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5 Best Clay Face Mask Products for Blackheads In India

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Clay Face Mask also known as mud face pack, the clay masks are included in the ancient styles of treating various skin issues. The clay powder for face mask comes with various components that help in getting rid of various skin impurities that help in the healing process of the skin from various skin problems giving you a clean, clear and radiant face.

Best Clay (Mud) Face Mask Products In India:

Here is some of the clay face mask, widely suggested for having that glowing skin naturally.

1. Rhassoul Clay Mask:

Rhassoul Clay Mask

Rhassoul clay mask also known as the black clay face mask, the mask is rich in various minerals that work positively on the toxins on the skin. The clay based face mask is the best to get rid of blackheads, oil, sebum plugs, etc. from the face.

Usage: The black mud face mask can be used in the proportion of soap on a daily basis as it works as an exfoliator when mixed with crushed oats, and almonds.

Benefit: Applying this mud face mask for blackheads would absorb the excess oil on the face and give you a radiant skin.

2. French Green Clay:

French Green Clay

The French green clay face mask is adopted for exfoliating the skin and tightening up the pores of the skin to reduce oil absorption. The clay used in this pack is the Sea clay or the Illite Clay.

Usage: The mud pack face mask is used along with mineral water and some drops of essential oil in it.

Benefit: The clay powder face mask removes excess oil from the skin, and helps in proper circulation of blood for the skin.

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3. Sisley Radiant Glow Mask with Red Clay:

Sisley Radiant Glow Mask with Red Clay

This expensive red clay face mask gives a smooth texture to your face working on the pores, and dry skin, giving a glowing skin.

Usage: This mud for face mask is used along with few drops of water, or directly from the pack. It is mostly applied for overnight glowing and soothing effect.

Benefit: The main benefit of this mud facial is that it wouldn’t provide you with too much glow, but would surely give you a better look by working on the pores.

4. Kaolin Clay Mask:

Kaolin Clay Mask

Popular with the name white clay for face, this face pack comes in other colors like pink, yellow, red and white. It best gives result for the sensitive skin, for absorbing oil from the skin and pores.

Usage:When applied, this mud on face gives relief from dark patches, excess oil, exfoliation, etc. The clay is mixed with essential oils or water when applied for nearly 15 minutes.

Benefits: The pack gives benefits like vacuuming, brightening, exfoliation, blood circulation etc. to the people with sensitive skin.

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5. Bentonite Clay:

Bentonite Clay

This is the best clay face mask among all others. It works on various skin problems and can be used on nearly all the skin tones. It also known as the India clay it comes with a number of compounds beneficial for the skin.

Usage: The mud face mask for acne is mixed with water and then applied on the face. As the clay swells up when used with water, it works well on the toxins of the face skin and can also absorb the excess amount of sodium from the face.

Benefits: This is among the best mud masks for face, which works nearly on all the skin issues like blackheads, removal of toxins, anti-aging, softening of skin, unclog of pores, acne, etc.

The clay face pack is the natural way to reduce the skin problems. The packs come with different uses for the people, with different skin types. The mud face mask is beneficial as it comes with nutrients that help in the treatment of skin issues and helps in restoring the natural glow of the clear face.

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