Choosing the right sports bra for women can be quite a task, and why not! One requires the exact fit as per the requirement and activity type, body, and breast type, besides seeking utmost comfort and ease during rigorous training. The purpose of any sports brassiere is to help women receive support and comfort with workouts and everyday activities. It is not as simple as going and purchasing an everyday wear bra, but rather about the right choice with adequate comfort, care and support for breasts. Remember, the wrong type of bra can lead not just to discomfort but also to soft tissue damage during substantial activities, and thereby, one requires to choose the right one for themselves!

Today, we will let out all the secrets of choosing the right sports bra for girls and women out here, along with giving you a glimpse of the best varieties prevailing in the market.

Features of Sports Bra:

The prominent features for ladies’ sports bra are as follows.

  • The most sports bra has an inbuilt band, which is of utmost importance for the foundation and support for breasts. Widebands are more supportive than narrow ones.
  • These bras have adjustable straps which help for customising the fit.
  • Further, the straps can be in the form of crisscross or racerback in most of the cases.
  • These bras, in most times, are pulled over from head and are called as slip-on varieties. They do not have closure buttons. Only a few varieties have back hooks.
  • Having an underwire in the sports brassiere can help support the breasts well and minimise their movements.
  • The sports bra has different support mechanisms depending on the impact of activities one undertakes. These include low, medium and high support inbuilt within them.
  • Given this list of features, one can clearly emphasise the fact that a good sports bra is a clear blend of having right straps, band, cup, and support fit mechanism.

How to Choose The Perfect Sports Bra for Oneself?

Given the different varieties of sports bras in the market, how can one choose the right fit? The breast size and type differ with every woman and hence, it is essential to note that there is no particular ‘best’ bra, which is suitable for every single woman out there.

  • If you are in fewer impact activities such as yoga, Pilates, walking, or strength training, then you can go with a low support sports bra. This sports bra is also good for teens and those with smaller breasts.
  • Those who are into hiking, jogging, and cycling should prefer medium support sports bra for themselves.
  • Further, if you are in heavy activities and are quite active with running, aerobics, and biking, then you would require special high support sports bra for yourself.
  • Last but not least, make a point to select the right one as per your bust size, band and cup size around your breasts, and rib cage to get the right fit.

Can Sports Bra Use for Everyday Wear?

Sportswear bra specifically is made for heavy workout and sports sessions. However, the recent decade has witnessed quite a change in women’s preferences and choices. Today, we witness young women out here prefer comfort in everyday wear than going for funky and hot choices. Given these, many are regularly using the sports bra for best of support, comfort, and moderate style.

If you are searching for everyday wear of this bra, then you can prefer less padded, wire-free and regular strap variants for daily use. A low support sports bra can be ideal for everyday wear.

Different Types of Sports Bras for Fitness Activities and Daily Wear:

Let us now get into the top 15 best designs of sports bras available in the market today. Depending on your primary requirement and choice, you can easily go ahead and prefer the right one as per the comfort and support.

1. Jockey Sports Bra:


The first brand and variety which comes to our mind when we think of trusted sportswear in India are Jockey. This Jockey sports bra variant is quite common and among best-selling in the market today, given the quality of product and smooth fabric, which provides utmost comfort along with style and ease. This variant here is grey coloured and grey sports bra, which is non-padded and non-wired. The cups are sewed and are in a racerback style.

  • Good For: Everyday wear, walking, and homewear
  • Wear it Under: Round neck tops and T-shirts
  • Worst Pick For: Dresses and party wear
  • Fabric: Cotton and Elastane

2. Nike Sports Bra:


Nike brand is popular for its sportswear and garments all across the globe. With the all-new Nike Sports bra, one can go ahead with ease from mild to rigorous workout and training. If you are quite active in everyday life, then this is your must-have which promises with supreme quality and freedom of movement. This comes with slip-on variety and does not have a hook.

  • Good For: Sports and gym sessions only
  • Wear it Under: Tank tops and Round neck T-shirts, training and cardio wear
  • Worst Pick For: Partywear and everyday wear
  • Fabric: Polyester

3. Padded Sports Bra:


If you have asymmetric breast shape and looking for activewear, then this padded sports bra is what you need! Coming from the famous and recent brand, HRX, this gives the right coverage for breasts and is further inbuilt with sweat-wicking technology, which helps to keep oneself fresh all the time! This one is great for light to intense workouts such as cycling, running, sports, and aerobics.

  • Good For: Sports and gym workout sessions
  • Wear it Under: Gym and aerobic wear, wear it alone
  • Worst Pick For: Dresses and nightwear
  • Fabric: Polyester and elastane

4. Sports Bra for Gym:


There are specific types of sports bra suited for different requirements, and one such is the special training wear. All women who are quite active in training sessions can try this all-new sports bra for gym exclusively made with sweat-wicking technology, which is anti-bacterial too! This black sports bra comes with seamless cups and a non-padded variant, which is best in comfort and style too.

  • Good For: Gym sessions
  • Wear it Under: Wear it alone, Round neck T-shirts and cardio wear
  • Worst Pick For: Daily wear, party wear
  • Fabric: Polyester

5. Zivame Sports Bra:


Zivame sports bra comes with easy to wear technology, which is a non-padded variant and provides everyday comfort. With its medium coverage variant, this regular back sportswear has normal adjustable straps and is best for those who are in search for budget options.

  • Good For: Everyday wear, walking, and cycling
  • Wear it Under: Everyday wear, Round neck T-shirts
  • Worst Pick For: Partywear
  • Fabric: Cotton

6. Decathlon Sports Bra:


The Decathlon sports bra comes with high impact and cardio fitness variant, which is best for women who are active with their everyday training sessions. It has strong breast support and moisture management technology, which helps to keep oneself in ease from heavy movements and sweat. This also looks quite cute and pretty for those who have an eye for fashion.

  • Good For: Gym and cardio sessions
  • Wear it Under: Cardio T-shirts and wear
  • Worst Pick For: Everyday wear and party wear
  • Fabric: Polyamide and Elastane

7. Enamor Sports Bra:


This medium coverage Enamor sports bra is great for gym and yoga sessions. The slip-on variety is quite easy to wear and is comfortable with its non-wired variant and lightly padded style. This bra also features removable cookie pads, suited for women who have heavy breasts. In addition, the cotton fabric adds to the comfort as well as style.

  • Good For: Cardio sessions
  • Wear it Under: Cardio T-shirts and Round neck T-shirts
  • Worst Pick For: Everyday wear
  • Fabric: Cotton

8. Zip Front Sports Bra:


This jet black zip-front sports bra flaunts premium in style as well as comfort. This latest technology has a front open system inbuilt with zip-lock closure. It is with lightly padded variety and has seamless cups that give great support and maximum comfort. It is not just stylish and has a premium look but is also practical and good for day to day wear.

  • Good For: Training sessions
  • Wear it Under: Wear it alone, gym sessions and t-shirts
  • Worst Pick For: Everyday wear and party wear
  • Fabric: Nylon

9. Cotton Sports Bra:


The sports bra in cotton fabric is custom made for those who are looking for comfort and ease in regular wear. With full coverage and non-padded variant, this regular style sportswear is quite convenient for an all-day event or wear. It provides high support for lightweight and low impact activities. In addition, those who are looking for everyday wear can best prefer this one.

  • Good For: Everyday wear
  • Wear it Under: Casual wear, everyday wear, and T-shirts
  • Worst Pick For: Dresses and other party wear
  • Fabric: Cotton

10. Triumph Sports Bra:


A triumph sports bra is another commonly known name in the sportswear world. This international brand is quite popular for its style in making sportswear with premium comfort and looks as well. The quality and texture are supreme. The above shown multicoloured designer sports bra with purple dominance and silver dotted style is among the best-selling variety for all women who are looking for style and fashion besides the comfort.

  • Good For: Party wear and events
  • Wear it Under: Dresses, T-shirts and active wear
  • Worst Pick For: Regular wear
  • Fabric: Polyester and elastane

11. Racerback Sports Bra:


While the variants within sports bra have several back styles within, this racerback variant is a quite popular and convenient option for many women. This solid sports bra by Dress berry is quite comfortable with a non-wired and full-coverage option with slip-on option. This variant is good for low impact and normal activities than heavy ones. Those looking for stylish regular wear can choose this one too!

  • Good For: Everyday wear, walking, and strength training
  • Wear it Under: T-shirts and everyday wear
  • Worst Pick For: Party wear
  • Fabric: Cotton

12. Strapless Sports Bra:


The strapless sports bra variant is a newcomer in this list of different types of sportswear garments. This black sports bra is custom made to suit specific requirements of modern-day women who are out with styling comfortable cloths with equally comfortable garments. In addition, these kinds of bras are also in practice in sports for women wearing a tank top and low arm loose t-shirts.

  • Good For: Party wear and sports
  • Wear it Under: Loose arm t-shirts and strapless dresses
  • Worst Pick For: Everyday wear
  • Fabric: Polyester

13. High Neck Sports Bra:


The high neck sports bra is a new fashion and trend right now, for heavy to medium impact training and women with an active lifestyle. This slip-on variant is quite comfortable and suited for those from less to heavier bust size and restricts the movement of breasts during rigorous sessions. Besides the comfort, the premium design and style with grey and green colour in this sports bra is quite stylish and adds to the trend.

  • Good For: Gym sessions
  • Wear it Under: Wear it alone, Cardio shirts
  • Worst Pick For: Everyday wear and party wear
  • Fabric: Polyester and elastane

14. Halter Neck Sports Bra:


The sports bra in halter neck is the best fit for women who are in mobility exercises and weight training sessions. One of the popular variant for gym training, this dark pink mesh shaded sports bra is great for a range of movements with comfortable fabric and the right amount of support for smaller to heavier busts. Further, this is stretchable, making it the most convenient option for several young women active in training.

  • Good For: Gym and weight training
  • Wear it Under: Wear it alone
  • Worst Pick For: Everyday wear
  • Fabric: Nylon and polyester

15. Full Coverage Sports Bra:


This Adidas full coverage sports bra is best fit for women who are conscious about their heavier bust size and cup size. It comes with a light padded variant and is seamless in style with adjustable straps. Those in mild to medium impact activities can try this variant for their everyday sessions.

  • Good For: Everyday wear, gym wear and walking
  • Wear it Under: Round neck T-shirts
  • Worst Pick For: Party wear
  • Fabric: Polyester and elastane

There is no specific type of women’s sports bras, which is suitable for all. The best type for oneself changes as per requirement and type of breast. Given these several types of bra in sportswear, you can now choose the right one as per your activity type and wear. If you are already using any of these styles, share your view with us, we love to hear from you!

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