Office space should have appropriate interiors, decor and furniture to give a comfortable environment to all employees who work under pressure. It is even essential to keep the office desk clean by keeping the files in the proper place. That’s where office cabinets help the office look organized and give a feel which is welcoming to both employees and visitors. Office cabinet designs are highly functional and beautifully designed.

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Latest Office Cabinet Designs:

Here are our 9 simple and modern office cabinet designs with photos. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Vertical Office Cabinet Design:

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It’s one of the great ways of storing files in these vertical cabinets. As the cabinet is vertical in shape it occupies very less space. The cabinets have multiple drawers so you keep all the files intact in one cabinet. The cabinets are available in many colours and sizes and you can place the one according to your office use and space.

2. Wall Mounted Office Cabinet Design:

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Here comes a smart and cool-looking wall-mounted office cabinet. The cabinets are fixed to the wall lending space for free movement. The cabinets can be structured according to the file length and quantity, enabling the files organized in one storage area and all the other employees can access them easily.

3. Office Furniture Cabinet Design:

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These are the cabinets which are built-in in alignment with the rest of the office furniture. The cabinets mingle with the furniture and don’t stand out differently. The cabinets can be designed as per the office requirement enabling them to keep the place needed and clean. This is the best idea for office cabinet designs with doors.

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4. Portable Office Cabinet Design:

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These are the small office filing cabinets which can be moved from one place to another perfect for the small officer. The filing cabinets have rollers on all the corners thus facilitating easy movement of the cabinet. The cabinet has a flat surface on the top so that you can place other essentials on it.

5. Colourful Office Cabinet Design:

Many organizations prefer to place furniture which is bright in colour as it is said that colours lighten the environment and rejuvenate people around it. So this type of colourful filing cabinet stands to be a good choice and it has multiple stacks making filing easy and helping to keep them in order.

6. Vintage Office Cabinet Design:

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As the name depicts these types of cabinets were used decades ago, but many offices still appreciate to use them. The cabinet is made of hard, durable wood that can be used for centuries. The cabinet has a locking facility ensuring safety also at the same time.

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7. Stylish Office Cabinet Design:

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Beautiful and ultimate looking is this contemporary-looking office cabinet. It has a beautiful shape and has numerous tiers so that all the important files can be stored in an organized way. The cabinet shape gives it an appealing look and makes the place look attractive.

8. Cool Office Cabinet Design:

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The cabinet is designed of high-quality, lightweight plastic fibre. The cabinets are found in many vibrant colours, shapes and sizes. These plastic cabinets are dearer than other metal cabinets also and are well-designed to great lengths so that files can be kept safely.

9. Metal Office Cabinet Design:

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As now many men and women prefer to work from home it’s a necessity to have a filing cabinet so that the entire important documents can be stored in one place in a secure and it adds a sophisticated and professional look also. The cabinet is made of sturdy metal having a corrosion-resistant coating so that it used for a longer duration of time.

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Office cabinets are found in various designs, pattern styles and colours and you can pick the one according to the office use and space. The office cabinets are designed and structured in such a way they can become a part of the office decor and enhance the look and feel of the area. So always get an office cabinet which suits the working environment and enhances your potential and efficiency.


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