Top 9 Churches In India

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Indian is a land full of people belonging to different religious backgrounds and they all stay together in one country. There are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, etc residing in one single country at the same time. Hence, it will not be surprising to see a number of churches around India every now and then. There are a number of Churches in India and some of them are considered better than the original churches in the Christian countries. Following is the list of top 9 churches in India.

Churches In India:

1. Se Cathedral At Old Goa:


Located in Goa, Se Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in the country. The cathedral was built in the memory of Catherine of Alexandria. It is also an honorarium for the victory that the Portuguese earned against the Muslims which allowed them to capture Goa later on. Constructed in the 15th century this is one of the most visited churches in the country.

2. Parumala Church In Kerala:

Parumala Church

The church is named after a saint called St. Gregorious Geevarghese who also known as Parumala Thirumeni. Located in Mannar, Kerala, this parish church contains the tomb of saint mentioned earlier. It was constructed in the 19th century and presently has the capacity of holding more than 2000 devoted Christians on a daily basis.

3. Basilica Of Bom Jesus:

When it comes to most famous churches in the country, one cannot just miss the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Located in the beach city of Goa this church is more than 200years old. Daily thousands of Christians visit this church for their daily prayers including people from abroad. This is also a world heritage site.

4. Malayatoor Church:

Malayatoor Church

This Christian pilgrimage is located in Kerala and is one of the oldest churches in the country. Built by St. Thomas, this church still stands strong on a hilltop. This Christian pilgrimage is visible to people from anywhere in the city.

5. Velankanni Church:

Velankanni Church

This church is situated on the beach of Bay of Bengal and is one of the most popular Christian worship sites in the country. The word ‘Velankanni’ means ‘Lourdes of the East’. Legends say that worshipers got their diseases cured by offering temples to the Mother.

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6. Santa Cruz Basilica:

Santa Cruz Basilica Church

This church was constructed during the 15th century by the Portuguese. In 1558, this church got turned into the cathedral by the ruling pope, Pope Paul IV. Located in Cochin, Kerala, the church got its name during the 19th century from Pope John Paul II. This is only holy building that the Dutch didn’t destroy when the invaded the city and destroyed other catholic buildings.

7. Vallarpadam Church:

Vallarpadam Church

The Vallarpadam Church was built in the 15th century and was dedicated to Mother Mary. During the 15th century, the Dutch came and destroyed all catholic buildings including this church. It was reconstructed during the late 16th century and presently stands strong in Cochin, Kerala. The Union Government of India called this church a very sacred one.

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8. St. Francis Church:

St. Francis Church

This church depicts the typical European architecture and is also located in Cochin. St. Francis Church is considered as an evidence of Christianity in India. One can get to know about the struggles the European people faced while residing in India just by visiting this church. In the 19th century, this church was declared as a protective monument.

9. Kadamattom Church:

Kadamattom Church

This church was built in the 9th century based on a mixture of Persian and Indian architecture. Being one of the unique churches in the country, Kadamattom Church is named after a priest called “Kadaamttathu Kattanar”. Myths say that this priest had supernatural powers.

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