Gone is the days when hijab was worn in a simple way for covering the head and the chest. With the change in the trends, change is also observed in different styles for wearing hijab for different occasions or according to the outfit they are going to move into. Even the internet provides with a number of options when how to wear hijab is searched.

Modern hijab wearing styles With Pictures:

Here are some accurate answers for how to wear hijab styles giving you a significant look in different ways,

1. Simple Wrapping without Using Pins:

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When searched on how to wear a hijab scarf, there are various women who simply wrap the hijab without using any pins. The hijab is worn by starting with simple folds and covering the head with it followed by a twisted look on the chest portion. You can also tie the first covering on the head with a knot for firm wearing.

2. Hijab for Showing Earrings:

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When searched for how to wear modern hijab styles step by step, the one which allows your earrings to be visible is quite a popular one. The steps include wearing a head cap that is ready made, and then the hijab is given curved tunes on the cap with a twisted lock on the above. The left-over sides are used for covering the neck.

3. Hijab for Party Wear:

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When the question harasses you on how to wear hijab for party, a three-style hijab is the best way to carry out on any kind of dresses. The hijab is made with four layers on the head while it also carries curves on the chest. The hijab is also given a neck covering cloth that hides the face from the nose portion. The layers on the head are given a charm attached with a pin for a party wear look.

4. Side Slant Hijab Style:

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When you think about how to wear hijab arab style, the side slant hijab gives a capturing look to the wearer. It is given a layer look with dual colors;the hijab is given one-sided layered look till the chest in length. The hijab is given a twisted look from behind while the hijab is decorative in embroidery with golden thread. It is mostly carried out for marriage purpose.

5. Simple Scarf Like Hijab:

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This is one of the simple steps to wear hijab. The hijab is popular on casual mostly with jeans and capri for summers. The hijab is worn like a scarf where the head is simply covered and one end of the hijab is taken over the shoulder after surrounding the neck from the front side. The second end is left on the front side in open condition and the back is also left open behind.

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6. Turban Style Hijab:

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When searched for fashionable ways how to wear a hijab in different styles, the side bun turban style is the best one. The hijab is worn by covering the complete head from the front and the back with no hanging ends or chest coverings. The hijab is also given a side bun which makes the hijab look similar to the turban with folded layers on the head top.

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7. Hijab Styles for Schools:

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This is the easiest answer to how to wear hijab step by step pictures. It is given a loose texture, while it is given an inner tight cap. The hijab is given a tight catch over the head and a loose one below the chin. The hijab covers a small portion of the chest where the hijab is given one sided hanging. The side is given a knot tied on the end which helps in keeping the hijab tight and firm. It is mostly worn over casuals or in schools as well.

8. Pashmina Style Hijab:

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The teen students mostly search for Pashmina how to wear hijab styles step by step as it is one of the popular styles widely worn on a daily basis. The material of this girl wearing hijab is generally of chiffon where the head covering is given three tight layer coverings followed by a complete covering. The neck is also given surrounding covers while the hijab is stretched long on the chest. To give it a fancy look, the side layer of the hijab is gathered and a flower is tucked on it.

The steps to wear hijab are mostly based on the shape of the face like square, long, round, rectangular, etc. No matter whatever style you choose, the prime step of wearing the hijab is by making a triangular fold of the hijab. They are mostly worn in a broad and loose fitting, however, there are some who prefer wearing it tight and firm plucked using a number of pins. To make the hijab decorative, charms are also used on the sides.

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