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9 Unique Chinese Umbrellas with Different Models

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Chinese umbrellas are liked around the world for their unique design and structure. They stand out of the crowd and give you a vintage style statement. Read on to know why Chinese umbrellas are the best ones to use this rainy season.

Traditional and Cool Chinese Style Umbrella for Wedding with Images:

Here are the best Chinese umbrella designs for any occasions.

1. Pink Chinese Umbrella:

This pink Chinese umbrella is made of jute cloth and is the best one to carry in the summer season. It cannot be used in rain, since the jute cloth will not be able to soak the rain water. It can be taken to a function during the day time and can also be matched with your attire to enhance your look.

2. Asian Japanese Umbrella:

This is a Chinese parasol umbrella is 22 inches and is made with silk. It can be used in both rainy and summer season. In other parts of Asia this umbrella can also be used in winter to save you from the snowfall. It dries very quickly and can be used multiple times.

3. Green Chinese Umbrella:

This Chinese sun umbrella is a must buy for people looking out for both style and protection from sun. It can be used in summer season profoundly. This cool light green colour is soothing to eyes and also pleasant.

4. White Chinese Umbrella:

This Chinese wedding umbrella is a must buy for those looking for an accessory to match their wedding outfit. This white umbrella with floral embroidery is the most elegant among all the Chinese umbrellas. It can also be used otherwise for regular use to protect you from the sun.

5. Handmade Chinese Umbrella:

This handmade red Chinese umbrella is a must buy for people looking for originality and unique design. It is strong and resilient and can be used in both summer and winter season. It comes in various other colours, but red being most preferred. It dries easily and can be used again and again.

6. Yellow Chinese Umbrella:

This traditional Chinese umbrella is a rare piece because it is not easily found in market. What makes it unique is its traditional Chinese design and structure. It can be used in both summer and rainy season and is strong and durable. It comes in different colours to suit everyone’s requirement and style.

7. Water-proof Chinese Umbrella:

This Chinese style umbrella is waterproof and is specially made for the rainy season. It can be easily carried in rain as it is light weight. It has some beautiful design prints on it which give it an elegant look.

8. Blue Floral Chinese Umbrella:

This Chinese paper umbrella is an elegant piece to have because it can be used as an accessory for a function and also to save you from sunlight. Though it is fragile because of it being made with paper, it can turn out to be durable if used well. It is available in different sizes and colours to suit your requirement.

9. Oil Paper Chinese Umbrella:

This Chinese umbrella is a multi-purpose. Because it is made with oil paper, it is water resistant; however it cannot be used in scorching sunlight. It is covered with floral designs all over it and a wooden handle to support the umbrella. It can be used by people of any age group since it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

Chinese umbrellas maybe invented in China. But today are used all over the world as a fashion accessory. They are available in various sizes and colours and can be used on multiple occasions. They are beautiful and elegant and can set you apart from the crowd.