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15 Best Avon Beauty Products In India

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Avon is one of the oldest and reputed names in the skin care industry. The company was founded in the year 1886 and has unbelievably been serving best of beauty products to its customers for over 100 years. Avon offers a range of skincare beauty products right from makeup and hair care to intriguing fragrances. It is one of those companies that strive to provide the best of products at affordable prices so more and more women can benefit from it. Avon is a household name that women can vouch today for its quality and effectiveness.

Best Avon Beauty Products With Prices:

There are different Avon beauty products such as skin care, hair and cosmetics. Take a look at the 15 best Avon beauty products in india with prices.

1. Avon Care Sheer Lip Gloss With Jojoba Oil:

Avon Beauty Products

This is definitely a must have for every women. Perfect for day wear, this lip gloss is loaded with the goodness of jojoba oil. It imparts lustre and sheen to your lips naturally. This is one of the best Avon beauty products for lips.

2. Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray:

avon Beauty Products 2

It is one of the most popular Avon skin care products. It works as a wonderful moisturizer that locks water, making it perfect for use after shower or bath. Available in INR 500 this Skin So Soft Body Spray also functions as an effective insect repellent. Yes! You read it right. The secret ingredient being, Citronella oil that wards off bugs while giving a gentle feel to your skin.

3. Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls:

avon Beauty Products 3


This Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls have been serving its purpose for more than 10 years now and has been applauded for its remarkable and consistent results. The tiny balls packed in an INR 1000 box gives the best bronzing effect and was also one of the first bronzing Avon products ever used. This is one of the best Avon cosmetic products in india.

4. Sun + Clear Spray SPF 30:

avon Beauty Products 4

Looking for an ideal sunscreen lotion to beat the heat? Well, this award winning sun protection spray from Avon is a must buy. The clear liquid in this spray will never stain your clothes and the high SPF ensures complete protection from UVA and UVB rays. What’s more, it is available in only INR 600.

5. Clear Skin Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub:

avon Beauty Products 5


A perfect remedy to get clear looking skin, this Avon scrub is a real value for money. Exfoliation (at least twice in a week) is a very important part of any beauty regime. Use this cleansing scrub to open up clogged pores and get rid of any dirt from the innermost surface of your skin. Leave on the scrub for few minutes after application and then wash off for better results. The Clear skin Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub is available in INR 500.

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6. Anew Beauty Lip Plumping Lip Conditioner:

avon Beauty Products 6


An ideal conditioner for your lips priced at just INR 900, from the best beauty brand, Avon. Use this little gem on your lips to make them look luscious and soft. Furthermore, the collagen and retinol present in this Lip Plumping Conditioner helps to ward off the signs of aging.

7. Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Conditioning Hair Mask:

avon Beauty Products 7

This is one of the effective Avon hair care products and used by most of the Indian women.It is a very effective hair masques that works wonder on dull and frizzy hair. Use the Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Conditioning Hair Mask and make your locks look glossy in no time. The creamy and thick consistency of this hair mask will impart a luxurious feel like never before.

8. Super Shock Gel Eyeliner:

avon Beauty Products 8


If you are looking for eyeliners that stay 24/7, this Avon gel eyeliner is what you really need. The smooth brush can be conveniently used for that smoky and smudgy look. Mostly available in black, but if you have a fetish for unusual colors such as bronze or gold, keep a look for these limited edition shades, particularly during Christmas time.

9. Mega Effects Mascara:

avon Beauty Products 9


If you have tried your hands on all kinds of mascara and still did not get desirable result, this Mega Effects Mascara is a must have in your shopping list. Priced at INR 1000 the unique brush of this mascara ensures that it lavishly covers your lashes. Fun and playful!

10. Anew Clinical Pro Liner Eraser Treatment:

avon Beauty Products 10


This is a new secret for younger looking skin among all Avon beauty products. The active ingredients in this cosmetic products helps to fade away deep wrinkles in just one week of application. Priced at INR 2680 use this consistently to optimize results.

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11. Little Black Dress Eau De Parfum Spray:

avon Beauty Products 11


This Avon spray is a perfect fragrance for your parties. This Avon Eau De Parfum has been ruing the charts for over a decade for its timeless and classy appeal. Grab this pretty bottle in just INR 1300 and use it liberally for all occasions.

12. Advanced Techniques Moisture IQ Shampoo:

avon Beauty Products 12

A perfect hair care product to clean your tresses while leaving your scalp fully moisturized. Priced at INR 400 this shampoo can be used daily without the need of using any hair conditioner.

13. Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Extra Strength Cream:

avon Beauty Products 13


It is an ideal moisturizing cream for women with extra dry skin. Packed with the latest Hydro-Protective technology, this cream from Avon helps your skin to retain its natural moisture. Use it daily to resolve the problem of rough and itchy skin. This Avon beauty product is priced at INR 400.

14. Soft Pink Bubble Delight Bubble Bath:

avon Beauty Products 14


A romantic bubble bath from Avon priced at INR 536 to set the right mood. Indulge in the delicate fragrance of the frothy bubbles that can ideally be used in all seasons.

15. Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Leave In Treatment:

avon Beauty Products 15


This is a perfect alternative for expensive salon treatments for dry and frizzy hair. Just apply few drops of this potion onto your towel-dried hair and get instant gloss and softness. Priced at INR 600, it is one of the must have Avon cosmetic products in india.

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In this articles we discussed these incredible Avon beauty products that is a must have for every women. These were the best Avon cosmetic products with price for your assistance. Wear them on to look beautiful effortlessly.

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