stylish look, and the Dior silver logo adds a more look. The bag looks impressive when carried to offices and even a good satchel for show-off or hangout.

6. Christian Dior Shoulder Bag:

The bag has a beautiful cut and a design. The bag looks very different from other bags and appears stylish and fashionable. It looks very impressive when carried to offices, shopping, or hanging out. These are available in various patterns and colours; you can pick the one according to your style.

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7. Stylish Christian Dior Chain HandBag:

Image Source: Christian Dior

These types of Christian Dior bags look very classy and royal. The bag has a remarkable design on the front, and instead of straps, it has a stylish chain to carry the bag. The bags are available in a wide pattern, and you can choose among them to appear fashionable and classy in the crowd.

8. Small Size Christian Dior Red Bag:

Image Source: Christian Dior

The red Dior bags are amazing because of the shape and small embellishments studded on the front of the bag. The studded embellishments give the bag a new and sizzling look. The handles are designed of hard material, thus appearing glamorous when carried to any occasion.

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9. Latest Designer Christian Dior Bags:

Image Source: Christian Dior

This bag is one of the latest bags designed by Dior. The colour and the pattern of the bag can drive anyone crazy.  The bags have small golden tassels hanging in the front, thus making the bag appear heavenly. The bag is perfect to carry for a special day or on any occasion.

The bag’s design and pattern are awesome; having a Christian Dior bag in your collection would be mind-blowing and prestigious. The bags are usually sleek with clean, curving feminine lines without many decorative embellishments on the bag. The bag is designed keeping its functionality in mind and the closures are durable and strong, pretty easy to use.

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