When you think about an office, all that comes to your mind is lots of chairs, and tables set up in workstations, cubicles, and reception areas. The equipment used changes with every office, and that is what makes a significant difference. The material in an office space is customized according to the user’s taste, designs, finish, etc. The best office table designs come in several shapes, sizes, and with a variety of wood such as walnut, chestnut, oak, veneer, etc. Take a look at the top office tables and then feel free to choose.

Modern Office Table Designs In India:

We have provided you with the 30 best and coolest office table designs for a comfortable workspace. Have a look.

1. Home Office Table:

Image Source: pinterest

Many of us have the option of working from home, or if you are starting a new establishment, then you need an office space for yourself at your home. Many new mothers get to work from home after maternity leave. A white computer table with pre-decided places for your computer, printer, and a comfortable chair to sit down and work comfortably. The table is simple without any gaudy decors giving you a clutter-free space with a side table to place a printer.

2. Bedroom Office Table:

Image Source: pinterest

This is an office table set up in your bedroom if you don’t have space to set up a separate work area. It is a simple and rustic long, rectangular table that doesn’t have a width similar to other broad tables, thereby doesn’t occupy much space. You can place a laptop on the table and use a comfortable chair from your own home to complete the setup.

3. Designer Office Table:

Image Source: pinterest

As the name suggests, designer tables are individually made in order and cannot be found randomly. It is a dark wood low-height table with clean and sharp edges. A complimenting chair is also placed in front of the table, completing the setup. The design of this table is exceptional as it is not just flat or there is no open space like other tables. The wood of the inner area of the table is an effect of 3D.

4. Oval Office Table:

Image Source: pinterest

The oval-shaped office table has a light mahogany finish with a lot of space provided for storage. This table is massive and has an intricate design carved on the edges of the table. There are storage shelves on either side of the table to save essential files and documents. This will be ideal to be placed in the reception area or can also be placed in the room of the boss who likes a simple kind of furniture.

5. U-Shaped Office Table:

Image Source: pinterest

This is the best office table design that is ideal for a director’s office or a person holding a very high position. The whole block is made out of stainless steel or wood with a wooden U-shaped top with a lot of workspaces. One of the advantages of this table is that people don’t have to look at the legs of others since the table covers up the lower part. It can also be best placed in a doctor’s office since the backend area has a place to look up at the X-rays.

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6. MDF Office Table:

There are many materials used in manufacturing office tables; one of the prominent and trendy materials is Medium-Density Fiberboard material in short MDF. This design is simple and is in a light plywood colour. There is extra space for a keyboard, one big and one small storage area on the right with handles and locking systems. There is an open space on the left to place files and other important stuff.

7. PVC Office Table:

Image Source: gajjarfurniture.in

PVC is a strong type of plastic that is being avidly used for office tables and doors that are resistant to any damage. These types of tables are durable, lightweight, and can be moved very quickly; therefore, best suited for the reception area. It is a simplistic design with a block, supported by a slab of PVC surface giving it a glossy look. There is a lot of space on the table even after you place a computer and other essentials.

8. Godrej Office Table:

Image Source: myprofurniture.com

This is an executive table by Godrej that fits in perfectly in an executive’s office space. The table is made out of pure wood with a unique design and has a polished finish. The table is long enough to place every essential required and then some free space too. There is also a small side table at one side to put some decoratives like vases making it look lively.

9. Nilkamal Office Table:

Image Source: maxfurnindia.in

This is a simple office table that works perfectly as a laptop table. It is made out of solid black wood with a sleek finish. This table has storage shelves on either side, one long on the left and three small spaces on the right and one in the centre that are securely finished with silver handles and lock systems. It is added with a plain tabletop to place your laptop and some writing essentials. The centre area is left open to keep your legs in comfort.

10. Damro Office Table:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a table design apt for an executive or CEO office. It is an L-shaped design providing ample space for storage and leg area too. Most of the table is kept empty, just a laptop, a table lamp, and a small vase at the very end of the table paired up with a comfortable chair make for a minimalistic design.

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11. Stylish Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is an elegant table with a simple finish best suited for the cabin of the boss. The choice of colours for this table makes the room look stylish and has clean lines giving it an executive finish too. Everyone in the office looks up to the workstation of the boss and aspires to reach that position. It is also a place where maximum discussions happen. The table has a single-row storage area to place essential files and lock them.

12. Traditional Wooden Office Table Design:

This table design is a classic setup for any office space made out of wood. The top part is sleek and has a smooth finish making it a hassle-free workspace. It also has two long rows of storage shelves on either side of the table with steel handles to open and close them quickly. These cabinets give easy access to all your files, papers, and relevant documents. It gives you a long-lasting piece of furniture, and nothing can go wrong with wooden furniture designs for your office.

13. Contemporary Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a table design made in wood and leather for a contemporary office space. The cutting-edge design makes it suitable for a plush work area, further elevating it. Another striking feature of this table is that it has a rich veneer charcoal finish, unlike the natural wooden finish. The table has built-in wire management that helps keep your workspace clutter-free and is low in height. The whole room complements each other in such a way that they look made for each other.

14. Glass Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Since there will be no kids to break things in your office, you don’t have to worry about using a glass table for your workspace. It makes your office look chic, giving a good impression of the cabin and thereby the room. Although it makes your office look mind-blowing, it is a high-maintenance table that needs to be used with utmost caution. If the other interiors of the room are minimal, then it gives you an excellent impression.

15. Zigzag Office Table Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

The design of this furniture is fascinating and unique. It is a long table, but unlike traditional stands, this has a zig-zag shape. These are mainly used for conferences, discussions, and brainstorming sessions. One of the most significant advantages of this table design is that it can be shrunk and expanded according to your needs. It is beneficial for start-ups, small offices, or even for people who do most of the work from home.

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16. Office Computer Table:

This would be a dream table for any employee with a walnut veneer finish. It is the best computer table with a separate space for a keyboard, making it easy for the employees to work. The table has a perfect rectangular shape and has a single-door shelf on one side and a group of three drawers on the other side of the table. It is the best-suited workstation for employees in any financial and banking institution.

17. Steel Office Table Design:

Image Source: archiproducts.com

This is one of the avidly used office tables in almost all government offices and banks as it is low maintenance. The legs of the table are made up of steel, giving it a subtle shine with a four-tiered drawer on one side and a tabletop made out of wood with a black finish. These tables give your workspace a classy look, and they are best for rough and tough use.

18. Executive Office Table Design:

Image Source: tradeindia

This is a classic example of an executive office table, especially for the cabin of a Boss. The finish of this wooden table is shiny. The L-shape is formed due to the side table attached to the primary office table. You can keep many things like personal trophies, photo frames, telephones, etc. so that you can have a hassle-free workspace. The chair is also of an executive style with perfect cushioning and matches perfectly with the theme of the room.

19. Modern Reception Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a table for the reception area in any modern office or service industry to welcome people warmly. This is well-suited in hospitals or medical-related reception areas where there are a lot of people coming through and need attendance as soon as possible. The shape of the table is unique and acts as a divider between the employees and the visitors. The colours used are also subtle and give you a feel of being invited.

20. My Own Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are looking for a table with a personalization of your choice in mind, then this simple table is the perfect pick for you. Any place with a personal touch makes it warm and inviting. This is one of the trends followed in many work cultures to attain maximum productivity of their employees. The table and chair are placed according to one’s convenience since the office is the second place where we spend the most time.

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21. Victorian Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Some companies are run by people with the taste of old-style furniture like Victorian-style, especially for their top-level executives. They believe these are the places where many successful ideas are born hence the furniture. If there are elders in the top position, they prefer antique Victorian furniture that is heavy, and the room is also decorated accordingly.

22. Office Table Designs With Wheels:

Image Source: pinterest

Just like Meals on Wheels, these types of tables have wheels that make adjacent tables much more accessible. These types of tables are ideal for small companies and start-ups that have space issues and budgetary constraints where you can splurge on extravagant furniture. You can get them in multiple colours or find all tables in a single colour to match each other.

23. L Shaped Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

The L-shaped table gives your office a raw feel as it is made out of reclaimed wood. This type of table design is optimal for magazine offices, creative spaces, advertising, and marketing offices. The table has three rectangular stands on three sides with a rustic L-shaped wooden top. This table is apt when your work requires you to work sitting across the table with your boss daily.

24. Plastic Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a table ideal for people who prefer low-maintenance plastic furniture instead of heavy wooden ones. This table is apt where working in a team is a must daily. Though it is plastic, the quality of the product instantly brightens your workspace, uplifting your mood with it. There are drawers on both sides of the table, providing you with a place to store your essential files and documents.

25. Round Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Every office needs a round table that is ideal for quick discussions, hop meetings, etc., where many of the critical reviews that need to be jotted down for ease of execution. This table accommodates a lot of people occupying less space, making it a perfect choice for any office. This is entirely made out of wood, including the stands. All you need are four or five wooden chairs making your office look very stylish.

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26. Artist Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

The speciality of this table design is that it occupies no space on the floor. This type of table is incorporated and fixed firmly into the wall making it durable. With all the accessories on the table, such as colour pencils and paintbrushes, point out that the table is best suited for an artist. All we need to do is use equipment that has multiple uses but occupies less space. This is also an artistic way of expressing the freedom of an artist where he doesn’t have to be bound by the desk.

27. Office Conference Room Table:

Image Source: pinterest

Every school or college needs an auditorium; similarly, every office needs a conference room where essential discussions take place that lead to prominent decisions. This conference table is long enough to accommodate 10 to 15 members. This room also has an LCD screen or a projector that helps display a critical presentation. The table is spacious enough to place files, and the chairs are comfortable, too, since the meetings may go on for hours!

28. Modern Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you look at the picture, you might mistake it for a café. But it is an office look that will soon be a reality in the future. Work culture is going towards the concept of no cabins or partitions, making it an open office, giving it a carefree look. It usually consists of tables with long legs surrounded by round stools with small support for your back. These have become a trend because of the employee-friendly workspace.

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29. Multi Utility Office Table Design:

This is another office table design with multiple uses that give your office a rustic feel. The table is small and has two drawers to keep desk supplies and essentials. It also has a pouch that is used to save files. These types of tables can be used in reception, especially to stack up newspapers and magazines for the people in the waiting area.

30. Go Green Office Table Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is one of the unique and innovative table designs for green-conscious office space. This is a table of low height made out of wood with a chestnut colour finish with a separate area in the centre engraved for placing plants. Plants give everyone a positive vibe white entering the office and reduce stress during work hours too. This is apt to be placed in the entrance area of any office.

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Best Tips To Buy Office Tables:

Purchasing tables for your workspace is not a piece of cake; it is necessary to take a lot of factors into consideration before investing money.

  • You need to consider the available space and how many and what type of tables complete your requirements.
  • If you are ordering tables in bulk, then look for options where you can get quality products with great discounts.
  • Since the material used in the manufacturing of these tables varies from wood, PVC, Marble, etc., the cost of the overall product also changes. So, you need to choose the material that fits your budgetary constraints.
  • Other things to be taken into consideration are comfort, aesthetics, and quality of the product.
  • It is advisable to consider the needs of your employees, increasing work productivity.

An office is a place where people spend more than 6 hours per day, making it your second home. What is wrong with designing your workspace in such a way that you can be more productive and enjoy work even more? We present you with the list of the 30 best office table designs you can choose from to redefine your office. Let us know how helpful did you find this article and if we can help you any further.


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