9 Best Cotton Bras

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An essential for every woman and yet an object of least knowledge, Bra or brassieres often come in different patterns, sizes, each fitting to the occasion but sadly, still many a woman is still ignorant about the better part of the information. In today’s article we shift our focus to cotton bras which are often the most favored preference of the ladies who like to keep it natural.

Be it a sultry summer noon outing or a cool winter evening party, cotton is a blessing that suits all weathers and all skin types. Now the question that arises is whether all women are aware of the different types they can opt for based on their comfort levels. Other than the vibrant hues available in cotton bras, here is a list to all the types women can opt for.

Best Cotton Bras:

Here are the list of 9 best cotton bras are available in india.

1. Full Support Cotton Bra:

Cotton Bras


The full support bra is a wide spectrum bra that covers almost the entire of your breast alignment, possibly 3/4th of your chest. This is designed to provide optimum support and is actually an everyday wear product, provided you are not opting for a low or deep cut blouse. These bras will even cover the possible under arm flab as it starts from right underneath the underarm band and eliminates possible chances of excess cleavage reveal even if you bend down.

2. Demi Cupped Cotton Bra:

Cotton Bra and Wearing Tips 2


A Demi cup usually means “half” or “semi” cups. To avail this bra, one needs to know their actual cup size which is different from your bra size. The strap to this bra is longer and molding along with your curves as the cups starts halfway from your chest and usually ends in a slight push up. This is great for framing and would go well with low cut blouses.

3. T-shirt Cotton Bra:

Cotton Bra and Wearing Tips 3


T-shirt bra is especially formulated in a seamless way with a possible extra padding right in the cups so that an extra tight t-shirt can be flaunted without the seam lines to the bra destroying the look of it. this bra types fit the frame perfectly and once again to avail this proper knowledge of cup size is preferable.

4. Tube Top Cotton Bra:

Cotton Bra and Wearing Tips 4


Usually tube bra retains its name from the structure or the pattern wear which is nothing but a simple cotton spandex cloth worn around the chest area, covering the breasts in a single alignment. This can be availed with or without straps basing on the dress you choose to wear.

5. Corset Cotton Bra:

Cotton Bra and Wearing Tips 5


Corset bra’s are hard and shaped much like the normal corsets that frame the stomach or waist area. The cups are pre-made to fit perfectly into your curve. Other than a great frame it also provides a brilliant support on the under band lines so that the breasts are pushed up forming a nice cleavage on the upfront.

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6. Maternity Cotton Bra:

candy bra 6


Maternity bra is for the mothers stepping into their early motherhood when the body goes through some difficult changes which are inevitable yet welcoming. During pregnancy, your breasts swell up a great deal and it is during this time, the maternity bra, comfortable both from in and out molds and expands along with the breast.

7. Front Lock Cotton Bra:

Cotton Bra and Wearing Tips 7


Wear a bra is no easy ordeal, especially trying to hook in the clasps from the back while twisting and turning yourself. This is why these cotton bras come with front hooks for easy wear.

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8. Strapless Padded Cotton Bra:

Cotton Bra and Wearing Tips 8


The strapless padded bras come with no straps and are essentially helpful if you are opting for an off shoulder or halter neck. These come with pre made cotton pads that fit and mold into your curves.

9. Soft Molded Cotton Bra:

Cotton Bra and Wearing Tips 9


The soft molded bras will support your curves and align themselves according to the mold. Not only are they comfortable but also a great choice for everyday wear.

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I hope the above amazing cotton bras article is useful to you and those are wearing easily.

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