If you find smartphones too basic to watch movies and laptops too bulky to carry around, then tablets are your best bet! Tablets offer numerous advantages over smartphones and laptops offering great value for money. From ultra-lightweight and sleek designs to offering better storage capacities and battery life, tablets outshine their digital counterparts in many ways. The Indian tablet market has many best tablet brands that offer advanced gadgets at diverse price ranges.

If you are thinking of buying a tablet, this article will help you shop better! Read along to learn some important tips for choosing the best tablet for your needs. Also, learn the details of the Top 10 popular and best budget tablet brands in India and their best-selling models for 2023.

How To Choose The Best Tablet In India? (Buyer Guide)

Just like smartphones and laptops, tablets come in a wide array of budgets and specifications ranging from basic to super advanced. If you are finding it hard to choose the best tablet from the numerous available choices, read this buyer guide which explains some of the important aspects to consider for buying a tablet.

  • Operating System: Selecting a tablet begins with choosing the desired operating system. Tablets come in two main OS Apple and Android. If you are keen on using an Apple OS, explore the iPad segment. Android lovers have more options from many best tablet brands like Samsung, Realme, Lenovo etc. It’s better to choose a tab with the latest version of the OS to enjoy expanded features and accessibility options.
  • Screen Size: Tablets come in different screen sizes with the smallest measuring 7-8 inches and the larger ones measuring 12-14 inches. Mid-size tablets measure anywhere between 10-11 inches and are usually more popular.
  1. Large-size tablets are good for work and entertainment. They also offer better battery life and feature higher specs. On the flip side, large tablets weigh heavily and give you portability and handling issues.
  2. Small tablets are affordable, compact and come with decent technical specs. They are ideal for reading e-books or browsing the internet. However, small-screen tablets may not give you immersive viewing experiences.
  3. Mid-size tablets are ideal for gaming and watching movies. They are easy to carry in a handbag and offer the right balance of portability and specs.
  • Storage Space: When buying a tablet, make sure that you are paying attention to the storage space of the device. Tablets offer different storage capacities ranging from 32 GB to 256 GB and 512 GB. A basic 32 GB tablet is sufficient for family usage that includes playing basic games, downloading some apps and storing a limited number of photos and videos.
  1. However, we recommend opting for at least 128 GB of storage space to make the best use of your tablet. You can store more photos, download more apps and enjoy better responses from the device. Remember that the price increases with the storage space. Also, choosing models with expandable storage space allows you to use more apps and store more photos without choking the actual RAM.
  • Battery Life: Battery life is an important aspect to consider in a tablet, as you don’t want to spend too much time charging the device. Go for models with powerful batteries like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra which uses a Li-Polymer 11200 mAH with a 45 W fast charging option. Chargers with USB Type-C are better, as they allow you to fast charge from laptops and power banks.
  • Camera: If you are keen on using your tablet to take great pictures, choose models that offer high-mega pixels for better clarity. Tablets with 8 MP to 13 MP primary cameras and 8 MP to 12 MP front cameras deliver decent picture quality.
  • Connectivity: Tablets offer two major types of connectivity – Wi-Fi only and Wifi with 4G or 5G. Wifi-only tablets are great for working in controlled environments like homes or offices where is uninterrupted access to Wireless internet. If you are always on the move and want to access the internet in a restaurant or airport, then pick a model with cellular connectivity besides supporting Wifi.
  • Budget: Setting a budget for tablets is based on an individual’s choice and usage. If you plan to use the tablet as a secondary device and for basic usage, then pick a budget-friendly model that can fall below Rs.15000. For business and work purposes, we recommend opting for advanced models which can fall in the Rs.20,000 to Rs. 40000 and above as they offer better features.

List of 10 Most Popular and Best Tablet Brands In India 2023:

Here is a round-up of the top 10 latest and best tablet brands in India along with their best-selling models for 2023. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Samsung:

Samsung is a South-Korean electronics brand which currently holds the no.1 position in the Indian tablet market. The multinational giant managed to grab a whopping 40% share in Q1 2022 in India, leaving apple in the second spot. Samsung is renowned for its innovative and future-proof gadgets in a wide range of price segments. The brand currently offers the A and S series. A series is a mid-range series with mid-level pricing while S is the flagship series which is expensive but also the most popular.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 31.5 cm (12.4 inches) Wi-Fi Tablet, Mystic Black:


If you want an affordable yet advanced tablet for personal or office usage, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tan S7 FE. The 12.4-inch large display offers a vibrant cinematic viewing experience in a 16:10 screen ratio. It is powered with a 10,090 mAH battery for a 13-hour playback time and a 45 W super-charging feature. The tech specs include- 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory (expandable), Snapdragon 778 G chipset, 8 MP rear and 5 MP front camera with Dolby Atmos speakers.

2. Lenovo:

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile devices and personal computers. It is also one of the top tablet brands in India which had a record annual growth of 74% in the first quarter of 2022. Lenovo specializes in Android tablets that are affordable, versatile and compact. The brand is also known for its innovative designs and features like the revolutionary Lenovo Yoga tab which offers three different usage modes. The battery life and tech specs are quite impressive keeping the price point in mind.

Lenovo Tab Yoga Smart Tablet with The Google Assistant (10.1 Inch):


Lenovo Yoga Tab is the best tablet in India known for its innovative design and versatility. The Yoga smart tab lets you multitask by offering multiple modes with its built-in kickstand. You can tilt it, hang it or simply hold it in your hand to enjoy a comfortable user experience. The tab comes with a powerful 7000 mAH battery, and a 10.1-inch FHD IPS display for a truly immersive experience. It also comes with dual JBL Hi-Fi speakers with Dolby Atmos and other features like Google Assistant, 64 GB ROM with 256 GB expandable HDD storage, Wi-fi, and 4G LTE calling.

3. Apple:

Apple is an American multinational company best known for its revolutionary iPhones and iPads. iPad is the smart tablet range of Apple which has about 31.5% market share in Q1 of India. Apple tablets use iOS Operating System, making existing apple users adapt easily to the environment. There are many reasons behind the popularity of iPads – stability, security, robust and user-friendly interface and most importantly, its elite brand image. iPad 10th generation is the latest version which offers many latest features like an all-screen design, bold colour options, magic keyboard folio etc.

Apple 2021 10.2-inch (25.91 cm) iPad with A13 Bionic chip (Wi-Fi, 64 GB) – Space Grey (9th Generation):


The Apple 9th Generation iPad -2021 model is by far the most affordable iPad model by the brand. It is the best tablet for students considering the great price point and advanced specs. This device is powered with the A13 Bionic chip that delivers a 20% performance boost compared to the previous models. The device offers two storage capacities-64 GB and 256 GB with an immersive 10.1-inch immersive display, 12 MP ultra-wide selfie camera and 8 MP back camera. The best part is the inclusion of an Apple Pencil, letting students write notes or draw on the pad.

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4. Realme:

Realme is one of the best brands for budget tablets in India. It is a Chinese electronics company which initially operated as a sub-brand of Oppo and later, established its own identity. Realme tablets are known as cheaper alternatives to Samsung and Apple tablets. The brand was successful in tapping into the demand for low-budget tablets for entertainment and educational purposes. The price range of Realme tablets falls between Rs.10,000-Rs.20,000.

Realme Pad 4 GB RAM 64 GB ROM 10.4 inch with Wi-Fi+4G Tablet (Grey):


Realme Pad is the best budget tablet for students under 20,000. It comes with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM with expandable memory of up to 1 TB. The 6.9 mm ultra-slim design makes it easy to handle and carry. The tab also offers many extraordinary features like a 10.4-inch immersive display screen, an 8 MP ultra wide-angle camera, 7100 mAh Mega Battery, Dolby Atmos Quad Speakers and Helio G80 Gaming Processor.

5. Acer:

Acer is a Taiwanese multinational company that specializes in smartphones, laptops and tablets. The brand sells different models of tablets under Acer One series. The design aesthetics are simple and clean with the main focus on performance. Acer tablets have reasonable popularity in the Indian market as they offer good devices at competitive prices. It is also one of the few tablet brands which offer different operating systems like Windows, Android and even Chrome OS.

Acer one T4-82L (20.32 cm) 8 Inch Tablet:


The Acer One T4-82L is the best tablet under 10,000. The device has a compact size and lightweight design that is easy to handle and carry around. The 8-inch HD display comes with 800X1200 resolution for crisp and quality images. The bezel design looks sturdy but takes away the full-screen viewing experience. Coming to the specs, the tab is fitted with a Quad-core processor, dual-band Wifi, Bluetooth 5.0, 8 MP rear and a 2 MP front camera.

6. Nokia:

Nokia is a Finnish multinational electronics company that takes credit for making some of the iconic phone models before smartphones took over the world. Nokia tablets are not as popular as other brands like Realme and Mi, but they are not inferior either. The affordable price point and the decent spec list make them worthy of consideration. Currently, the brand offers two new models – Nokia T20 and Nokia Lumia 2520.

Nokia T20 Tab with 10.36″(26cm) 2K Screen – Deep Ocean Blue:


Nokia T-20 is an android tablet equipped with v11 OS. It comes with a 10.36-inch screen size with a 2K display and low blue light certification to prevent retina damage. The tab has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage with expandable storage up to 512 GB. It comes with an 8200 mAH battery which has a long life and a 15 W fast charge option for people who are always on the go. The tab also offers a host of features like an 8 MP rear camera with flash and a 5 MP front camera, Wifi+Cellular connectivity, and 3 years of software updates for better security and performance.

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7. Xiaomi:

Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company which makes quality technology accessible to everyone. Xiaomi tablets are quite popular for their affordable price ranges and superior spec list. The latest launch from the tablet brand is the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro which offers a host of impressive features with a great price point. Pad 5 packs a powerful 50 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera, one of the best camera features in the tablet industry.

Xiaomi Pad 5 Snapdragon 860, Cosmic Grey:


Xiaomi Pad 5 is one of the latest tablet models in India which falls in the list of tabs under 30,000. The tablet packs in some amazing features and specs. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 Octa-core processor with 6 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage. The 10.95-inch screen has a high resolution of 2560X1600 with a Dolby vision display. The tab also offers an impressive 13 MP rear camera with 4K recording and an 8 MP front camera. The ultra-slim design makes it an ideal choice for students and professionals.

8. Redmi:

Redmi is a subsidiary brand of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer- Xiaomi, the flagship brand. The major difference between Redmi and Xiaomi is the cost and quality with the latter being a superior brand. Redmi tablets have mid-range chipsets and primarily cater to the entry-level market. They are ideal for students and senior citizens who prefer a decent tablet for internet browsing and minimal app downloads.

Redmi Pad – MediaTek Helio G99-10.1 inch tab – Graphite Gray:


The Redmi Tab is the best tablet for first-time users who want an affordable device that caters to their entertainment needs. The tab sports a 10.61-inch screen with 2K resolution and a 90 Hz Refresh rate display. Complementing this display are the Quad stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos which deliver good audio quality. Redmi Tab has 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage and is expandable up to 1 TB. It has Wi-fi connectivity, an 8 MP rear camera with FHD recording and a long-lasting 8000 mAh battery.

9. Swipe:

Swipe is one of the latest entries in the Indian tablet market. It is a California-based brand which offers budget-friendly tablets in India. It also takes credit for being the first company to launch India’s 3D tablet. The company claims to have sold 1,00,000 devices by 2013, and its latest launch is the Slate Pro. Swipe tablets are all android-based and suitable for students and professionals owing to the affordable price range and tech specs list.

Swipe X1 Tab FHD IPS Display Octa Core 10.1 inch with Wi-Fi+4G Tablet (6 GB+128 GB, Space Grey):


Swipe X1 is one of the best-selling tablets which offers advanced specs at a pocket-friendly price. The company calls this tab “a complete powerhouse” as it sports a 2.0 GHz Ultra-fast Octa-core processor with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM. The sleek metal design lends an attractive look while the dual stereo speakers give a thumping audio output. You can click high-clarity pictures with 8 MP front and 13 MP rear cameras. The tablet also has a Dual 4G sim slot in addition to Wi-fi connectivity.

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10. Oppo:

Oppo is a Chinese consumer electronics company which made a mark for itself in the Indian smartphone market. The brand also offers a tablet called the Oppo Pad Air. It is an Android-based tablet that features the latest specs at a pocket-friendly price. The tablet is available in two variants – 4 GB RAM + 64 GB and 4 GB + 128 GB. It is compatible with the Oppo stylus pen and third-party hardware.

Oppo Pad Air 4 GB RAM 64 GB ROM 10.36 inch with Wi-Fi Only Tablet (Grey):

Oppo Pad Air is a budget-friendly tablet from Oppo that falls below the 20,000 price range. The tab sports a 10.36-inch screen and an Android 12.1 version. It has a 7100 mAH battery which delivers a decent battery life. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor is paired with 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and up to 128 GB UFS 2.2 Storage. The tab also has expandable storage with a microSD card. Other features include a Quad-speaker set-up with Dolby Atmos, a finger-split screen, Wifi connectivity and stylus compatibility.

Those are the 10 top and best tablet brands in India which offer great devices at different price ranges. While this article features the best-selling models of each brand, you can check out more offerings from the companies’ official websites or online stores. So, which of these is your favourite tablet brand in India? Please let us know!

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1. What are the main benefits of tablets?

Tablets are smart devices which fall in between smartphones and laptops. They are lightweight, portable and offer ample storage to fulfil all your digital needs. Tablets are also user-friendly which even kids and senior citizens can use without any prior knowledge. They act as best companions in digital learning and entertainment.

2. What are the best gaming tablets in India?

Tablets are quite popular among gamers as they are portable and offer advanced specs to support even high-end. There are many best gaming tablets in India like the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+5G, Lenovo Tab P11 Pro etc.

3. Are there any Windows tablets in India?

Yes! There are many best windows tablets in India. To name a few are – Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Acer Iconia W3-810, Lenovo Tab Idea pad D330, Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD, Latitude 7220 Rugged Extreme Tablet etc.

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