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Top 15 Phoenix Tattoo Designs With Meanings

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There are various people who like the art of phoenix tattoos. These are often very creative. These are done in the form of a bird and usually people like these in colorful formats. These are also done in the form of pencil types. Those are done in black inks and flesh tones and have a shadowing effect to them. You can do these in various colors. These are also very large scale and you can get these on the side of your body, on the shoulders, the spinal vertical position or even on the thighs. These have associated designs done with them. You can do floral prints and also you can do other types of tribal formats. These are often done with ancient arts as well.

phoenix tattoo designs

You can also do this to cover the whole area of your back. If you are seeking advice of a professional artist, that artist can guide you to a customized and comfortable format that you can easily wear and also flaunt. You can also use temporary patterns, which are quite common these days and then see if you are comfortable with the position and the size of the design. The colors can be as per taste of the person getting this done. The phoenix tattoos have gained popularity not only among the youth generation but also among the elder tattoo lovers. The various designs available make you go mad to select the perfect one.

Best Phoenix Tattoo Designs With Meanings:

Below are the top 15 types of phoenix tattoo designs And Pictures that you should definitely try out. You can customize and make these designs to suit your taste and also the colors can be chosen which you can comfortable wear and flaunt.

1. Red Skinny Phoenix Tattoo Design:

Phoenix Tattoo 1

This is a phoenix tattoo done in red covering the whole of the back position of the body. If you want a large scale design, then you will have to get these customized to suit your tastes. The red color selected in making the tattoo gives it a flaming effect. The feathers inked beside it give it a marvelous effect. This is one of the best phoenix tattoo designs for women.

2. Fiery Phoenix Tattoo Design:

Phoenix Tattoo 2

This is a fiery phoenix design that has been done on the upper back position. You can try doing these formats easily but these should be custom made so that you can sport these properly. The tattoo shows a flying phoenix made out of flames. The blue colored background gives it a sky effect which means the phoenix is flying high.

3. Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Design:

Phoenix Tattoo 3

This phoenix design is done in tribal format with bold inks and black shaded color. This is also a large scale side pattern that you can also extend later or you can also extend this to the back with other floral designs. The tattoo is inspired by the tribal designs hence it best suits in dark black color. The grey shades give it a beautiful effect.

4. Japanese Phoenix Tattoo Design:


You can do a creative Japanese format phoenix tattoo like the image above. This is very colorful and also this has floral prints which make this look more girl type and it is also floral. This is therefore suitable for girls and you can customize designs like this easily.

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5. Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Design On Foot:

Phoenix Tattoo 5

If you want a stylish tattoo on the feet then you can try out something like above. This is colorful as well as girl type. Such tattoos are carried out widely by the college girls. It is colorful as well as it seems to be made out of geometric shapes.

6. Maori Type Phoenix Tattoo Design:

Phoenix Tattoo 6

If you want a Maori type phoenix then you can try out something like this. The color is bold like in tribal formats and this is also large scale if you are comfortable with large scale patterns. Such tattoos are carried out by girls on their waist while boys prefer to carry them on their back or chest.

7. A Very Lovely Phoenix Tattoo Design:

Phoenix Tattoo 7

This is a very stylish phoenix design. You can do these on any position that you like. This is in pencil format with very less coloring but proper shadowing effects. This kind of tattoo is highly carried out by boys. The red color eyes of the phoenix give it a dangerous look. The colors used give it a lively effect. This is one of the best phoenix tattoo designs for men.

8. Drawing Type Phoenix Tattoo Design:

Phoenix Tattoo 8

This is outline drawing type phoenix design. This is also girl type. Usually the normal colors that are used for these are mostly bold like black and red. You can also do these in other colors of your choice. This tattoo can also be made as a temporary tattoo with black or other colorful pens available. It can also be inked on the waist and lower back. It is one of the popular phoenix tattoo designs for girls.

9. Colorful Phoenix Tattoo Design:

Phoenix Tattoo 9

You can do colorful designs like this. You will also have to take advice about the pattern that you should use for such a large design. This pattern can be inked on the leg by both girls and boys. The colors used give it a beautiful effect. It can also be carried on the back or arms.

10. Neck Phoenix Tattoo:


These kinds of phoenix tattoo designs are widely carried out by simple tattoo lovers. This small tattoo along with beautiful vine branches symbolizes prosperity. The dark black color with grey shadings gives it a beautiful effect. This tattoo is widely carried out on the neck or on the arms and wrist. Such tattoos can also be made as henna tattoos which ate temporary. You can also create a tattoo with outlines for such simple tattoo designs.

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11. The Rising Phoenix Tattoo:


This awesome tattoo would just win your heart in a fraction of seconds. The of this phoenix tattoo meaning of this design is simply re-birth. The tattoo is made beautiful by giving lovely shades of red, orange and white color. This tattoo is widely carried out on the back or waist by women. This type of tattoos gives the people the power to come out of any difficult situations in their lives.

12. Peacock Phoenix Tattoo Design:


This phoenix tattoo image is simply inspired by the peacock designs. The use of various shades of blue color as well as feathers of red orange and yellow combination gives it a marvelous look. The tattoo symbolizes pride and honor. The tattoo looks best when inked on the back as it covers the full area. Just as the peacock, the phoenix is also a pious bird in the Indian culture and is named as Garuda.

13. Phoenix Skull Tattoo:


This kind of phoenix tattoo for men is highly popular among the sports persons. The tattoo includes a phoenix standing over the dead skull. This symbolizes victory over the evil or power to finish the negative effect. With one glance it gives a powerful note to the viewers. It is highly carried on the shoulders or the chest and back. The tattoo also shows the strength or courage faced by the person who has already faced a glance of death. Such tattoos are also meant to be the courage of the soul, mind and heart.

14. Water Color Phoenix Tattoo:


Tattoos made out giving water color effects have gained everyone’s attraction these days. This phoenix tattoo for men gives a beautiful effect when created properly. Some also get it inked instead of getting tattooed permanently. This tattoo is carried on the chest and arms to give it a lively effect. This kind of tattoo symbolizes wisdom and prestige. The phoenix tattoo images made with water colors gives a beautiful portrait effect when done clearly. This is one of the popular phoenix tattoo designs for guys.

15. Dragon Phoenix Tattoo:


This kind of phoenix tattoo designs is widely carried out in China and Japan. The dragon symbolizes power and strength while the phoenix according to the Chinese culture means peace and balancing. Thus the phoenix tattoo meaning of this design includes both. This kind of tattoo is widely carried on the back to give a wonderful look. This tattoo gives a glance of the balance among yin and yang. The phoenix is named as fenghuang in China and fushicho in Japan.

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The phoenix tattoos have different meaning according to different cultures.  The phoenix tattoo images symbolize rebirth, resurrection, prosperity, pride, honor and wisdom. Among all cultures, the phoenix is known as a pious bird. It can also be matched with other tattoos of feather, wings, flowers, fire etc. to give a wonderful effect. The Phoenix tattoos images also give a strong message that one should not give on any situation and face the worst fate has selected for you. Hence it is widely carried out by the strong men, wrestlers, army men, soldiers etc. as it gives them the power to fight. So get trendy with the beat phoenix tattoo suitable to your nature and texture and get an attractive look.

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