What Is Trans Fat And Food To Avoid

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There are some common myths and norms which we all have heard, followed and passed on to our next in the line, one such product that has always been in the bad reviews is the fat. Be it a age-old wisdom or a mistake finally realized, fats have always been shunned from our system and dissed in real life. We have always abhorred fat, done anything we can to stop it from reoccurring and advised others to do so as well. Here carrying on

What is Trans Fat?

Fats belong to a larger family. There are various divisions of fats such as saturated fats, unsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats, interest verified fats, polyunsaturated fats, omega fatty acids and then there are Trans fats. These are a type of unsaturated fat that can be created artificially to suit the characteristics and workings of a saturated fat. They are extremely harmful and can deplete the daily functioning of the organs and can prove to be harmful for the heart as well. Trans is one of the things that we all should avoid. Created during the hydrogenation process where the liquid fats are transformed into solid fats this too carries the fat legacy of disruptions in our body. The meaning of trans fat is trans fatty acids.

Generally, the artificial trans are created made in the industrial process and by this process, the liquid vegetables are provided with hydrogen. These occur while making processed foods, where the prime source of trans fat is hydrogenated oils. There are mainly two types of trans fat. Artificially made and naturally found. The naturally-occurring trans fat are generally found in the guts of animals and also in the foods that are made from these particular animals. These foods include dairy products and protein-filled meats. Generally, dairy products contain quarters of trans fat which can be very harmful for us. The artificial trans fat are created in the industrial process discussed earlier in this article.

One can get a good about the trans fat content of a food on the ingredient list and can eat according to that. Excess supply of industrially-made trans fat can get us sick, very sick. Some companies prefer using trans fat a lot and one of the main reason behind it is it’s usage. Trans fat is very easy to use and it is a lot more cost-effective than the pure fat. It allows the product to last for a long time and provides the food with the ideal texture and great taste. Generally, fast foods or processed packed foods are filled with tons of trans fat which are very harmful for our body. There is even more to that. Trans fat is also being used in commercial fryers these days and in countries such as Denmark, USA, etc has put a massive restriction on the usage of trans fat for sake of the citizen’s health.

Trans fat can affect our health in numerous ways. It will result in high cholesterol levels. It will result in an increase in bad cholesterol and a decrease in good cholesterol. It also might result in causing severe heart issues and can also result in the occurrence of stroke and other such similar sudden attacks. A lot of people have been diagnosed with diabetes (type 2) due to the heavy consumption of trans fat.

One fact is really confusing that, even though people are aware of the side effects of trans fat, still they show no kind of hesitation in purchasing food products which come with good amounts of trans fat. In the early years, people didn’t knew about trans fat and its effects in the human body. Now, even the educated people show ignorance. FDA doesn’t suggest the consumption of trans fat like teenagers and even adults do these days. It is always OK to have a cheat meal once or twice but that has resulted to a regular or frequent basis. Some people just have bad food choices and for that reason they cannot just limit their intake of trans fat.

According to some experts, an individual should restrict their intake of foods containing hydrogenated vegetable oils and replace that kind of trans fat-containing foods with foods which come with mono-saturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. One can easily limit their intake of trans fat by going through the nutritional fact behind each and every food and packed vegetable. This will allow people to have an idea of what they are buying and what they are going to eat and whether it will get them sick or not.

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The Source Of Trans Fats:

This was found initially in small traces in animal based food products and therefore one of the main sources to a heavy Trans fat accumulation can be blamed on the animals, especially the grass-fed ones. In fact, the grass fed animals such as cow, buffalo, deer, goats when compared with the poultry animals of the same kind shows that the grain fed animals like chickens and ducks contain less Trans fat than the grass-fed ones.

How Effective Are Trans Fats?

This was originally incorporated in our food to increase their shelf life. Although to a doctor “this is the worst-possible type of fat” many of us don’t know yet that the food recommended in a whole food diet contains a considerable part of trans fats. In fact we everyday on a daily basis consume some form of trans-fat or the other but there is no reason to fret since our body needs a little bit of everything even the roughage and thus a small portion of trans fat is good since they help us fight off chronic diseases.

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Effects Of Trans Fat:

But no matter how they fight off the chronic particles, trans fats remains to be one of the most un recommended nutrient consumption. Now there is a good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in our body. What trans fat does is reduce the level of good cholesterol and increase the bad one which is low density lipoprotein, LDL against high density one which is HDL. Once the LDL level increases the risk of cardiac diseases like heart failure, heart attack, vessel congestion, clogged arteries and vascular obstacle and many other disruptions increase.

Other than this, trans fat is also known for excessive weight gain properties. Consumption of Trans fat makes us gain more weight than any other fatty nutrients and thus needs to be kept completely out of the system though we still induce it in our diet somehow or the other. The worst property of this fat variety is they redistribute all the body fat tissue around the abdominal area hence the protruding belly and may also be the reason for atherosclerosis or inflammation.

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Trans Fats Foods To Avoid:

Trans fat cannot be rejected from our body completely but what we can do is control and contain them for our own health benefit so the foods we should be keeping a look out for is- any sort of junk food or fast food like fried crispy chicken or French fries or chips and pizza, cheese and margarine, anything battered bread flavored coffee or any such flavored beverage, microwaved popcorn or any sort of sweeteners like chocolate, pastries, cream and frostings, pies and biscuits, ice-creams, burger patties, red meat and many more. However this list contains more than half of our daily day food product and thus crossing them entirely of the list is no easy job. What can be done is maintaining their intake for a better you.

In this article, you have been provided with some of the best facts regarding trans fat, from where they come, in what foods their content is most, what are it’s prime ingredients, how bad are they for you, how can avoid eating them, etc. These are some of the best facts, that will allow you to have a good idea about the trans fats and in this way you can avoid eating them as well.