Handbags are undeniably the most desirable accessories for any woman. Besides carrying our possessions, branded handbags can also elevate our personality and stature. In fact, carrying a well-made handbag from a reputed brand gives us oodles of confidence, irrespective of the outfit we wear. However, buying branded handbags in India would mean sacrificing a holiday or selling our kidneys.

Luckily, there are many Global and Indian handbag brands which sell designer handbags for affordable prices. So even if you can’t afford a Hermes or a Louis Vuitton, you can still explore handbags from these most popular and best handbag brands for ladies in India and enjoy some attention from the crowd.

Before checking out the details of these brands, let’s learn some important tips to buy the best branded handbag for your needs.

How To Choose The Best Branded Handbag In India? (Buyer Guide)

Buying a branded handbag is not as easy as we think! There are many aspects to pay attention to the purpose of usage, size, weight, quality, price, style, versatility etc. Here is a handbag buyer guide which explains some of the important points to consider before making an investment.

  • Purpose of Usage: First, list down your expectations from the handbag. Are you looking at it as a fashion accessory or use it for carrying essentials? This analysis will help in filtering out the right type of handbag. For instance, tote and bucket handbags are great for travelling. Messenger and satchel bags combine style and functionality, briefcase bags are ideal for office goers and evening bags accessorize your party outfits.
  • Size and Weight: Most of us end up with the wrong-sized handbag that is either too large or too small for our needs. Bags should be spacious but not too bulky or undersized. When buying online, pay attention to the dimensions and try to use a real object to estimate its actual size. The weight of the handbag is an important aspect as heavy bags stress your arms and shoulders.
  • Quality: The best way to ensure the quality of your handbag is to buy from a good brand. Branded handbags always use good quality materials which last longer and don’t peel off. Additionally, pay attention to the finer details of the bag, like the stitches, zippers, buckles, pockets etc.
  • Material: Handbags come in many materials like pure leather, vegan leather, nylon, faux leather, cotton etc. If you are looking for a cruelty-free product, then stay away from the ones that use pure leather.
  • Versatility: Handbags must be versatile unless you hoard a wardrobe of bags, one for every outfit. Going for neutral colours is a better idea as they match well with most of your looks. Also, check for bag models with convertible options that let you experiment with different styles just detaching or attaching the straps.
  • Compartments: Another important feature to look for in a handbag is the number of compartments. Multi-compartment bags make it easy to organize and find stuff even during busy times. Having front or side pockets and zippers allows you to access important items like phones, cards and notes.
  • Budget: Many popular handbag brands in India offer great quality products at reasonably good prices. Keep an idea for the deal and discounts to get your dream handbag without shelling out too much money.

List of 10 Luxury and Popular Handbag Brands In India 2024:

Let us now look into the details of the 10 top and most expensive handbag brands list available in India along with their best-selling models.

1. Caprese:

Caprese is an affordable luxury handbag brand in India which is owned by the very famous luggage brand, VIP. The designs of Caprese handbags draw inspiration from Italian aesthetics and minimalism. The brand offers a wide range of handbags to suit every occasion- from totes to satchels and even party bags. Indian women love this brand for its usage of premium materials, stylish colours and precise construction techniques. The brand also focuses on pricing the products at an affordable range from Rs.2000, which makes it all the more popular.

Caprese Women’s Satchel Handbag- Shally Collection (Orange):

If you are looking for a handbag that combines aesthetics with functionality, this orange satchel bag from Caprese is a must-have! The best-selling branded handbag in India features a contemporary design with eye-catching colours to elevate your fashion sense. The contrasting colour tassels add a captivating look to the bag while the adjustable sling allows you to carry it with ease. The bag also features a back zip pocket, an internal pocket, a centre divider compartment and an internal zip pocket to organize all your stuff neatly.

2. Lavie:

Lavie is one of India’s most popular handbag brands, which comes with a fascinating origin story. It all started in 2009, when the brand’s founder, Mrs Shobha Tainwala created beautiful handbags as return gifts to her guests, who encouraged her to expand this hobby into a business idea. Lavie was born to fill the void of an affordable, luxury handbag segment in India. Today, it has a reputation for creating trendy and functional handbags that come with the highest-quality materials at an affordable price range starting from Rs.2000.

Lavie Women’s Nova Tote Bag – Black:

The Lavie Nova Tote bag is your perfect work and travel companion, offering ample storage space for all your essentials. The top branded handbag in India looks quite trendy with a combo of Herrington’s bone, Woven and Croc texture patterns on the front. Made from the softest artificial leather, the Nova Tote bag is lightweight, spacious and just the right accessory to amp up your style game. It comes with premium quality inner lining, dual shoulder strap and gold-toned metal studs for a touch of luxury.

3. Baggit:

Baggit is another women-founded handbag brand which is popular for its fashionable, non-leather bags. The face behind the brand, Nina Lekhi overcame her failures with sheer determination and hard work to build an Rs.100 crores business with just Rs.7000 initial investment. Today, Baggit is one of the best-selling homegrown handbag brands known for its creative designs, contemporary colours and attractive price ranges. Baggit brands start from Rs.1000 and come in a wide range of textures and styles to suit everyone’s taste.

Baggit Women’sTote Handbag – Emerald Green:

Check out this gorgeous tote bag from Baggit, one of the best handbag brands in India. The attractive emerald green colour adds immense style to your outfit. The cruelty-free, lightweight faux leather material makes it easy to carry all your essentials without stressing your shoulders. The triangular design features a single main compartment with a zippered partition and inner zipper to organize your stuff neatly. Additionally, the double shoulder handles, with an elegant stitch design and back zipper make it a perfect accessory for work and travel.

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4. Zouk:

Zouk is a proudly ‘Made in India’ handbag brand that combines modern sensibilities with a cruelty-free mission. It all began when the brand’s founder, Disha Singh realized the massive gap for stylish and modern-looking Indian handbags in the market. Soon, Disha started Zouk with a mission to create aesthetic and functional handbags that feature India’s vibrant colours and patterns. Zouk offers a wide range of products, from wallets to laptop bags, shoulder bags, sling bags, totes and many more. The price range starts from Rs.1500.

ZOUK Black Floral Printed Handmade Vegan Leather Women’s Office Bag for 15.6-inch Laptop with Double Handles – FloMotif:

Walk into the office in style with the Zouk Black Floral printed laptop bag. The vegan leather bag holds up to a 15.6-inch laptop and features sturdy double straps to carry easily. The single main compartment comes with a soft pad and in-built phone, keychain and pen slot. The product is handcrafted to perfection using the finest quality vegan leather and printed fabric. The beautiful Indian designs make you stand apart from the crowd and add a subtle elegance to your look.

5. Esbeda:

Esbeda is a premium handbag brand in India launched by Intouch Leather House Indian Pvt. Ltd. The brand focuses on creating luxurious and elegant-looking handbags for Indian audiences at modest prices. Esbeda handbags are on par with international standards and come in a wide range of styles and colours to cover all events. It has manufacturing facilities in many countries like Taiwan, China, Korea and India to keep up with the global fashion movements. The price range of Esbeda handbags starts from Rs.1500.

ESBEDA Red Solid Pu Synthetic Fabric Arm Bag For Women:

Check out this uber-chic handbag from Esbeda, which reflects your fashion sense and high-end lifestyle. The best-branded arm bag features a solid red body with a black dry milk acrylic handle. It has one main compartment with zip closure and 3 pockets, including a mobile pocket. You can use it as a day bag and party bag that holds all your essentials like cards, money, wallet and even your makeup items. Carry it to any occasion and you are sure to steal the show!

6. Hidesign:

Hidesign is an internationally renowned leather handbag manufacturing brand with its roots in India. The brand’s founder, Dilip Kapur, wanted to create an exclusive handbag line for men and women that stood out among the hundreds of mass-produced artificial leather goods. Hidesign uses vegetable-tanned leather, a very old leather dyeing technique that makes leather look beautiful with age. Every piece that comes from this brand features exquisite craftsmanship and the finest attention to detail. The price of Hidesign handbags starts from Rs.4000.

Isle Locada by Hidesign Women’s Sling Bag (Aubergine):

This gorgeous branded sling bag from Hidesign features a sophisticated design to make heads turn. It is made from the finest quality leather with an attractive aubergine colour that perfectly complements the brass fittings and chain. The bag lends a refined look to its wearer and is best suited for parties and formal events. It is compact yet spacious enough to hold all your essentials like cards, lipsticks, money and a smartphone. Wearing this bag will take your style statement up by a few notches.

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7. Lino Perros:

Lino Perros is one of the popular designer handbag brands in India which is a subsidiary of Sumitsu Apparel. The brand is known for its trendy designs and high-quality standards. It primarily targets millennials by offering colours and styles that align with their lifestyle and mindsets. From snake prints to floral patterns, satchels to totes, there is one for everyone. The best part is that all the designs only look expensive but are quite budget-friendly. The price range starts from Rs.1000.

Lino Perros Faux Leather Handbag:

Check out this classy faux leather handbag from Lino Perros which goes very well with your elegant dressing style. The quilted handbag features superior craftsmanship with precise attention to finer details. Gold-coloured metal accents complement the neutral tones of the body. The handbag is quite spacious to fit all your essentials without compromising on the style factor. The best part is its lightweight construction that allows you to carry this beauty with great ease.

8. Da Milano:

Da Milano is a luxury leather handbag brand in India which, interestingly is ‘Made in India’. However, the expensive price tag and the sophisticated Italian designs make it hard to believe that it is an Indian brand. Da Milano was founded in 1989 with an undying love for genuine leather goods. Every piece that comes from this brand features exquisite designs and fine craftsmanship, which are on par with international standards. The price range starts from Rs.10,000.

Da Milano Leather Sling Bag (LB-00611):

Here is a beautiful leather sling handbag from Da Milano which is sure to enhance your style quotient. The statement piece features high-quality leather with a quilted design and zipper closure. Chained handles in gold colour give it a timeless finish and impeccable character that elevates your style. In addition, the main compartment has two divisions to organize your things better. This versatile handbag works great for formal and semi-formal events.

9. Peperone:

Peperone is one of the popular handbag brands in India which caters to teens and young women. The brand offers a huge collection of trendy designs, colours and patterns which reflect the free-spirited nature of the age group. It is also one of the few accessory brands that wanted to represent real women as its ambassadors instead of roping in celebrities. The affordable price range, ever-changing designs and superior quality materials make Peperone one of the country’s fastest-growing handbag brands. The price range starts from Rs.1500.

Peperone Women Esmee Satchel Handbag (7247 Pink):

This beautiful floral printed handbag from Peperone is a must-have in your closet for its impeccable style and functionality. The branded satchel handbag invites fresh spring vibes with its pleasant colour combo and patterns. You can carry all your personal items in style as the bag features a main compartment with a top zip closure, an inner pocket and a back zipper. The faux leather handbag is lightweight and perfect for everyday use.

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10. The House of Tara:

The House of Tara is a Delhi-based handbag brand which primarily targets students and young women. THT is famous for its quirky designs and lightweight materials like canvas, PU leather etc. Customers will be spoilt for choice as there is a wide selection of styles to choose from – from backpacks to messenger bags, totes and clutches. Indian and Bohemian are the predominant themes of this brand. The price range starts from Rs. 700.

The House of Tara Teal Green Canvas Laptop Compatible Printed Sling Messenger Bag for Women (HTMB 018_Teal):

Here is a quirky handbag from The House of Tara which exudes Boho vibes for the free-spirited soul. The Teal Green Canvas Laptop-cum-Messenger bag features a closure flap, lobster hook, strap band, and two external and internal pockets. The two padded compartments support up to 15.6 inches of the laptop. It works well for students and office-goers who love to add a tinge of style to their outfits.

Those are the 10 most Popular and Best Handbag Brands listed in India which are currently dominating the country’s handbag segment. The success behind these brands lies in their commitment to offering high-quality materials and focusing on the ever-changing needs of their customer base. So, which among these is your favourite handbag brand?

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1. What are the international luxury handbag brands in India?

Many internationally renowned handbag brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Michael Kors etc. are available in the Indian market. You can buy these bags in selected online stores only. The price ranges are usually on the higher end, starting from Rs.15000 (depending on the brand and the model).

2. What are the different styles of handbags available in India?

The Indian handbag segment is quite diverse and caters to the ever-changing tastes and demands of the customers. You can choose from a wide range of styles like tote bags, cross-body bags, Hobo bags, Shoulder bags, Satchel bags and many more.

3. Are branded handbags worth the money?

Yes! Branded handbags stay true to the price in terms of overall looks and quality. They make you stand apart from the crowd and speak a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Some brands like Chanel, Hermes etc. fetch good resale prices.


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