How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally ?

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Most of us are frustrated with the problem of stretch marks which is usually a result of weight loss or simple weight gain. These are typical lines and crack like marks on the skin which are of a much more faint colour and can at times also be very protruding. These are very stubborn and biological symptoms which take a lot of time to get removed. We need to follow a lot of natural tips and techniques thus to remove stretch marks permanently .

How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

There are many reasons of these pale coloured marks and these are heredity factors, quick increase or else decrease of  weight, pregnancy, hormonal changes, Stress, fast growth, as well as typical changes in physical conditions. They are brown or off white in color. Till an extent, lack of ‘collagen’ fiber plays an important role in the development of stretch marks. The stretch marks not offer any bad effect on your health but they make you feel bad and also embarrassed when you are trying to dress up just the way you want. There are several ways by which you can easily remove stretch marks.

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Best Ways For How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks :

Most of the people find it difficult to remove stretch marks but there are several ways and out of that some are mentioned here. They are as follows.

1. Apply Retin A Cream :

retin cream

This is a moisturizer. If you want to remove stretch marks then applying moisturizer on fresh stretch marks is one of the best methods. However smearing cream on old stretch marks can recover their arrival, however not as operative as on fresh stretch marks. The moisturizer offers skin elasticity. The Retin is a retinoic acid cream and is very much helpful to decrease the arrival of the stretch marks.

2. Sugar :


Use natural white sugar because it is single of the greatest natural medicines to dispose of stretch marks. The application of sugar use exfoliates your skin. Take 1 tablespoon of raw sugar and mix into a few drops of lemon juice and certain almond oil. Smear this on affected area and mildly rub for 10 minutes each day before taking bath.

3. Alfalfa For Reduce Stretch Marks :

Alfalfa Powder

It is full of vitamins E, amino acids, vitamin K and is widely used to remove the marks away. It also works as a toner. First of all take 1 teaspoon alfalfa powder and blend with chamomile oil. Put on this paste on stretch marks and allow it to dry around 15 minutes. Lastly wash with water. Perform this 3 times a day.

4. Hydration :

Asian woman drinking water

Water plays an important role to maintain your skin hydrated as well as flexible. The extra hydrated your skin, less chances to cultivate stretch marks. If your skin is well hydrated skin then it offers regular cleansing of skin pores as well as renovates bounciness, that benefit a lot to eliminate the stretch marks. Therefore, try to take around 8 to 10 glasses of water each day and by this your body becomes hydrated.

5. Lemon Extract :

Natural beauty tips - fresh juices

The lemon juice is certainly acidic that benefits to settle plus decrease stretch marks, acne, skin injuries besides other blemishes. Scrub fresh lemon liquid lightly on the stretch marks by circular motions. Let it for 10 minutes and then wash with warm water. You can also mix cucumber juice into the lemon juice and smear this on the stretch marks.

6. Apply Glycolic Acid For Prevent Stretch Marks :

glucolic acid

The application of Glycolic acid on stretch marks offers a proliferation in collagen construction, equally constructing your skin extra flexible overall. Consult your dermatologist before using this.

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7. Egg Whites :

Egg yolk and white

Egg white covers 40 diverse proteins and therefore, it plays a vital role for skin fitness. Egg whites are also ironic in collagen as well as vitamin A and as a result can cure scars otherwise blisters too efficiently. For this you have to take out the egg white by sorting out the yolk from the egg. Then, beat the egg white a slight by a fork. Put this mixture on your stretch marks for near about 15 minutes. Then, rinse with water and smear some oil or moisturizer.

8. Taking A Hot Bath :

hot bath

You have to know that hot water benefits to recover your blood flow that can rapidly decrease the coming of stretch marks. However, you are in the bathtub, energetically brush the areas anywhere you ensure stretch marks by a loofah. This is because the loofah eliminates the coating of dead skin cells arranged the exterior part of the skin, similarly directly dropping the harshness of your stretch marks.

9. Potato Juice Can Remove Stretch Marks Naturally :

Potato Juice

Remember that the liquid as of potatoes is packed of mineral plus vitamins which support to reestablish skin cells. Begin with slicing a potato then scrub it on the exaggerated area. The eminence of the stretch marks will diminish. It is one of the best natural solution for the question how to get rid of stretch marks.

10. Aloe Vera :

Diff aloevera gels

As you know that Aloe Vera is operative to treat various skin difficulties because it contains several vital nutrients as well as energetic compounds which are used in the cure of slight injuries. Aloe Vera also possess calming and healing properties and therefore plays an important role to remove stretch marks. You can apply this directly on your face otherwise smear a paste prepared by mixing vitamin E capsules aloe vera gel and oil from 5 vitamin A capsules. After some time wash with lukewarm water.

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11. Laser Treatment To Cure Stretch Marks :

When all the methods fail then you have last option and that is laser treatment. The laser treatment is mostly set aside for persistent stretch marks. The laser treatment is very costly but very effective to remove stretch marks. Laser treatments are of 3 types and they are as follows;

• Vascular Laser :

This is very popular method to remove red stretch marks. This so expensive for per session besides as a minimum of 3 to 6 sessions are compulsory.

• Fractionated Laser :

It helps to eliminate long-lasting, profound stretch marks. For this, around 3 sessions are required.

• Excimer Laser :

In this method the melanin present in your skin is generated therefore your stretch marks crack the similar shade equally the skin neighboring it. This excimer laser requires at least of 10-20 dealings.

12. Shea And Cocoa Butter :


Butters such as these two are very popular when it comes to body lotions and other face packs. It is because these are natural and home remedies to get rid of blemishes as well as wrinkles on your skin. These butters also know well how to remove stretch marks and so if you mix one spoon full of each butter and then blend these together with Vitamin E oil and apply the mixture on your stretch mark areas they are sure to go away.

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