9 Best Black Braided Hairstyles

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Black braided hairstyles are based on braids whether you leave your hair down or tie it to a bun or ponytail. Before that one needs to make lot of braids and make segments of it. Wrapping those braids thereafter around one another helps in creating unique hairstyles. These look more unique on black women as they are already gifted with hard textured hair necessary for braiding and therefore looks good on any lady regardless of what face shape she has. Some braids look good or a particular occasion while some suit a particular kind of face type and colour. However, braids always make you look prettier. Of course there are certain styles that suit a particular face, skin tone etc. This article covers some of the hairstyles.

1. Box Braid:

black braided hairstyles

Some of the above are shoulder length box braid while some of the braids are given that more any look by putting silver beads. These just look good on any and every face- long, round, short etc. and every face tone. They also make it convenient not to cause any heat and also look fashionable. They go with ever casual and formal wear.

2. High Loose Bun:

black braid 2

This will probably be one of the simplest braids. You need to make a high ponytail and tie up your hair and thereafter wrap your braids around the ponytail to make it into a bun. This is also a very good style or moms.

3. Party Bun:

black braid 3

For when you are out on the red carpet or just going for a formal party, you need to have the perfect bun with the braids that look stylish and classy and make you look stunning at the same time.

4. Hat Of Braids:

Hat of Braids

This is very stylish and will look god mostly on women with round face and long faces will look all the longer. This hairstyle is simple and unique both.

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5. Twisted Braids:

black braid 5

Twisted braids look stylish on any colour and face. Moreover you can create pencil braids to cross the side of the head and ears. You may add extensions to it thereafter. Jewellery and accessories will compliment this style.

6. Braids And Curls:

black braid 6

When you are in doubt whether to go for curls or for braids, choose both as above! They are much more stylish and look good on women of any age and also compliment any face type. So the confusion now becomes more stylish!

7. French Black Braids:

black braid 7

These french style braids will look good on any young girl who is out for party with friends or our in a formal party. They look more formal and is more modern and stylish. You need to usually start from one side of your head and wrap around the forehead and then to put it around the crown of the head.

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8. Cascade Of Braids:

black braid 8

If you have long hair and you are our on a date then this is the perfect style you got to have. This makes you feel and look like a princess and also gives you that charming look. You need to tie some of the braids to the top of the head and then leave the remaining hair and braid in various styles as above.

9. Sexy Mohawk:

black braid 9

This accentuated hairstyle makes the neckline and the features of face much more prominent . You need to have braids on both sides of the head and hen highlight some locks at the crown to get that look. This is stylish and sexy. You can even spike the locks for a more sexy look.

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