The hat can also be called a protector that prevents the scalp and hair from any minor external injury and prevents hair from dust and external pollution. To make the hat look more stylish and trendy, designers have modified the old hat design into a new fashion accessory and brought an outdated or disappeared hat design into the current trend with unique cloth material and colour. To know about the types, hat names, and design, this article points out the top 20 different types of hats with pictures, which will be a handy guidebook for hat lovers and people who are into discovering the unknown types of hats.

Types of Hats For Men and Women with Pictures:

Let’s find here with mentioned 20 different types of hats for men and women.

1. Plain Straw Hat for Women:

The straw hat style is the most commonly seen designer hat collection. This type of hat is also called the Panama hat, which is most famously made in Ecuador. The hat has an extended rim with a deep crown which makes the hat from falling down easily. The brim is also accompanied by a pair of colourful round balls which makes the hat look more attractive.

2. Colourful Braided Straw Hat for Women:

To give a plain straw hat a colourful outlook that attracts a girl’s eye is the main theme behind this braided straw hat. The straws are dipped in colours and braided before it is formed as a hat. This type of hat can be used as a summer hat. This type of hat is an ideal beach party hat that matches well with a thin beach dress and a pair of beach sandals.

3. Crochet Hat for Women:

The crochet pattern is an elegant type of hat for women and a high time taking design that needs a lot of time and patience to create such a crochet hat by oneself. To make it easier, designers have created this crochet hat easily available in the market in different colours. The colours in designing this hat can be from a mild white to a multi-coloured knitted hat design.

4. Beanie Pull-on Hat for Women:

Beanie design is a unique and easy to wear hat design that is usually made from a cloth material. The design which makes it simple is adapted from the United States, wherein the brimless hat just hugs onto the head comfortable due to the brimless feature. The striking feature of this type of hat is easy to wear design.

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5. Ascot Cap for Men:

Ascot hat is a traditional woollen hat design which is famously worn around the 1900s. This type of hat for men is also called the Lip pin cotton hat. The front part of the cap is round and hard which makes it a typical winter hat. The Ascot hat suits well as formal as a semi-formal hat for men.

6. Akubra Men Hat:

Akubra is known for its bush hat which is manufactured by an Australian manufacturer. The striking feature of this men´s hat is that the brim of the hat is wide and the crown part of the hat has dents on both sides. This bush hat is famously worn by Men during a visit to the horse race since this type of hat can create a cowboy effect.

7. Baseball Hat:

Baseball caps are soft made from cotton material. The most commonly sued colours are yellow, bottle green and red. The attractive feature of the hat is that the crown of the hat is rounded and the brim of the hat projects out and it is stiff. This type of hat is worn by both men and women most commonly in the United States.

8. Boater Hat for Men:

This type of men’s hat style is also called the Seaman’s hat which is made from Straw material. The crown part of the hat is flat and the brim is also designed flat which makes the hat more special. This type of hat is worn along with a ribbon around the crown region. This type of hat is worn as a semi-casual hat by young boys as well as middle-aged men.

9. Breton Hat for Women:

This type of hat got famous around the 19th century which was traditionally worn by the Breton agricultural workers in the Northwest of France. The striking features of this hat are that the crown part is rounded and the brim is tapered upwards all the way to the crown region which gives a deep brim shape.

10. Bucket Hat for Men:

It is also called the Session hat or Irish country hat. This type of hat has a wide and sloppy brim that falls downwards and covers the entire forehead region. It is made from canvas or denim material. It is an ideal casual hat that goes well with a pair of chinos and a t-shirt.

11. Cartwheel Hat for Women:

This type of hat which got famous in the 1930s and later it has now become the new trendy look hat design. The hat has a wide circular brim and a flat crown design which gives a wheel design. This type of hat is worn is an angle usually.

12. Cricket Hat:

This type of hat got famous after the Cricket umpires wearing them. The hat is made from a medium-thick cotton material with a slightly loose brim and a shallow crow part. The hat comes along with a thread which makes the hat fit steadily to the head.

13. Fedora Cap for Men:

The term Fedora comes from the title of the play around 1882. This type of hat has a slightly soft brim and the crown part has indentations. The indentations can be at the top centre or on the sides of the crown. This type of hat is most commonly worn by middle-aged men combined with a casual shirt and a pant.

14. Gatsby Hat for Men:

This type of crown is commonly worn by men due to its unique and classic design. The material used in designing this hat is quite soft as well as thick. The hat gives a baggy outlook due to the rounded crown design and a bottom stuck n the top centre of the crown.

15. Tennis Hat for Women:

This type of hat is a half hat design called the tennis hat. The crown part of the hat is not seen instead of a projecting thick rim and thin strap which helps in adjusting the hat width. This type of hat comes in different colours and materials.

16. Party Hat:

As the names already say the meaning and the usage of the hat is during the “Party”. The material used in designing this hat is usually from shiny and glittery paper material with an additional accessory. The hat is designed in an inverted cone shape with a thread that makes the hat stay on the head.

17. Peaked Hat:

This type of hat is most commonly worn by the military person, police as well as by the pilot and the ship Captain. The hat has a flat crown part which has a sloppy outlook with a thick band. The crown has a peak which is called the Visor which makes the hat more different from other designs.

18. Chullo Hat for Men:

This type of hat is used in the Andean mountain in South American people. This type of hat is made from pure wool and has two ear flaps which make the hat more distinctive from the rest. The hat has a woollen thread which helps in fastening the hat in the front below the chin.

19. Trilby Hat for Men:

This type of hat is a commonly worn hat by men. The most striking design is the narrow brim which tails upwards at the back part of the hat and has an indented crown. This type of hat is made from soft material.

20. Sun Hat for Women:

Sunhat is named after its design which helps in protecting women’s faces against heat and dust. The hat is made from jute material most commonly with multiple colours. The hat has a wide and long brim which covers the entire face most often. The colours used in designing this hat is mostly bright and attractive since this type of hat is mainly used during summer.

Wearing a simple hat can make a difference on a sunny day and by not wearing a head protector during a hot day. The hat not just protects the head against heat but also plays a major role in preventing damage to the hair and hair follicles. To make it more trendy and fashionable and moving forward with not just being a hair protector but also creating a fashion statement among the crowd is the main goal of the designers. The designers have achieved their task by creating such eye-catchy designs and also using different types of material. Girls and boys can make their day more colourful by trying one such above listed type of hat.

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