We all must have had a teddy bear growing up. But have you ever wondered if you can have a living teddy bear? Though living teddy bear might not be possible, you can have the next best thing: a teddy bear dog. Mixed breeds and purebreds, the teddy bear dog breeds come in various sizes, shapes and unique personalities. The most common feature of these dogs is the fluffy fur, button noses and round faces, though their body shapes and sizes might differ from one dog to another.

However, with so many options around, choosing one might be challenging. That’s why we have curated the list of teddy bear dog species you can look into before choosing one. Read on!

What is a Teddy Bear Dog? & Do they Stay Small?

Teddy bear dogs are cuddly and adorable animals, hence the name. However, these are not actual teddy bears. The name is given to this dog species because many features like the eyes, button nose and soft coat look similar to a teddy bear. But did you ever question whether these teddy bear dogs remain small?

Teddy bear dogs are called so because they are small breed dogs which is why they are given the name. They will likely grow upto 15 pounds and around 12 inches, depending on the breed. However, some dogs, like Chow Chow, are on the larger side, which can grow up to 75 pounds.

20 Best & Different Teddy Bear Puppy Breeds with Images:

We have curated a list of some unique and gorgeous teddy bear dog breeds you can look into.

1. Cavapoo Teddy Bear:

Cavapoo is too cute to handle a teddy bear-faced dog, a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. These dogs are excellent for families because they get along well with everyone, including small children. In addition, they are smart, weigh 10 to 20 pounds, and are low-shedding pets, making them an excellent option for people with allergies. Although housebreaking might be an issue, these cute puppies are highly trainable and intelligent.

2. Teddy Bear Malshi:

Teddy bear Malshi’s popularity in the United States has been rising for about 20 years though it hails from Australia. This dog is a cross between a Maltese and Shih Tzu with a happy and playful demeanour, making them a great family pet. However, these little dogs can be timid in new situations, making them bark continuously; therefore, it is essential to socialize with them when they are puppies. However, these clever dogs are hard to resist with charming characters.

3. Chow Chow Teddy Bear:

Chow-Chow is one of the teddy bear puppies that are serious-minded, bright, and dignified. You can snuggle with these dogs on the couch to your heart’s content because they resemble a big cuddly teddy bear and do not have any special requirements. The stand-out characteristics of a Chow Chow are the blue tongue, fluffy and super-thick double coat like a lion’s mane. However, if you wish to take on one of these pups, you must set aside plenty of time for grooming.

4. Pomeranian Teddy Bear Dog:

The Pomeranian teddy bear dog has a sweet teddy bear face with a thick, fluffy coat, tiny coat, curled tails, and small ears. Pomeranians can look like giant fluff balls because they come from a lineage of sledge dogs. These dogs became extremely popular in the 18th century, and this purebred originated from Europe. Pomeranians can be nervous around other dogs unless they are socialized as puppies. However, these dogs, confident, playful, intelligent dogs, act like they oversee your household. These dogs are considered ideal companions because of their playful attitude and loyalty.

5. Teddybear Goldendoodle:

A miniature Goldendoodle is a cross between a golden retriever and a miniature poodle. It is a large version of the teddy bear dog. These dogs are loyal, loving, extremely intelligent, full of fun and energy, and trainable, making them fabulous family pets. However, these dogs are not couch potatoes; therefore, if you want to get a teddy bear goldendoodle, you must give the dog plenty of exercise. Grey, black, golden, red, cream and chocolate are some of the colours you can get these teddy bear dogs. Golden retrievers are easily prone to cancer; therefore, check for any cancer history when you get one.

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6. Cockapoo Teddy Bear:

Cockapoos are the resulting teddy bear dog breed by crossbreeding cocker spaniel and miniature poodle. These dogs have loving and friendly temperaments while being great with kids and other pets, making them popular with families. The Cockapoo are all unique and comes in various colours and sizes, making them especially appealing. These dogs will need plenty of exercises, including training sessions since they are livewires and can live up to 18 years.

7. Schnoodle Teddy Bear:

The Schnoodle teddy bear dog is a cross between a miniature Schnauzer and a poodle which can measure between 12 to 24 inches tall at the shoulder, depending on the poodle variety used. The Schnoodles might need plenty of grooming, and the puppy’s coat’s curls, length and colour depend on what they inherit from their parents. If you want the Schnoodle to be comfortable around new animals and people, socialize with them from a young age, with a lifespan of 15 years.

8. Teddy Bear Yorkiepoo:

This Yorkiepoo teddy bear dog is a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a poodle. Depending on the type of poodle the parent was, these teddy bear dogs weigh only four to 15 pounds. These dogs might require careful handling because they are at a high risk of injury because of their tiny size. Though these dogs are friendly and affectionate, they can be intolerant of small children. If the yorkiepoo inherits its parent’s long silky coat, you must groom it several times a week.

9. Shih Poo Teddy Bear:

The Shih poo teddy bear is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a miniature or toy poodle. Like most poodle hybrid dogs, these dogs are brilliant and easy to train. However, take care before introducing them to other animals and tiny kids because these little dogs can be boisterous. Shih-Poos need regular grooming depending on the coat they inherit from their parents, as well as requiring daily exercise. To ensure that the dog grows up to be a happy and confident adult, you must begin socializing and training the Shin-Poo when he is a puppy.

10. Pomchi Teddy Bear:

The Pomchi teddy bear combines a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua, making it one of the tiniest bear dogs. However, these little guys have one of the most prominent personalities out of all the mixed-breed pups. Pomchis might not be the best choice for households with larger pets or small children because they need careful handling and are delicate. If you want to keep your Pomchi good-looking and tidy, it needs regular grooming because this dog tends to have a long and fluffy double coat.

11. Maltipoo Teddy Bear Dog:

The Maltipoo is a hybrid of Maltese and a poodle, so people often mistake it for Maltese. However, these dogs are ideal for apartment life because they stand up to around 14 inches at the shoulder. The Maltipoo is fun to have around in a family setting because they are trainable, intelligent, loving and a cute breed. However, if left alone for too long, these pups might suffer from separation anxiety, one downside of being a loving pup. These little dogs enjoy modest daily exercise and love to be groomed.

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12. Zuchon:

The Zuchon teddy bear is a mix between the Bichon Frise and the Shih Tzu, which weighs 12 to 14 pounds and grows about 12 inches tall with a lifespan of up to 15 years. Zuchon has a fun personality because he is an active little dog. These dogs are perfect in homes where someone is around during the day once they are well-trained and correctly socialized.

13. Teddy Bear Bichon Frise:

The Bichon Frise is a purebred with a big personality that makes up for its small size, making it beloved by many. These dogs love to keep you company with their soft coats when they are not showing off or making new friends. These teddy bear dogs have bear-like resemblance and are sometimes feisty, despite being pocket-sized furballs. However, they are merry and loving overall though.

14. Border Terrier Teddy Bear:

One of the most active teddy bear breeds that work and play hard is the Border terrier. Border terriers can be challenging to adapt to because they love running, chasing and digging. However, you will not experience any trouble if you train this breed when they are pups, which might be just as challenging. Just like other dogs, they are loyal and intelligent.

15. Lhasa Apso Teddy Bear Dog:

Lhasa Apso is a perfect teddy bear dog breed if you are looking for independent dogs who can make their decisions and be brave and responsible. These dogs protect their owners fiercely, though they may seem stubborn sometimes. This dog breed needs long patience and consistent training as they can be strong-headed breeds. Furthermore, you can help them overcome their aggression by letting them socialize with their peers. Choosing the right breeder before adopting a Lhasa Apso bear puppy is essential.

16. Toy Poodle Teddy Bear:

When buying a teddy bear dog, a toy poodle might not be your number one choice. However, you will be amazed at this dog’s transformation with some grooming and a teddy bear cut. Poodles are active during their training because they are motivated to please their owners. These dogs are easy to deal with and intelligent and keen. They are full of energy and enjoy running and digging. Additionally, you need to set some ground rules and exercises for the dogs because they need an assertive leader.

17. Sheepadoodle Teddy Bear Dog:

Sheepadoodles have a unique appearance making them popular over the years. These dogs are obedient, friendly and an attractive breed to raise in recent times. The Sheepadoodle teddy bear dog breed is a mix of poodle and sheepdog. They are not stubborn, active, hassle-free to train, child-friendly and follow commands with a big heart. These dogs are known for their stable temperament, loyal companionship and amazing cuddles.

18. Pekingese Teddy Bear Dogs:

The Pekingese, also called the Chinese teddy bear dog, originated in China. These dogs are groomed attractively and stylishly and stand out because of their coat. Pekingese are great as family pets because they are cute and delightful and stand out in competitions. Pekingese make their own rules and have an independent spirit, making potty training challenging. This dog breed might not be ideal for households with small kids. With positive and holistic training, these dogs can be very affectionate and loving.

19. Yorkshire Terrier Teddy Bear:

Yorkshire terrier, and teddy bear breeds, never disappoint their audience because they always want to be the star of their show, showcasing their fantastic personality. They have some traits of hunting because they were initially trained to hunt rodents. However, Yorkies live for companionship, like other teddy bear dogs, while showcasing endless love and trust. However, these dogs can be unkind to other dogs and strangers because they only love their owners throughout their lives. Yorkshire terriers are not ideal for children and families because many of them can be aggressive.

20. Shih Tzu Teddy Bear Dog:

The Shih Tzu is known for its teddy bear cut and signature grooming style. These dogs love being the centre of attention and are all about showing off. These critters would love to spend time with you and are known for being lovable, energetic and friendly. Initially bred for companionship, the Shih Tzu might be difficult to manage because they can get overly enthusiastic. Adopting two Shih Tzus at once is considered the best way to keep them occupied and happy by many families.

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You can bring your love for teddy bears to life by choosing any of the many teddy bear dog breeds mentioned in this article. Consider the information provided as a guide to help you choose the right dog breed suitable for you and your family. It is advised to think carefully before getting a dog because it is a long-term commitment, because the life expectancy of these dogs is at least 13 years. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on research and not a replacement for professional advice. The website is not responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the information.


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