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20 Best Office Table Designs With Photos In India

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An office can be imagined with chairs, tables, workstations, cabins, cubicles, reception etc. Tables in office form a very important part of office furniture. The tables in different shapes and sizes accustomed according to office requirements are what make the office look cool, upmarket and classy. Designs make, finish, customization etc. form a very important aspect of the choice of tables. The shape of the table is also very important as in rectangle, round, square, oval etc. Wood can be solid wood, engineered or even reclaimed wood with a different finish like walnut, chestnut, oak, veneer etc. Let’s look into some best office table designs in new models.

Latest Office Table Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 20 modern and cool office table designs for work comfort. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Stylish Office Table Design:

office table designs

This is a stylised office table with a side cabinet for a boss cabin. This is very stylish with the choice of colours in the table and gives an executive look with clean lines and smart looks. The cabin of the boss is what is very striking in an office as everyone aspires to be in that place one day in the office. So the look really matters of a bosses’ cabin and the table is where maximum discussions happen.

2. Traditional Wooden Office Table Design:

Traditional Wooden Office Table

This is a traditional setup for an office in proper wood. Wooden furniture is long-lasting and one can never be wrong with wooden furniture designs for an office. This has three racks of side tables on either side with a nice wide table in the middle for operating hassle-free. The side cabinets on either side give easy access to all papers, files, folders and required documents.

3. Contemporary Office Table Design:

Contemporary Office Table

This is a contemporary office table in leather and wood. This is for a plush office with this cutting edge design and style. This has a rich veneer charcoal finish which is very striking compared to the usual wooden finish. The furniture setup is low in height and has inbuilt wire management for a clutter-free office space.

4. Glass Office Table Design:

Glass Office Tables

This looks really chic and really amazing for an office. There has to be utmost caution and is very high maintenance furniture but the look that this table gives is mind-blowing to an office. The office tables are in glass which gives a nice impression to the cabin and the room. The rest of the room can be minimally put up for a really toned down look.

5. Zigzag Office Table Designs:

Zigzag Office Table

This is really an interesting piece of office furniture. This is a zig-zag table which can be used for conference, brain storming or discussions. This table can be expanded or shrinked as required according to the office need which is actually very beneficial for small office spaces. This office table is also great for small offices or start-ups where people even work from their homes.

6. Office Computer Table:

Office Computer Table

This is one good walnut veneer finish computer and working table for offices. The keyboard area is separate for easy working on the computer. The rectangle in shape with side drawers in one side and a small door in the other, this is for the complete office workstation for an employee. This is ideal office tables designs for banking and financial institutions.

7. Steel Office Table Design:

Steel Office Table

This is more of a rough and tough use of office furniture. Made in stainless steel, this gives a nice shine to the office table in the legs and the table top and drawers are made in the black finish giving a nice classy look to the office. This is found in banks and almost all government offices as they are low maintenance furniture tables.

8. Executive Office Table Design:

Executive Office Table

This is a classic executive office table for a bosses’ cabin. This is nice shiny wooden finish furniture. The table is L shaped with a working table and an adjacent table for other things to be kept like telephone, trophies, and photo frames etc. The executive chair with great cushion also matches the office furniture.

9. Modern Reception Office Table Design:

Modern Reception Table

This is a perfect reception table for a modern office or any service office to welcome people into a warm office. The shape of the table is just great and very unusual. The colours used are nice and welcoming with indirect lighting and fresh flowers right at the entrance.

10. My Own Office Table Design:

My own Office Table

This is one cool office table created and personalised by one to make the place really look warm and inviting. The desk and table are set and arranged according to the choices and preferences to make one really give one’s full productivity. Making and decorating the table actually makes it our second home where people spend most of their time during the day.

11. Victorian Office Table Design:

Victorian Office Table

Some office still prefers Victorian style furniture for top-level executive and managers in the office as their ideas are what the company is made of. They being elders prefer old-style solid wood, antique Victorian furniture. The furniture is very heavy and the room is also heavily done up.

12. Office Table Designs With Wheels:

Office Table On Wheels12

As the name suggests, the table has wheels which makes a movement to adjacent tables easier. This kind of set up is ideal for start-ups and small enterprises which have space constraint and even budget issues and can’t splurge a lot on furniture and infrastructure.

13. L Shaped Office Table Design:

This is a nice L shaped office table made in reclaimed wood which gives an awesome rustic look to the same. This is for creative spaces, magazine offices, advertising and marketing offices. The L shaped table gives space to people to sit across and work along with the boss too.

14. Plastic Office Table Design:

Plastic Office Table

People prefer plastic low maintenance furniture instead of the traditional wooden ones. This is for creative people and who work with the team always. This colourful office table instantly lifts the mood and gives a nice bright look to the office. The side drawers and shelves give ample space to store office essentials.

15. Round Office Table Design:

Round Office Table

An office needs a round office table for quick discussions; hop meetings etc. where immediate plans and executions are worked out and jotted down. This is a cool table that doesn’t occupy much space and is ideal for an office. The table is wooden with four chairs. This is one stylish looking office furniture table.

16. Artist Office Table Design:

Artist Office Table

This is an artist’s office table perfect with the table, desk accessories for his tools and brushes etc. The colourful decor in the table area sets the mood required for that magic with the brushes. The canvas can be made and painted if the table and other things are set up properly.

17. Office Conference Room Table:

Office Conference Room Table

Conference rooms are very important for an office for conducting meetings and important discussions. This office table is quite long enough for the room and has many chairs for accommodating people. The room also has a projector or an LCD for easy presentations.

18. Modern Office Table Design:

Office Table for the Future

This is really the new age architecture and design furniture table for office. This is for a future office look with an open office concept without any cabins or partitions. This is perfect for modern open office furniture.

19. Multi Utility Office Table Design:

Multi utility Office Table

This is a nice looking raw finish multi-utility office table to organize many things like files, papers, desk supplies, folders etc. This can be used as part of the table or even can be in the reception area to stack magazines and daily newspapers for people waiting in the area.

20. Go Green Office Table Design:

Go green Office Table

This is one innovative and unusual table design. This is a wooden low height table in chestnut colour finish with a green area for plants in the centre. The green area because the plants give a nice feel while entering the office and sets the day for the person. This is ideal in the welcome area in the office.

Files, papers, pens and documents form part of the office just like tables, chairs, and etc. from part of office furniture. The above described twenty office table designs are amazing in every single way to actually give the office space a great new feeling to be productive every single day. A good table can highlight the space so well that other furniture in the office can be light and not very heavy. Tables actually form a very integral part of office furniture.

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