As skin gains lot of stress in a day general creams will not work as because of sweat released. So to avoid this stress in face and to look healthier in day time women generally prefers night cream. There are lots of advantages by using night creams. Generally when we are sleeping our body gets relaxed and all proteins and nutrients will act on the body.

So these nutrients are obtained by night creams by some international brands. These brands are providing creams based on type of skin like dry or oily. Based on skin ingredients are used to prepare the cream. Garnier belongs to such type of brands which are available in market globally.

Some of Night Cream Products Available Are Followed:

1. Ultra Lift Complete Beauty:


Women who are suffering from wrinkles, firming radiance boosting can prefer Garnier ultra lift completely beauty. Because by using this product is enriched with regenerative plant cells. Its radiance boosting restores its natural radiance which feels skin firmer. It is tested by dermatologists.

2. Miracle Sleeping Cream:


Skin gets de-tired from morning to end of day. Miracle sleeping cream feels skin re-hydrated, with less tiredness and provides fresh look and radiant. Usage of this cream daily night reduces appearances of signs of ageing and tiredness. This formula helps in stimulation of renewal of skin cell. As a result skin looks smoother and feels firmer.

3. Moisture+ Moisture+ Restore Night Care Garnier:

The above cream can be used by all types of skin. This hydrating formula acts on epidermis. It recovers skin’s moisture and helps to lock hydration which feels ready to face a day. By morning skin feels soft velvety with replenished radiance. It is made with revival flower which can sustain without water for 31 months and regenerates its original beauty by one drop of rain.

4. Garnier White Complete:


It makes skin looks naturally lighter and more even. It feels skin smooth and illuminates with a healthy glow. It re-lights the complexion day after day. It is enriched with long lasting fairness. It provides instant whitening. Women gain fairer skin over time with regular usage. It is tested dermatological and suitable for all skin types.

5. Garnier Youthful Radiance Night:


It regenerates night cream works when skin is most receptive during sleep. This night cream helps for smooth appearance of fine lines with boosting skin radiances which hydrates the skin. Its formula was enriched with grape antioxidant and caffeine which helps to reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It nourishes skin for visible improve of ageing.

6. Garnier Essential care Replenishing Night Cream:

For replenishing the skin over night to recover from fatigue which got accumulated throughout the day night cream is needed. Cell renewal activity takes place mostly in night times. So essential night cream recovers skin equilibrium which re-energizes cells. It makes skin feels soft and tones which results in complexion that glows with vitality. It contains Karite butter which gives nutrition to skin. Vegetable glycerol which will be extracted from palm oil is to retain skin moisture throughout night.

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7. Garnier Light Complete Multi Action Fairness Night Cream:


Garnier light overnight whitening cream peels off dullness and reveals lighter, whiter skin. It removes dark cells and reduces dark spots for further skin darkening. It leaves skin smooth and gives satin finish with nourishing and moisturizing melting texture. Skin looks visibly fairer for 28 days. Production of melanin will be reduced. This product is mainly designed for Asians.

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8. Garnier Vital Restore Night Cream:

It is completely revitalizing cream which intensely moisturizes and leaves skin revitalized. It reduces visible signs of ageing such as sagging and loss of firmness.

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