Telugu horror movies! If you love to experience a grip in the movie, prefer not just a usual and casual storyline, but love to experience mixed feelings of emotions such as fear and anxiety, what best than horror movies? We have rounded off the best of the last two decades’ recent Telugu horror movies that are a must-watch.

These are labelled as among the best Telugu horror movies, and you will love them too. Add them to your watchlist, and you will definitely appreciate this.

20 Best Horror Movies in Tollywood (Old and Recent):

Here we go, let us explore all about the most thrilling and suspense-based latest and new Telugu horror movies and cinemas list. These are among the top-rated ones by several movie analysts.

1. Masooda (2022):

The recently released Masooda is recognized as one of the best horror movies in Telugu. The movie creates terror with amazing horror scenes. Especially the climax scenes were scary. The film revolves around an ordinary mother Neelam and her daughter Mini who face a difficult situation with an evil force called Masooda. The plot revolves around how a neighbour named Gopi helps to get rid of evil spirits. Directed by Sai Kiran, the film stars Sangeeta, Thiruveer and Kavya Kalyanram in lead roles. This is a must-see movie for horror movie lovers.

2. Chandramukhi (2005):

This is a very famous horror movie in Telugu, and most of us know it by now. Directed in several other languages, including Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam, the movie’s plot revolves around how the NRI person and his wife decide to live and stay in the family’s ancestral house, warnings about the possibility of haunted surroundings and a ghost around by. While they decide to stay there, the family also joins them to support and be with the wife and husband. However, things take a turn when unexpected circumstances begin to take place. They need to take the help of a psychiatrist now to resolve the mystery.

3. Muni (2007):

Muni is a prequel to the movie mentioned above, Kanchana. The plot of these ghost movies in Telugu revolves around the hero who was always afraid of the dark from childhood. After the hero moves into a new property, he is possessed and haunted by a ghost who wants to take his form in order to kill and revenge on its killers.

4. Mantra (2007):

Mantra was a huge hit back then, which had a very gripping and exciting storyline. When Charmee, who is Mantra, has received the ancestral house which was left behind by her parents, she attempts to sell it off. However, many buyers do not come forward to take the home due to some deaths in the farmhouse. When someone agrees to buy it with one condition of a person living in the house for a minimum of three months, a broker decides to stay there for a commission in the sale. Now the movie revolves around some extraordinary circumstances that take place in the ancestral property.

5. 13B (2009):

The movie is quite famous in the list of Telugu horror films, directed in several languages, including Hindi and Tamil. The plot revolves around how a family moves into an apartment on the 13th top floor. However, their peaceful lives are disrupted when they realize a spirit in the home trying to communicate with them through the television medium. It is quite an exciting and well-received plot back then in the film industry.

6. Arundhati (2009):

This is another horror movie gem in the entire Telugu film industry history. Starred by the actress Anushka Shetty, the film revolves around the woman Arundhati who knows that she is none other than her great-great grandmother’s rebirth. An evil magician tries to kill her as she reincarnates her grandmother, and now the movie is all about how she wins over him and brings peace to the entire family’s evil eye. Not just about the storyline, the movie also has terrific performances, excellent visual effects, and a screenplay. It will indeed remain among the best Telugu horror movies for generations to come. It is to date considered among the best horror movies in Telugu.

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7. Kanchana (2011):

Directed by the legend Raghava Lawrence, Kanchana is among the industry’s top-grossing horror movies back then. The movie isn’t just about the horror genre but also touches on the aspects of injustice, discrimination, and inequality towards transgender people. The plot revolves around spirits that possess a young man who makes him act like a woman. It is up to the exorcist to do prayers and bring out the truth behind why the man acts like a woman, which touches around the lines of injustice, murder, and more.

8. Vaishali (2011):

The movie was well-received among the audience back then and had a thrilling and exciting storyline filled with fear, enthusiasm, and anxiety. The plot moves around a police officer who investigates the suicide of his ex-girlfriend, who is also married. He is sure that she did not kill herself. Now the movie is all about how he suspects neighbours and husband and unravels her death’s mystery. It is among the best horror movies in Tollywood.

9. Avunu (2012):

Avunu is a hilarious horror movie directed by Ravi Babu. Known for his exciting storylines, the story here revolves around newlyweds moving into a haunted house. The spirit of a serial rapist is present in the house – as his body was chopped into pieces and mixed with cement and concrete while building the property. Now the plot thickens and revolves around extraordinary circumstances the newlywed’s faces.

10. Chaarulatha (2012):

Chaarulatha is unique and unusual in its storyline. The movie revolves around conjoined twin sisters, Charu and Latha. When one man falls in love with Charu, the mother has to get the twins operated on and separate them for the other phase of their lives. In unfortunate circumstances, the other half of the twin, Latha, dies. Now she returns as a spirit to take revenge on her other twin, Charu. This is a lesser-known but interesting devil movie in Telugu to watch.

11. Prema Katha Chirtam (2013):

The movie Prema Katha Chitram was a huge hit back then when it was released. The story revolves around friends who decide to commit suicide together. When they visit a house to commit suicide, they realize the house itself is haunted. The next movie is all about unravelling and how they manage their circumstances around haunted property.

12. Raju Gari Gadhi 1 (2015):

This is among the first series of movies that came along with the same title. The movie received much applause at the box office given the exciting storyline and thrill of watching. It revolves around a television reality show organized in a haunted bungalow that saw and witnessed many deaths. The plot thickens when one of the participants tries to unveil the death of his own brother.

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13. Mayuri (2015):

Acted by the lady superstar, Nayanthara, the movie isn’t well known in the film circles. It, however, dramatically deserves a good watch. The plot revolves around the actress, who is also a single mother working for an advertising company. She watches a movie and realizes the movie ultimately symbolizes her own life story. The rest of the movie now revolves around mysterious circumstances that take place in her life.

14. Abhinetri (2016):

If you want both a horror as well as an engaging, funny storyline that can amaze the audience, this can be an excellent choice to watch. The movie revolves around a man in Mumbai who dreams of living with a girl who is beautiful, just like a model and actress. However, his dreams don’t come true when his family finalizes his wedding to a village girl. But exciting twists and turns take place post-wedding when the man moves together with his wife and realizes she is possessed by a ghost who is an actress. The film is the perfect blend of fun, humour, and exciting events. It is known as a popular one in Telugu comedy horror movies.

15. The house next door (2017):

Not many have heard about the movie, the House next door. A peaceful and happy doctor’s family will be disputed when a new neighbour’s family comes as those living in the house next door. With weird and paranormal activities and circumstances revolving around the neighbours, doctors’ happy lives will be disrupted. The movie is also shot in Tamil and Hindi languages and has a beautiful screenplay and talented cast besides a gripping storyline.

16. RaaRaa (2018):

The movie, while it isn’t well known in film circles, surely deserves a watch. The plot revolves around the hero, who is a movie director. While all his movies flop, his director’s father couldn’t take his failure and suffered a heart attack. When he dies, his mother, too, is unwell and is hospitalized. The plot revolves around how the hero has to make a perfect movie to make his mother survive and make her happy. While no one wants to work with him, a producer comes forward with a horror story script, which has to be taken only in a desolated empty bungalow. What they do not know is that spirits and ghosts haunt the property.

17. Bhaagmathie (2018):

Starring the superstar actress Anushka Shetty, Bhaagmathie is a gripping Telugu horror movie among the most-watched ones in the entire genre. If you search for a perfect Telugu horror movie that is terrific and has a strong and compelling storyline, this can be an ideal watch. In this movie, Anushka Shetty is an IAS officer who is charged with murdering her husband. While she is taken for interrogation, it is realized that she is also living in a haunted home with the spirit of Bhaagmathie, whom she unravels. From then on, the storyline goes without a miss! It is the most-watched new horror movie in Telugu 2018.

18. Rahasyam (2019):

The movie has a very unique and aspiring storyline. While the underrated gem isn’t much known in movie circles, the film revolves around an aspiring director who wishes to direct a haunted horror movie. The plot thickens when he comes across a ghost who bargains to cast her in the movie. It is a perfect mix of emotions, fear, anxiety, and also comedy.

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19. Jessie (2019):

Jessie was among the biggest hit of the 2019 Telugu film industry in the horror genre. It is all about how a haunted bungalow has to be resolved by a group of ghost hunters to investigate Jessie and Amy’s mystery, but they realize one of the people shows weird behaviour. The movie is a thrilling horror movie with a new watch with all the new actors and actresses. It is the most popular recent thriller horror movie in Telugu.

20. Raju gari gadhi 2 (2019):

This movie was a huge hit when it was released and is still among the trending ones in the Telugu film industry’s horror genre. The film revolves around three very good friends who invest in a resort and farmhouse and later realize that a spirit haunts the entire site. Now – how a mentalist tries to get rid of spirit and how three friends’ story unravels when they get to know the truth is what the movie tells you over time. It is undoubtedly a gripping watch with a unique and new storyline. This is also among popular Telugu horror movies in 2019.

21. Prema Katha chitram 2 (2019):

While the movie isn’t well-received at the box office, it surely deserves to be watched for the new storyline and fantastic cast and actors. It is all about a college girl’s suicide who turns into a ghost because the person she loves does not accept her feelings of love towards him. She haunts the man’s present girlfriend, and that is when situations turn worse. While it did not get enough reviews, the movie did receive appreciation for the cast and direction.

If you like the genre of horror movies, this list of exciting and best Telugu horror movies is a must-watch. They indeed deserve applause, given exciting performances, unique storylines, and an excellent cast. Watch them and tell us which is your favourite on the list. We love to hear from you!


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