9 Best Anti Tan Products

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5. Fab India Lemon and Mint Face Pack:

Anti tan Products5

The pack looks very attractive and is very beneficial in removing tan. It has been proved that by application of this product the skin becomes smooth. It is very user-friendly as it dries fast leaving a comfortable mint fragrance. It is a little more expensive than other similar products in the market but is totally worth the price.

6. Jovees Anti Tan Pack:

Anti tan Products6

This is a natural anti tan pack which can be used by women of almost all skin types. It contains useful ingredients such as fuller’s earth, Olivem, Centifola, Carrot, etc. All these ingredients help in removing the tan.

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7. Just Herbs Petal Soft Anti Tan Face Pack:

Anti tan Products7

The smooth anti-tan face pack from Just Herbs is one of the best. It is filled with fuller’s earth and skin lightening beauty herbs. Apart from fighting skin darkening, this will protect the skin from future effects of sunburns.

8. Lotus Detan Face Pack:

Anti tan Products8

The Detan Face Pack from Lotus Herbals is a natural tan removal product which eradicates dark spots effectively. It brightens up the skin and makes it soft and glowing. It should be used regularly.

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9. Sattvik Sun Ban Remedy For Tan Removal:

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This product removes sun tan within a few uses. It works very well on tanned spots and leaves the skin with a pleasant smell. This organic cream is very affordable and can be easily availed.

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