When was the last time you opted for a lip balm right in the middle of a summer? Lip balms, as the common knowledge says, is a remedy for the winter days, strictly used to protect your lips from chaffing and drying out. But the latest series of lip balms not only protect your lips but also provides a smooth tint and moisturization to your lips right in the middle of the sultry summer. Your lips are the softest, most sensitive part of your body and partaking in its protection all year round will leave you with soft glowing plump lips throughout the years. This is why in today’s article, we shall write about the Maybelline’s range of Baby lips lip balm and how they benefit us.

1. Baby Lips Crystal Pink Quartz:

Baby lips from Maybelline always come with the goal range of making lips soft and kissable while protecting and repairing the damaged ones. This range of crystal Baby lips uses crystal particles that renew the skin while the shimmering shades of 6 including the pink quartz, twinkling taupe and gleaming coral that adds a slight tint to your supple lips.

2. Baby Lips Rose Addict:

The rose addict from Baby lips uses intoxicating berries and Centella essence to renew, repair and replenish damaged or dry lips. The hydration lock technique in this lip balm keeps lips sot and moist while the sun protection factor with SPF20 provides excellent protection from UV ray damage and sun tanning.

3. Baby Lips Energizing Orange:

A powerful concoction of Shea butter and anti-oxidants mixed with the aroma of Centella allows your lips to stay nourished and moisturized for long lasting hours while the smooth SPF20 sun protection forms a protection sheath over your lips to protect your soft puckers.

4. Baby Lips Relieving Menthol:

With the relieving menthol baby lip balm now you can pucker up your lips to a brilliant pout without having to worry about creases and fine lines which are primary signs of ageing of lip skin. The relieving menthol extracts refresh your senses as the balm rejuvenates and energizes your lips.

5. Baby Lips Quenched:

Quench the thirst of your dry chapped lips with this range of Baby lips lip care balm. The long lasting moisturization from this balm is only nothing compared to the hydration lock technique that allows you to sport a brilliant soft lip without excess greasiness.

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6. Baby Lips Peach Kiss:

Soft peach lips with a satin velvet feel is just an arm’s length away. Grab the peach kiss Baby lips lip balm and shed away dryness and chapped lips. Providing intense long lasting hydration, the Peach kiss will allow you to sport a soft peach nude hue on application.

7. Baby Lips Grape Vine:

The grape vine range comes with a soft slight pink tint that adds color to your pouters while providing the essential benefits of mosturization and nourishment. Have soft and supple lips within a few moments of application.

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8. Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm, Minty Sheer:

When was the last time you had so much fun pulling off a lip balm. The electro lip balm range from Baby lips uses bright vibrant neon colors that adds trend to your style quotient while letting you moisturize and nourish your lips on the go.

9. Baby Lips Antioxidant Berry:

The berries filled with anti-oxidants not only nourishes but also reenergizes and lightens your lip’s complexion tone while the Centella essence and the SPF 20 sun protection combats weather and skin damages to give you plump cushion lips.

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