Men’s pajamas are a must as you spend your whole day in your underwear and need to relax well at night. Typical pajamas are the silk kinds, but nowadays, they have undergone a terrific change. You can get comfortable and affordable, from pajama shorts to light cotton pants.

Most Popular and Coolest Men’s Pajamas with Images:

Here are the best 15 soft and coolest designer pajamas for men. Nowadays, so many busy people must try these outfits, Cause these are very comfortable outfits and also these designs are trendy and cool.

1. Burgundy Plaid Pajamas:

These are the best mens pajamas made of 100 % cotton and are very comfortable. It has an elastic waistband along with a drawstring for adjusting. The plaid design is trendy and cool. Team it with a lovely navy crew neck top, and you are all set for a comfortable night’s sleep.

2. Flannel Pajamas:

Take a look at this wonderfully comfortable men’s pajama suit. This suit is soft as it is made of flannel material. The top has a classic notched collar and a patch pocket. It is front-buttoned. The pajama pants have an elastic waistband accompanied by a drawstring. It has a buttoned fly.

3. Soft Portuguese Pajamas:

These are soft boys pajamas. It is made of heavyweight flannel, which is very soft and deftly tailored. The style is traditional. The top has a notch collar and buttoned placket that runs the full length. It has cuffed sleeves, and the top has distinct piping. The Pajamas have an elastic waistband, a drawstring to adjust and a buttoned fly.

4. Medusa Silk Pajama Set:

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Look at this classic piece, one of the best mens Pajama sets. This is made from the 100 % smoothest silk fabric. It has a button-up top and is designed with a Barocco motif. Since the material is 100% silk, care should be taken while washing and ironing.

5. Printed Silk Pajama Set:

Here’s a wonderful men’s pajama suit of printed silk. It has a modern look with the King of Hearts printed on the front. The top has short sleeves and a loose fit. It also has a small front pocket. The button closure is adorned with buttons made of pearls.

6. Short Sleeved Cotton Mens Pajamas Set:

These are cool men’s pajamas set for summer times. This casual home wear pajama set is made of 100% cotton material. The top is short sleeves and has a crew neck. The pants are short had has an elastic waistband. A perfect set for the hot summer.

7. Fleece Pajama Suit:

Image Source: Pinterest

A wonderful soft men’s pajama suit for the Christmas season!!! This green pajama suit is made of flannel material. It is a footed pajama style with grips on the foot sole that prevent you from sliding. It has a Velcro fastening at the back for essential activities.

8. White Khasto Pajama:

Image Source: Pinterest

This breathable mens pajama suit is woven in the finest of voile. It is loose-fitting and provides a lot of mobility while sleeping. The 100% cotton material is very soft on the skin. The top is loose-fitting and has a typical shirt look with the collar and front buttoned placket.

9. Crossword Print Pajama Suit:

Image Source: Pinterest

Check out this lovely men’s pajama suit with a crossword puzzle pattern. This suit is very cosy, comfy, and 100% brushed cotton. The pajama suit has full-length pants, and the top is also full-sleeved. The pajama has elasticized waistband with a drawstring and button fly.

10. Elvis Presley Print Lounge Wear:

Image Source: Pinterest

If you are an Elvis Presley fan, this is one Pajama for men you would never like to miss out on. You will surely want to have this in your pyjama collection. The pajama pants are full-length with an elastic waistband, and the top is full-sleeved with a round neck.

11. Silk Summer Pajama Set:

A glance at this lovely 100% natural silk men’s pajamas suit, and you will grab it with both hands. The pyjama pants are short. The top is half-sleeved with a round neck that runs into a short buttoned placket. The neck and the top sleeves have a broad satin band for the border. The shorts have a thin elastic waistband and are bordered by a satin band.

12. One-Piece Footie Pajama for Men:

If you are comfortable and prefer to wear one-piece men’s pajama suit, then here is a 100% polyester pajama set. This Onesie has a front zipper and two side pockets. This pajama set is not only comfortable, but it is also easy to manage. It can be washed in the machine.

13. Monkey Print Pajama Set:

If you are a fun-loving person and love to bring out the child in you, then here is the boy’s pajama suit to go monkeying around!!! This men’s pajama suit has cute monkey faces printed all over the long pants and the top sleeves. The top has a round neck. This pajama set is tailored using cotton fabric.

14. Red Cotton Pajama for Men:

These red cotton men’s pajama suit is made of cotton, which is soft on the skin. The top has a straight cut. It is front buttoned with natural pearl buttons and is full-sleeved. The pajama pants are full-length and have an elastic waist accompanied by a drawstring. The fly of the pants has a buttoned placket.

15. Jogger Pajama Pants:

These jogger pants make very good pajamas. They are very comfortable and best for summer nights as they don’t require any kind of top or shirting. These joggers stretch and are very airy and breathable. They are also soft to the touch and do not harm the skin by causing rashes.

The word Pajama originates from the Hindi word that means leg garment. It is comfortable to wear loose-fitting and light pajamas to have a relaxed sleep. You can choose from long pants to short pants and long-sleeved tops to short-sleeved tops.

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