Wearing perfume is not just about smelling good. It’s about creating a unique identity for yourself using a language of intoxicating scents and smells. A branded perfume can significantly boost your confidence and make great first impressions. If you believe in the phrase, “When you smell good, you feel good”, it’s time to learn about the 10 top and best perfume brands list in India which offer a wide range of perfumes that blend with your personality and lift your moods.

As a bonus, we also have a perfume buyer guide that will help you choose the top perfume brands for unisex in India by highlighting some shopping tips. Read along to discover your signature scent from these 10 best-selling perfume brands sold in India.

How To Choose The Best Perfume In India? (Buyer Guide)

Walk into a physical store, and you will likely be intimidated by hundreds of perfumes. While they smell good, there is one signature scene waiting to be discovered by you! This guide highlights some key points to consider for choosing the right perfume for your needs:

1. When do you Want to Wear the Scent?

Always begin with the question- When and where do I want to wear perfume? Do I want to use it every day or just spritz it on special occasions? Based on that, you can choose the type of perfume which usually falls into three major categories – Eau de Parfum (EDP), Eau de Toilette (EDT) and Eau de Cologne (EDC).

You can choose from one of these three types of perfumes based on your choice of concentration and longevity of fragrance:

  • EDP: Highly concentrated, lasts all day long and is quite expensive.
  • EDT: Medium concentration of perfume, lasts for 6-8 hours and is moderately expensive.
  • EDC: Low concentration of perfume, lasts for 2-4 hours and is quite affordable.

2. Choosing your Favorite Fragrance Family:

Did you know that every fragrance in a perfume falls under a certain family? There are different fragrance families like floral, oriental, woody, fresh, masculine etc. Floral family fragrances smell like roses and freshly cut flowers, while woody fragrances can smell like amber, sandalwood, vetiver etc. The masculine family features fragrances like musk, while the oriental family has fragrances like incense, spices etc. Perfumes usually have a mix of fragrance families which appear in different notes (explained in the next point).

3. Type of Notes:

If you ever bought perfume in online stores, you can notice product descriptions mentioning the top, middle and base notes of a perfume. So, what are these notes? Perfumes combine three main layers of fragrant notes that work harmoniously to create an intoxicating scent.

  • Top Notes: Lasts for 5-15 minutes.
  • Middle Notes or Heart Notes: 20-60 minutes.
  • Base Notes: Several hours to several days.

For instance, a perfume can have top notes of fruity fragrances, middle notes of woody fragrances and base notes of fruity scents. Many high-end perfumes can mix different families into each note to create complex aromas.

4. Try out a Sample:

Before buying a perfume, we always recommend sampling the scent in a physical store. Use perfume sampling test strips to spray some products. You can experience the perfume’s top notes during the first few minutes. Now, wait a few minutes to understand how the perfume behaves in the long run. Don’t forget to neutralise your olfactory palate by smelling coffee beans or your skin where you did not spray any product.

NOTE: We also recommend trying out Perfume discovery sets which offer small perfume bottles with varying fragrances. You can sample them and buy a bigger bottle of your favourite scent.

10 Most Popular and Best Perfume Brands List In India 2024:

Let us now look into the details of the top 10 famous and expensive perfume brands for men and women in India and their best-selling perfumes.

1. Versace:

Versace is an Italian luxury fashion house which offers fashion-forward perfumes and colognes for men and women. Versace perfumes are known to smell “rich”, although they have a lower price point than other luxury perfume brands. Each of Versace’s perfumes comes with complex compositions of scents that smell divine and transport you into a utopian world. Some of the popular perfumes from Versace are Bright Crystal, which has dominant fruity notes; Versace Eros, which has a fresh and intoxicating scent; and Versace Dylan Turquoise, which has floral notes.

Versace Dylan Turquoise Eau De Toilette Natural Spray for Women 50 ml:

Versace Dylan Turquoise is one of the best-selling perfumes for women, which has the right mix of scents to transport you to a tropical paradise. It was launched in 2020 by Versace and has a fruity floral fragrance. The keynotes of the perfume are mandarin, pink pepper, black currant, jasmine, guava, vibrant woods, musk etc. This intoxicating perfume comes in a beautiful bottle with the signature Medusa’s head logo on the front. Get this scent if you want to virtually escape to the secret islands of Italy and feel like a goddess.

2. Guess:

Guess is one of the popular perfume brands for men and women, with a loyal customer base in India. Not many know that Guess launched its first perfume in 1990 as a move to rebrand its image and that of its customers. Since then, there was no looking back for the company, as it successfully launched one best-selling perfume after the other. The scents are divine, decadent, classy and casual. Some of its iconic perfumes are Guess Marciano EDP which is a classy, feminine scent; Guess for Women EDP, a budget-friendly and best women’s luxury perfume and Guess Seductive Men EDT, the best-selling cologne for men.

Guess 1981 Eau de Toilette 100ml:

Guess 1981 is a famous luxury perfume for women which can evoke sensual vibes with its enchanting fragrance. It is a floral woody musky fragrance with a strong aroma and clean top notes of violet and musk mallow. The middle notes are fruity-floral with pear, sandalwood and Jasmine, while the base is woody-musky with musk, cedar and amber. The complex notes of this perfume channel the inner diva in every woman. Guess 1981 is available in 2 sizes – 50ml and 100ml.

3. Davidoff:

Davidoff is one of the best perfume brands for men, famous for its iconic fragrance, Davidoff Cool water. Interestingly, the brand was originally a tobacco products manufacturing company which later sold this line and focussed exclusively on fashion goods. Davidoff colognes are known for their refreshing aquatic scents, which remind us of the smells of the sea. Apart from the signature Cool water perfume, the brand also has many best-selling perfumes like Zino Davidoff, Hot Water, Davidoff Adventure etc.

Davidoff Cool Water For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 Ounces:

Davidoff Cool Water is the signature scent of the luxury perfume brand, which lets you discover the legendary smells of the ocean. The timeless classic smells of luxury and refreshment with its aquatic fragrances. From its launch in 1988 till today, Davidoff Cool Water is one of the few perfumes that still qualifies as the go-to perfume for millennials and their next-gen. The top notes with seawater, lavender, mint, green tea, rosemary, coriander etc., give you a pleasant feel of sensuality and masculinity.

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4. Gucci:

Gucci is an Italian luxury perfume brand known for its diverse range of fragrances that cover every scent family under the sun. Gucci perfumes are known for their complex, luxurious scents that smell expensive and divine. The brand also has 100+ years of legacy of making perfumes that range from floral to fruity, aquatic to musky, spicy and woody. The wide range of choices by Gucci will have you covered for all occasions and moods. Some of its best-selling perfumes for men and women are Gucci Guilty, Gucci Bamboo, Gucci Oud Intense etc.

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette Spray- Fragrance for Women:

Gucci Bamboo is the best ladies’ perfume that smells intense and soft at the same time. The brand launched this perfume in 2015 to create a multi-faceted perfume for modern women. One can define Gucci Bamboo as a floral-fruity scent that gives a refreshing “just stepped out of shower” vibes. The top notes are Italian Bergamot; the Heart Notes are Casablanca Lily, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood in Base notes. Spraying this perfume in the morning will give you those feel-good spring vibes and transport you to a floral-fruity paradise.

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5. Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein is an American fashion house famous for its high-end clothing and designer jeans. The brand also has a separate line of perfumes, which started in 1981. Its first perfume, Calvin, was an instant hit as the scent became synonymous with elegance and opulence. Soon after, CK launched many other best-selling perfumes for men and women. It also launched the first Unisex perfume in 1995 called CK One, which had a unique fragrance that combines subtle notes with masculine notes to appeal to both genders.

Calvin Klein One Unisex EDT, 200ml:

Calvin Klein One is the best unisex perfume that delivers a rich and captivating fragrance for everyday wear. The perfume has a long-lasting appeal with an ideal balance of subtle and strong notes that are not overpowering. One can best describe the scent as a refreshing smell of tangy fruits, herbs and delicate flowers. The top notes are lemon, bergamot, pineapple, mandarin orange, cardamom and papaya. Middle notes are Lilly-of-the-valley, Jasmine, Rose etc., and base notes are Cedar, Musk, Sandalwood etc.


SKINN is an exclusive perfume range by Titan which brings the best of international fragrances to the Indian market. All SKINN perfumes are designed in-house by six renowned perfumers with a key focus on appealing to the Indian weather and olfactory palate. The perfumes use the finest quality ingredients sourced from across the world. Currently, there are six variants in the SKINN perfume range which celebrate the sensualities and complexities of men and women.

SKINN BY TITAN Celeste Fragrance For Women, 20ml:

Celeste from SKINN by TITAN is one of the best-selling perfumes for women, which adds a fragrant touch to your everyday life. The perfume is a beautiful blend of sweet florals and exotic fruitiness to uplift your spirits. Harry Fremont, the creator of this perfume, wanted to bring a joyful fragrance with a subtle blend of freshness using the best quality natural ingredients. The top notes are fruity with grapefruit, green pear, and blood orange, and the middle notes are floral with Orange flower, Jasmine Sambac, while the base notes have sandalwood, white musk, etc.

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7. FOGG:

Fogg is one of the leading perfume brands in India, known for its “without gas” perfumes. The company’s catchy and clever advertisements quickly made FOGG a household perfume brand in the country. FOGG also tapped into the unorganized perfume market in India, which was full of expensive luxury brands which only the elite and upper middle class could afford. The company worked on the price ranges to keep them within reach of all sections of people without compromising on quality.

Fogg Oud Extreme, Men’s Perfume, Long-lasting Perfume, Eau De Parfum, 100ml:

Fogg Oud Extreme is one of the best-selling perfumes for men, which stays long thanks to the higher concentration of perfume. The perfume works well for everyday wear and special occasions with its refreshing and complex notes. Oud Extreme celebrates manhood with its warm and woody fragrance that never fails to impress. The perfume works right from the first spray and makes a statement wherever you go. The main accords of this perfume are oud, rose, amber, saffron and fruits.

8. Park Avenue:

Park Avenue is one of the popular perfume brands in India, which comes from the textile giant Raymond Ltd. The brand focuses on bringing high-end fragrances without spending a fortune. Park Avenue perfumes have a reputation for being long-lasting, refreshing and impactful. Two of its best variants are Park Avenue Perfume Euphoria which has a mix of fruity and musky notes, and Park Avenue Voyage Amazon Woods Perfume, a long-lasting perfume with Jasmine and Sandalwood.

Park Avenue Perfume for Men, Euphoria 100ml:

Park Avenue Euphoria is one of the best-selling perfumes for men in India. The premium men’s fragrance has a powerful masculine aroma which comes from a unique blend of quality ingredients. The fruity-floral top notes subtly melt in the complex blend of amber and musk to make you stand apart from the crowd. The long-lasting fragrance always has your back and works well for everyday wear and parties. You can spray it on your clothes or directly on pulsating points to enjoy a boost of confidence.

9. Denver:

Denver is another popular perfume brand in India which markets its perfumes as “scents of success”. The affordable price range, aromatic blends and long-lasting nature contribute to the success of the brand. Denver’s perfumes celebrate masculinity with their luxurious scents that fall in the woody-musky notes. A spritz of these perfumes can hit a refresh button and increase your self-confidence. Some of the popular EDPs from Denver are Denver Hamilton, Denver Calibre and Denver Honour.

Denver Hamilton Perfume – 100ML | Long Lasting Perfume Body Scent for Men:

Denver Hamilton is a top perfume for men in India, which has a strong masculine scent that lingers all day long. The fresh and rich fragrance is a master blend of aromatic fresh green notes with spicy floral and hints of mossy and balsamic woody. You can feel the male fragrance throughout the day that never fails to attract the opposite gender. The best part is that this perfume makes you smell “expensive” without burning a hole in your pocket.

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10. Bella Vita:

Bella Vita Organic is an affordable luxury beauty and perfume brand in India. The company offers a wide range of perfumes for men and women in affordable price ranges. Bella Vita’s Luxury perfume blends match standards of concentration and complexity of notes globally. The company brings an exclusive range of perfume gift sets which also work as perfume discovery sets to help you choose your favourite scent.

Bella Vita Organic Rose Woman Eau De Parfum for Women:

If you love floral fragrances, there is no way you can miss out on the Bella Vita Rose EDP. The intoxicating perfume smells like a fresh bouquet of roses and jasmines that rekindle the romantic in you. Apart from the floral notes, this perfume also has hints of peach, jasmine and amber that transports you to the dreamy English estates. The base notes of musk, vanilla and benzoin make you smell irresistibly good all day long.

Those are the 10 most popular and best perfume brands listed in India for men, women and unisex variants. We hope this article inspires you to try out one of these branded perfumes, which can enhance your confidence and cover up your bad body odour. So, have you tried any of these brands before? If yes, which one tops your list?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most expensive perfume brand in India?

There are many high-end perfumes in the Indian market which come from big international brands and cost a fortune. Some of the popular ones are Coco Chanel No.5, Dior Sauvage Eau De Parfume, Hermès Terre D’ Hermès Pure Perfume, Yves Saint Laurent ELLE for Women etc.

2. How to make a perfume linger for a long?

Always apply the perfume on body parts exposed to air- pulse points of neck, wrists, inner elbows etc. You can also apply perfumes directly on clothes but make sure the perfume is alcohol-based and evaporates quickly without creating fabric stains.

3. Can perfume mask body odour?

Perfumes can cover up bad body odour and make you smell pleasant. However, excessive bad body odour can mix up with the perfume fragrance leaving you smelling pungent. Hence it is not a great idea to rely entirely on perfumes to smell good.


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