If you are preparing to spruce up your kitchen without making any significant changes, the best way to do this is to go ahead and replace or add kitchen accessories to the existing kitchen interior. There are several budget-friendly ways of doing this with modern kitchen accessories that are available in the form of utensils or decorative articles that can give an instant uplift to your existing kitchen décor without burning a hole in your pocket!

Latest Kitchen Accessories Ideas In India:

Here are our 20 simple and modern kitchen accessories designs, you can incorporate into your kitchen space.

1. Designer Kitchen Accessories:

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This is a set of modular kitchen accessories with a set of matching ceramic canisters, jars, small bowls, and dishes of varying sizes. The simplicity and the minimalist nature of the design in black and white give it a classy look. The dishes have multipurpose uses and can be used to store or serve. The black dots on white are exceptionally pleasing to the eye as they grace the kitchen countertop or furniture in the kitchen.

2. Stainless Steel Kitchen Accessories:

It is common to find stainless steel as it is one of the most used and preferred metals for home kitchen accessories. They range from cookware sets to dinnerware sets and individual items are available for specific purposes. The ladles and big serving spoons come with matching handles. Stainless steel is an appreciated addition to any kitchen as it can be easily maintained and keeps your kitchen shelves looking bright and shining.

3. Plastic Kitchen Accessories:

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These kitchen accessories sets are handy because it is transparent, making it easy to see the items stored within. They come with colourful airtight lids that make it very attractive and brighten the kitchen giving it a cheerful look. These are in different sizes from small to big, and offer useful storage options. Since they are airtight, they help the contents to remain crisp and fresh.

4. Wood Kitchen Accessories:

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Kitchen accessories made out of wood are trendy as they give a warm look to the kitchen décor. The wooden texture creates a rustic look to your kitchen environment. The set of matching wooden utensils, and measuring spoons has a smooth finish to it. Kitchen accessories consist of ladles and dishes made of wood and there are other accessories such as egg racks, canisters, and kitchen hanging accessories that help your interior kitchen look fabulous.

5. Silver Kitchen Accessories:

Among kitchenware and silver cookware, the advantages are multifold as they are not only durable, but they last longer and do not rust. These products play an essential role in hygiene and are preferred by most housewives as it is easy to clean and maintain. These kitchen accessories sets look good when neatly arranged on shelves and are economically priced.

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6. Copper Kitchen Accessories:

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Among the latest kitchen accessories, it is believed that copper is good for health. Traditionally in India, we have all had copper vessels in our kitchen, and today healthwise, it has obtained a lot of popularity, and there is a demand for it. Several vessels are available made out of copper, starting with those used for cooking and storing water. There are even tumblers and water bottles available made of copper.

7. Glass Kitchen Accessories:

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Nowadays, there is so much awareness about avoiding the usage of plastic or limiting its use. Glass kitchen accessories help a great deal in substituting their plastic counterparts. Modern kitchen accessories consisting of clear glass jars with airtight plastic lids look shiny with a great design on our kitchen shelves. They are available in different shapes and help store pulses, spices, snacks, etc. These jars look aesthetically pleasing and help in better organization, as we do not have to search for items.

8. Lemon Kitchen Accessories:

Image Source: pinterest

The lemon theme can be easily incorporated on a tiny budget in your kitchen, making your kitchen look bright and cheerful. There are kitchen decoration accessories such as lemon tree patterned holders, canisters, spoons, and ladles. The citrus decor can do wonders and instantly brighten up your kitchen as well as your mood.

9. Pineapple Kitchen Accessories:

Image Source: alibaba.com

If you are somebody who loves pineapples, what better way than to decorate your kitchen using a pineapple theme, it is not difficult to achieve this as you can place brightly coloured pineapple-shaped canisters on your kitchen countertop. These kitchen table accessories in the shape of a pineapple with leaves add to the look and strike the perfect mood in your kitchen.

10. Plum Kitchen Accessories:

Image Source: pinterest

There is no need to only stick to whites and creams to make your kitchen look clean and bright, sometimes a vibrant pop of colour can do the same. In this modern kitchen, we find a plum colour theme for kitchen storage accessories with appliances like the toaster, canisters, and kitchen utensils in plum colour. The purple kitchen décor looks gorgeous on the wooden countertop perfectly complementing the backdrop of light-coloured tiles!

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11. Scandinavian Kitchen Accessories:

Image Source: pinterest

This unique kitchen is planned in the Scandinavian style that incorporates classic designs in wood. Here we see an all-white décor with kitchen accessories made of wood and hand-glazed pottery. Another thing unique to this style is the use of minimalist kitchen gadgets, such as the built-in oven, pendulum light, and several wall-mounted shelves that help save space in this small kitchen. There is the usage of trays of different shapes to brighten the kitchen countertops, and their flooring tiles, the furniture perfectly complements the grey back wall.

12. Peacock Kitchen Accessories:

This delicate cup and saucer set is made of ceramic and can be used for tea and coffee. The colour combination is bright and glossy and the handle of the cup is delicately shaped to resemble the slender neck of a peacock. It is much healthier to use these as teacups instead of plastic and silicone cups. Among kitchen decoration accessories, this will be a gift that will be remembered and appreciated for a long time to come.

13. Japanese Kitchen Accessories:

Image Source: oyakata.com

Japanese cuisine is gaining popularity, which has made people more curious about their traditional dishes, how they are prepared, and the different Japanese kitchen accessories used. The serving dishes are of different colours and designs, and their tableware is noted for its motifs. Today despite all the modernization, multi-coloured dishes are made of porcelain and terracotta along with chopsticks made of wood, leaving an indelible impression in all our minds.

14. Italian Kitchen Accessories:

Image Source: agnelliusa.com

When it comes to Italian cooking, the first thing that comes to our mind is steaming hot pasta, and this delicious dish requires pots to cook, ranging from small to large and saucepans. The above set of utensils may be referred to as luxury kitchen accessories with a shiny and polished look and convey an elegant look to the entire kitchen décor. Colanders and ladles are some of the other accessories used for Italian cooking and are a part of this beautiful rich-looking set of kitchen accessories.

15. Hand-Painted Kitchen Accessories:

No one can resist these handpainted ceramic dishes with lids in plain white with simple fork, spoon, and knife motifs in cute holders. These handpainted rice bowls, soup bowls with spoons, and holders for ladles made of porcelain are all a part of the tableware set and make ideal small kitchen accessories. These handpainted utensils have a vintage look to them as they are displayed on the kitchen shelves. They make good expensive gifts for housewarming, as well as other occasions.

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16. Spoon Kitchen Accessories:

Among stainless steel kitchen accessories is this high-quality dinnerware set that has cutlery of gold, blue, rose, and rainbow hues and consists of a tablespoon, fork, knife, and a teaspoon. They are super cool to look at with their glossy appearance. This excellent set of cutlery with a self-design is stylish and available in a combination of beautiful colours. This set of cutlery has a finish that is not matte but has a mirror-polish look to it.

17. Dinner Set Kitchen Accessories:

This melamine dinnerware set in white with pretty pink flowers is one of the modern kitchen accessories that is preferred by most homemakers. It resembles ceramic or porcelain dinnerware and is budget-friendly, and being unbreakable can be safely used for outdoor picnics and get-togethers. Its durability and long-lasting plus being light in weight are some of the prime benefits of this kind of dinnerware.

18. Tea Set Kitchen Accessories:

This porcelain exclusive tea set is eye-catching with its delicate pink roses on a white background, and what makes it classy in look is the gold rim on this beautiful tea set. The handles are beautiful and sturdy looking, making them safe and valuable additions to designer kitchen accessories. The artistic design has a delicate look about it with its pink roses and is a must-have set for every home to serve tea or coffee.

19. Non-Stick Kitchen Accessories:

Image Source: pinterest

Home kitchen accessories such as non-stick cookware are an instant favourite in everybody’s kitchen because of their myriad benefits. Here we see cooking pots and saucepans of different sizes, along with frying pans and serving dishes. There are ladles and spoons for various uses. Another plus point is that the non-stick vessels are easy to clean and maintain and a must-have set in every home.

20. Kitchen Decoration Accessories:

Image Source: pinterest

Here we see a well-designed space that is meant not just for cooking but is also a place that keeps the family together. The kitchen decoration accessories make this happen through cute wall stickers and designs. There are beautiful stands for plates and other dishes with an ornamental indoor plant on the countertop. Small cute artefacts on wall-mounted shelves make ideal additions to complete the picture.

Are you making plans to give your kitchen a complete makeover without incurring major expenses, then do not worry as these innovative ideas and hacks will give your kitchen the much-needed uplift. You can show off your creativity with kitchen decoration accessories and make your kitchen look bright and cheerful. Do let us know which ideas worked out the best for you!


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