Who doesn’t dream of a large kitchen with trendy appliances and sky-high ceilings? In reality, most of us have to do with small kitchen areas due to closed-off spaces in apartments or houses. But did you know that one could make the best use of the limited space available in smart ways with the right design ideas? Read on for best small kitchen designs that you never end up feeling claustrophobic in your own kitchen again.

Small Kitchen Design Layout Plans:

  • First and foremost, organize everything strategically to avoid clutter and disarray.
  • No amount of storage is more when it comes to the kitchen, so opt for maximum storage cabinets wherever possible.
  • Pare down your kitchen to the basic essentials, and you will actually be surprised at the amount of unused space you have.
  • Streamline all your hardware and go sleek to conserve space.
  • Embolden the kitchen with pops of colour to keep it classic.
  • Try and utilize every surface available, but keep it tidy and chic.
  • Allow natural light to stream in which makes the tiniest of spaces look amplified.

Latest Small Kitchen Designs In India:

The smallest of the kitchen spaces can be transformed with the right design ideas. We have several tricks up our sleeve which guarantee you some of the best small kitchen design ideas mentioned below.

1. Small Modular Kitchen Design:

This small modular kitchen boasts of ultra-modern design. The kitchen appliances are cleverly concealed, and the ceiling-high storage cabinets maximize space utilization efficiency. The limited countertop space available smartly houses the sink, stovetop, and prepping area without making it look cluttered. It also houses a storage area, and the adjacent window lets in light to brighten the space. The steel grey colour looks exceptionally chic and modern, accentuated by the matching grey artwork on the ceiling.

2. Small Indian Kitchen Design:

This small kitchen is an ingenious idea to conserve space yet make the space look open and airy. The small range hood, storage cabinets, and shelves for hanging pots and pans are a great idea to conserve counter space. The grey cabinets contrast with the green central island and give the area an edgy look. The island doubles up as a storage area while serving as a dining area too. The pendant lights create statement lighting, illuminating the whole area to make it bright.

3. Small Kitchen Interior Design:

Tiered shelving is a great way to conserve space by stacking shelves one on top of the other, as seen here. The kitchen appliances are all cleverly concealed along with the countertop, which also houses the sink and the stovetop. The central island has bursts of colour in its decor, which add to the quirky side of the kitchen. The hanging racks to store utensils are both functional and also adds a bit of contrast to the setup. The entire space is brightened by the light streaming in through the massive windows by the countertop, amplifying the area visually.

4. Small Apartment Kitchen Design:

In small apartments like this one, if there is no room for an eat-in table, install a dining counter adjacent to one of the walls to conserve space and add high chairs for flair. The storage cabinets are neatly stacked up to the ceiling while the appliances are all tucked into the countertop without sticking out. The pale rose countertops match the wall colour while the high chairs add contrast to the setting. The ceiling lights illuminate the area and add a fun element to the place.

5. Small Contemporary Kitchen Design:

Infuse your personality into the kitchen, even though you are a renter. This ultra-small kitchen comprises of an L shaped functional area which doubles up as a stovetop and dining area too. The storage cabinets on either side of the small range hood utilize space efficiently. The modern pendant lighting and the white decor maintain an open, fresh feel to the kitchen though it is packed into a tiny corner of the room. The kitchen appliances are neatly stashed away within the countertop, decluttering the entire area and making it look chic and tidy.

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6. Small L Shaped Kitchen Design:

Go down to the absolute minimum as seen in this L shaped kitchen area to save space. The small kitchen has essentials like stovetop, sink, and storage cabinets all tucked away neatly into the counter. The ceiling-high cabinets utilize maximum space. The large window and the pure white decor reflecting the light are guaranteed to make your space bigger than usual. This minimalistic approach helps you pare down your clutter and keep the area neat and spotless.

7. Small U Shaped Kitchen Design:

This small U shaped design helps you squeeze in extra storage by utilizing space on all sides of the room. The refrigerator, sink, and other appliances are stashed away neatly, giving it a cosy appearance. The white and grey theme is interrupted by bursts of red colour, as seen above, and lend it a fresh outlook. The risers and spice sorting systems featured above, help in maximizing storage and streamlines the look.

9. Small Open Kitchen Design:

This multifunctional peninsula in the kitchen offers a place to prep, cook, and eat all on the countertop. The storage cabinets and range hood are tucked into the wall and do not stick out. The polished surface reflects light and adds a fresh and airy look to the kitchen space. The dark furniture lends contrast to the otherwise neutral tones of the decor. The wooden finish stools add a pop of colour to the area and lend it a stylish look.

10. Small Farmhouse Kitchen Idea:

This sleek farmhouse kitchen integrates the hardware, storage cabinets, and the appliances into the walls. The petite kitchen space flows into the central island, where the matching white table serves as a dining area and storage option too. The decor holds distinct against the light backdrop and the polished wood flooring. This kind of small kitchen design conserves a lot of space while retaining the freshness and openness of a space.

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11. Small Gray Kitchen Idea:

Less is more when it comes to designing a small space. The grey decor in various hues offers enough of a statement while remaining minimalistic and pared down. This compact design features a utilitarian area with stovetop and storage cabinets, along with a central island with sink and dining area. The high stools match the flooring and add a chic feel to the area. The dark cloak and the flowers add a splash of colour to the otherwise monochromatic kitchen area and create a statement kitchen area.

12. Small American Kitchen Design:

This compact design features storge, cooking surface, and appliances all neatly built into the walls and organized. The central area has dark wood accents, demarcating the dining area from the cooking surface. The high white chairs exude elegance, and the orange pendant lights add a splash of colour to the neutral tones in the kitchen wall and flooring.

13. Small Corner Kitchen Idea:

Just because you have a tiny kitchen, doesn’t mean it cannot have all the amenities you have dreamt of for your kitchen! This minimalist kitchen incorporates storage areas and cooking surfaces into one. The monochrome setup feels bright and airy due to the white backdrop to the decor and its streamlined design. It is your own cosy nook in one corner of the room, still feeling spacious and clean.

14. Small Minimalist Kitchen:

A creamy colour palette reflects light and makes the small kitchen space look more full. Here, stacking the storage cabinets over the sink and cooking area has maximized space utilization. The kitchen appliances and extra storage are tucked away neatly into one side of the wall. The central island features storage options, too, and serves as a dining area. The luxe high chairs add colour and elegance to the white kitchen. The backdrop of the cooking area and the storage area are done in dark wood accents and lend a luxurious feel.

15. Japanese Kitchen Design For Small Space:

In this Japanese kitchen model, kitchen appliances and storage cabinets are all rolled into one single wall for optimal utilization of space. The eat-in table features pink chairs, and the pink painting on the wall adds a dash of colour and contrast to the monochromatic setting. This genius concept you will definitely want to steal, more so if you are short on counter space.

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16. Small European Kitchen Design:

The large floor to ceiling window, with the pink light suspended from the ceiling, adds a dreamy, ethereal touch to the kitchen. The two sides are lined by counters and over the sink racks to maximize storage options. Bright white paint promotes the feeling of openness and imparts an elegant, fresh look to the entire setup. White marble countertops, fluorescent lighting makes the kitchen look spacious and airy.

17. Small Italian Kitchen Design:

This open concept kitchen features high storage cabinets up to the ceiling. The large windows create an illusion of ample space while illuminating the entire area. The stainless steel appliances draw the eye, while the decor is done in all white to keep it fresh and bright. The countertop incorporates storage units, sink, and stovetop as well and utilizes space efficiently. The recessed ceiling lights add glamour to the kitchen area.

18. Small Rectangular Kitchen Design:

This small kitchen design is quite artistic and impactful, as it incorporates various elements to create an elegant statement. The countertop and the appliances are done up in the dark, while the rest of the decor is in white to contrast. The stylish table in the dine-in area creates a cosy nook to chit chat away while eating. The floral wallpaper adds to the elegance of the room, while the unique hanging light improves the brightness of the area. This kitchen embraces the vision of luxury without being too stuffed up and glossy.

19. Scandinavian Small Kitchen:

This modern Scandinavian kitchen is a classic example of a pared-down functional kitchen. It features a cooking area on the right, with a small table in the centre to eat in. The hanging baskets and the storage cabinets mounted on the wall maximize space utilization and declutter the space quite efficiently. The decor is done in various shades of wood finish and lends the kitchen a timeless, classic appeal. Pops of colour add interest and visual space to the small space.

20. Small Kitchen Decoration:

This beautiful kitchen features the cabinets and counters lacquered in a beautiful blue shade. The wallpaper is designed in a geometric pattern of the same ice blue shade and adds to the charm of the room. The blinds on the window and the copper artwork suspended from the ceiling add a youthful vibe to the entire room, and the sunlight streaming in adds brightness to the kitchen. The combination of beautiful artistic wallpaper with light backsplash, paired with white counters and steel appliances, open the area up.

Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas:

  • You can always jazz up an old kitchen by adding a splash of colour, either through decorations or by changing the tiles or wall colour.
  • Maximize bench space and streamline the hardware for visual interest.
  • Add luxurious finishes to add a touch of sophistication.
  • Install an eye-catching centrepiece to distract from the limited space.
  • Adequate lighting can do wonders for the visual appeal of your small kitchen.
  • Get creative with seating arrangements, which can be effectively pushed under the table to utilize space.
  • A couple of high-end additions, like recessed ceiling lights or colourful hanging planters, can add a touch of stylish flair to your small kitchen.
  • Opt for small appliances that can be mounted on to the wall.
  • Use refined, beautiful patterns on your flooring or the wall to enhance the elegance of the kitchen space.
  • Make use of every nook and cranny, hang up your mugs, add pot racks, and use up every inch of your cabinetry.

Are you planning to renovate or build a kitchen from scratch but holding back from the lack of space? Do not wait for any further and transform the small kitchen space available into the cooking space of your dreams. Show off your artistic talent and style by designing a limited area into a beautiful, functional area with mindblowing aesthetics. Did you like our clever small kitchen design hacks? Let us know which one helped you out the most in the comments below!


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