Did you know, on average a person spends 90000 hours in their lifetime at his/her workplace? Work has become an equal part of everyone’s life alongside personal life. Having a creative office interior design plays an essential role in how you perceive the place you work.

Having proper interiors inspires people to work more efficiently and makes it feel like their own. In this article, we present you with the best office interior designs that help you revamp your office work area.

Best Office Interior Designs In India:

Here are our 25 simple and modern office interior designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Small Office Interior Design:

The maximum utilization of space is what makes a small office interior design the most effective as the space you have is comparatively less. The interiors in this design have wall mount shelves along with a wall mount table that leaves all the flooring space uncluttered. There are two smart bulbs on the walls that stand in contrast to the brown wall colour of the room. You can place essential files and documents on the shelves so that your workspace is free. The chair provides enough comfort that makes you work comfortably.

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2. Office Cabin Interior Design:

Many offices have cabins for people with various designations. This is one of the best office cabin interior designs, where you can find glass walls on one side, giving you a perfect view. There are large shelves with glass doors, making it look sophisticated. A simple table with a cupboard on the side gives you a place to store things along with ash-coloured sofas in the sitting area. There is a chandelier in the centre of the room, which is simple yet elegant. The whole setup of the place goes hand in hand, where everything stands apt for modern office interior design.

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3. Office Interior Wall Design:

This is a simple office space where people either have creative meetings or sit down for a quick food break. This is an office interior wall design where the whole room has little to no décor except for the wall on one side. There is a large window on one side with shutters that help you open and close it according to your need. There are a simple table and chairs in the centre with proper lighting that illuminates the room. The main attraction of this room is the simple yet unique, colourful wooden slabs on the wall making it more appealing.

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4. CA Office Interior Design:

Although the layout of every office is almost similar, this is an apt CA office interior design where some things are taken into consideration. The wall colours and flooring are white with a tint to grey, making the office look sombre. There is a simple table with a chair that is comfortable enough to sit all day long, along with chairs on opposite sides that seat the clients. There is a combination of built-in and hanging lights all around the room. There is a large glass door that makes it soundproof but also looking classy.

5. Architecture Office Interior Design:

Every person has a different idea about how their office needs to be. This is a perfect symbolization of an architecture office interior design that is filled with unique and extraordinary designs that look attractive. The look from one side of it is sleek and rectangular, with white colour predominantly used for flooring and wall colours. There is a 3d type of look on the ceiling that protrudes, giving a chance to display designs along with few frames on the walls of nature. Stairs are going downstairs that can seat a few people.

6. Office MD Room Interior Design:

A managing director’s office is the spacious one in any office that needs to be clutter-free. This is a large office MD room with simple interior design. There is a large L-shaped table in the middle with a dark brown and white combination along with a comfortable chair. There are two sofas on one corner of the room and a large cupboard at the back of the place to store things. There is minimal décor, which makes the room look elegant.

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7. Home Office Interior:

Many of us have a work from home situation these days. This is a perfect example for the home office interior, where it blends the comfort of your home along with the necessary things needed for you to set up an office. The wall colour is a simple white that is in contrast to the wooden floor along with the simple light wood furniture. The table is simple that can seat two people with only the needed things like a computer, night lamp, and a coffee mug. There is two wall hanging shelves that can hold small plants along with some trophies.

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8. IT Office Interior Design:

This is a perfect example of the office space interior design, especially like IT firms where there are a large number of employees working around. The system is simple, with white-coloured walls and has large glass windows that keep the airflow free. There is a row of black hanging lights in the centre of the room and horizontal lights where the employees are seated. The tables are simple, with a divider in between. It can place two people on either side of the table with comfortable chairs.

9. Office Reception Interior Design:

The reception area in the first thing that people notice when you enter an office. This is a simple office reception interior design where there is a typical colour combination with ash-coloured walls matching the flooring. Part of the ceiling is painted orange that matches the logo and the chair in the entrance. The lighting in this space is provided with stylish horizontal and vertical bulbs.

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10. Commercial Office Interior Design:

This is a perfect example of a commercial office interior design where there is little to no artistry but a depiction of business. The ceiling of the space has thin slabs with a combination of inbuilt and hanging lights. There are glass cabins at one side of the room, and the other side has a long table made out of simple wood that can seat eight people in high chairs. There is a kitchen space at one side with a rack on a wall to place many things. Plants at corners of the room add to the décor.

11. Executive Office Interior Design:

This is an executive office interior design with predominantly grey colour on the floor and white walls. The ceiling has large squares as a false ceiling with in-built lights. There is a wooden table in the centre with a computer on top and a chair with comfortable seating. There is a rectangular LED display on the wall that has thin rectangular stripes on the background. Simple vases and a plant on either side of a wooden panel protruding from the wall make it look beautiful.

12. Industrial Office Interior Design:

If you have a rustic workspace, then this industrial office interior design looks apt without changing the originality of the space. There are large glass windows on one side of the brick wall. There are two tables combined in the centre on both sides of the room. There are wall-mounted shelves on the wall that hold books and documents with a table under it seating at least five people. Copper-coloured light bulbs are hanging down that add to the look.

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13. Office Furniture Interior Design:

Furniture in any office makes all the difference in the way space looks. This office furniture interior design looks perfect in a spacious office. The table is made out of dark brown wood with simple white borderlines on either side of the top part of the table with a cabinet on one side of the table. There is a laptop on the table and leaving the space clutter-free. There is a shelf at the back of the wall with designer shelves to place simple equipment along with books.

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14. Scandinavian Office Interior Design:

Scandinavian office interior design has been relevant in the past, now, and even in the future. This is a design that has a subtle line finish with most of the natural light coming from the glass windows throughout the room. The minimalistic design and simple colour palette are some of the prominent features of Scandinavian designs. The ceiling has flat structures forming a circle with lights hanging down. Pant life around this office adds to the comfort you are looking for in the space.

15. Open Office Interior Design:

The generic term used for architectural and interior design is also called an open plan. This open office interior design has large spaces with no private offices or individual cabins. There is an array of tables with a variety of materials and chairs that go with them. There are hanging lights all over the room that illuminate the space. There are some comfortable sofas in the middle of the office where you can relax.

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16. Green Office Interior Design:

The colour green is very rare and cannot be found easily. This is a perfect example of the green office interior design where that seating and the divider between the seating arrangement is green. There is little to no décor in this space, making it look all official. Three long tables can seat six people on either side of the table with a divider in between. There is a white cupboard at one end of the room with a painting with a black background and green stripes.

17. Minimalist Office Interior:

The design approach with functional furniture with no more than two colour combinations works perfectly for this minimalist office interior. The wooden flooring with the white-coloured walls blends. The long table that can seat at least twelve people with cone-shaped hanging lights from the ceiling. There are big glass windows on one side of the wall and sliding glass doors on the other side.

18. Funky Office Interiors:

Breaking the rhythm of the routine office spaces is how you can design funky office interiors that encourage people to work effectively. This office space has a glass door on one side with an opening. In the centre is a small PVC tabletop with comfortable orange chairs. There are two hanging lights in the shape of bulbs made out of thin bamboo with a bulb in it along with inbuilt lights in the ceiling. The wall on one side of the room has a black background filled with colourful circles filled with a representation of modern art, making it stand out from the other routine designs.

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19. 3d Office Interior Design:

Designing an office space is no joke; a lot of factors go into it. Planning a 3d office interior is how you can visualize how your office space can look before you implement it. The grey, smooth flooring complements the white ceiling with squares protruding from it. The green-tinted glass in the centre with a black glass around forming a divider in the room. There are two tables on either side with cupboards for each person.

20. Contemporary Office Interior Design:

Unlike modern design, this contemporary office interior design focuses on the rounded lines with soft furniture pieces. The later part of the 20th century is represented in this design. The table is in the shape of an inverted L with a cupboard on one side and free leg space under the table. The backside of the table is a glass wall with two rectangular slabs of the wall alternating with glass on one side with three lights attached at the top. There is a small tea table with a chair at one corner and a plant on the other corner.

21. Wooden Office Interior Design:

This is a beautiful representation of wooden office interior design, where more than 80 % of the interiors are made out of wood. The ceiling has wooden panels that are fire, water, and moisture-proof. One side of the room has a large glass window with sliding covers that can open and close according to your need. There are rows of tables with dividers between employees. Each row of tables has a medium-sized wooden cabinet to store important files.

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22. Japanese Office Interior Design:

Harmonizing nature with minimal furniture is the key to a Japanese office interior design. The room is filled with furniture made out of bamboo with simple sombre colours, along with a multicolour carpet on the floor. The divider in the centre of the room has a shelf to store books on one side and long stools on the other side. The walls have large glass windows with a sofa seater along the border with tables in front of them.

23. Colorful Office Interiors:

Every office needs a space where intellectual discussions happen, and these colourful office interiors are a perfect example. The walls of this room have canvas prints of leaves with a blend of green and a floor mat on the floor adds to the whole décor of the room, in contrast to the wooden flooring. Two orange sofas with a tea table on one side of the room and a three-seater sofa in the centre make your seating very comfortable. There is a large whiteboard on the wall for you to write down things.

24. Office Lobby Interior Design:

This office lobby interior design has a high ceiling with a sleek silver finish. There is a large reception area against the wall, with an escalator going downstairs. The office space looks premium, signifying the blend of style and functionality of the interiors of the lobby area. The ceiling has thin burrows with small in-built light at the end of the line. The lighting reflects upon the flooring and the walls making it look beautiful.

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25. Lavish Office Interiors:

Who says workspace needs to be formal. This is a lavish office interior that utilizes the space efficiently with stylish interior décor. The wooden panel ceiling with small in-built lights brightens up the room. The furniture in this room is modern, with a beautiful finish as well as functional. The traditional and classical looking sofas in the centre with a glass tea table add to the beauty of the space. Wood is the primary material used in this space without ignoring the style quotient. The glass windows all around the room give it a sophisticated feel.

Irrespective of the location of your office, the interiors play a vital role in creating a perfect ambience and environment for everyone to work. Creating a welcoming workspace for elders and millennials alike need not be tough. With the help of these luxury office interior designs, update your workspace so that it increases work productivity by creating a comfortable environment for the employees.

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