Cotton flannel is the all-over-loved tunic because of its so-called soft nature. Cotton also is used to make yarn used in crochet and knitting. The fabric also can be made from recycled or recovered cotton. Cotton fabrics are hygienic, strong, and resistant to wear, and washing. Cotton tunics are easily obtainable for all age groups men and women in different styles and with handmade designer work and even machine printed work.

Stylish Designs of Cotton Tunics for Ladies with Images:

Here we present 9 beautiful designs of tunics made of cotton for girls and women.

1. White Tunics for Baby Girls:

This embroidery cute cotton tunic dress is adorable for appealing baby girls. As it is made of cotton suitable for their soft skin no worry for rashes, it also has a white frill toward the neck adds more beauty to the simple dress.

2. Handmade Tunics in Cotton:

This is a simple white cotton kurta with beautiful handmade embroidery work known as Lucknow art. It is a short tunic top which can easily go on any leggings or jeans. Various colours embroidery works kurtas similar to this with different colours are available. Since they are handmade, so they are a bit hefty as compared to other embroidery tops.

3. Simple Short Tunic Top by Designer:

These white cotton tunic tops are the casual top category with simple white embroidery machine work. Short kurta that will suit on jeans, and jeggings. The white top goes on with blue and black jeans. Light and soft in nature. Having five fixed buttons gives it a wonderful look.

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4. Long Tunic Shirts:

It is a floral printed full sleeve casual cotton tunic shirt for ladies. Can be worn on any occasion, with a great fit size. Floral print shirts are amongst the up-to-the-minute collection these days. It has a turndown collar for those who love collar wear.

5. Printed Tunic Tops:

The Camisa vintage floral printed top with long sleeves is gloriously suitable for college girls, and working women. A variety of such floral prints looks cool on different age groups of women. Suitable wear in daily routine. Fresh floral print energizes the day with a great start. It is lightweight and easygoing to wear.

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6. Trendy Cotton Tunic Dress:

This is the traditional cotton Indian tunics so-called Punjabi dress with dupatta. Although ladies may have a huge collection of western dresses in their wardrobe their love for Indian wear will never vanish. It is can be stitched in any manner as of Patiala, churidar or palazzo legwear.

7. Cartoon Tunics for Babies:

The cartoon-printed princess infant dress is adorable for newborn babies of a few months. Disney print looks, even more, smashing on them. These are only the upper dresses for an infant with sleeves and without sleeves, particularly for summer.

8. Cotton Tunic Red Top:

The red colour is always among the ones that will be available in a girl’s wardrobe as it has special feelings related to it. This red kurta has a golden printed design on it that looks glorious on the red colour fabric.

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9. Indian Long Tunic Kurtis:

This is the long cotton tunics straight-fit flaunt printed kurta. Straight fitting is on the top of today’s collection. The short women’s look heightened in this pattern. This kurta has a pocket that can replace the small carrying bags for keeping change money and mobile phones.

Finally cotton is the best fabric cloth of all. It is especially loved the fabric in summers as it is lightweight and soft. There are brands which specially manufacture only cotton tunics for cotton-loving people. These cotton tunics for women are best in humidity areas.

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