How to Get Pregnant & Pregnant Tips and Precautions

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Congratulations on deciding to be parents, and having said that, the two of you we are sure would want to plan things out well. Such is the way of life, where even conception has to be planned, keeping in mind the rigmarole of the rat raced lives we lead. There are a lot of adjustments to make, and one has to also check on other commitments too, such as financial and emotional stock.

Having a baby is a blessing, managing a baby can be tiresome. Hence, only if you and your husband think that the two of you are ready, should you go about with the thought of getting pregnant. We would also help you understand that most women these days aren’t successful at getting pregnant. There are various reasons as to why that happens. Miscarriages, hormonal imbalance, anemia and other issues plague the mother to be, in turn making the couple feel incomplete.

How to Get Pregnant & Pregnant Tips and Precautions

No matter how much they try, a couple still doesn’t have the blessings of getting pregnant, why? For this, an expert or a family doctor would be best to consult, however, we would also like to share with you some information on pregnancy, how to get pregnant and the precautions to adhere. Please read on and be well informed for the same.

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Tips on How To Get Pregnant:

1. So now you and your husband have decided to get pregnant, congratulations once again. We use the term “pregnancy” for both, since it is a life borne out of both the man and the woman. What you need to now do is to stop popping in birth control pills, and do this months in advance. This is what your MD would also suggest. In doing so, you would have time to check your menstrual cycle.

For some women it could be twenty seven days and in some cases thirty two days. This would allow you to figure out the time of ovulation, and which days in the month would you be very fertile as well. Also remember, since you’ve been popping in birth control pills for sometime now, the menstrual cycle would not be the same as what it was back then (before you started the pills).

The hormones are on a new ride, and to come back to it’s original routine, it would take some time, even though you have stopped the pill a while back. However, if you still see the menses cycle after a certain period not in action, say after 90 days or so, we would ask you to contact your doctor ASAP!!

2. No smoking and no drinking while you are expecting, say doctors and experts. We would even ask you to cut it down to the minimal, or better still to give it up completely, even if it is just once a week. This is not only for the wife but for her partner too, because alcohol can bring down the fertility chances in women and the sperm count in men, say experts.

Smoking too can affect the man’s sperm and the woman’s egg. Apart from that, cases have been studied where birth defects, preterm labour and miscarriages can also happen due to these banality lifestyle evils. Women should also stop being in the company of those who smoke, passive smoking is injurious for the pregnant mother and her baby. So it’s a sign from above for both the partners to shun away the nicotine and intoxicating habits, for good.

3. Check your weight, say the experts. A few pounds would be gained when you are pregnant, which is natural. However, it would be wise to work out and do exercise while you are pregnant and before that, so that you don’t go overboard with the weight. Remember, as a mother to be, you would be eating for two, your baby and you. Moreover, research has shown, women who are overweight have tougher times getting pregnant, and the same would be for underweight or skinny women.

Hence, get in touch with an expert dietician or a nutritionist and plan a healthy chart to help you with. This would lead to no complications in getting pregnant and would also allow you to have a chance at healthy pregnancy too. Yoga for pregnant women should be followed or else speak with an expert fitness trainer certified in helping pregnant women for an easy to do workout routine, keeping the expectant mother and the baby healthy. This would also be a habit for the expectant mother to stay fit post delivery as well.  Sources say, the ideal BMI for a mother when she decides to be pregnant is somewhere between nineteen and twenty five. Shedding a few pounds before you get pregnant is good, it helps with the cause.

However, no crash dieting and no starving yourself to get reed thin please. Experts say, overweight and underweight women with low BMI have more problems getting pregnant than women who have an ideal BMI between nineteen and twenty five. The ideal BMI for your body would be best told by your doctor, and this would help you with healthy pregnancy and a healthy newborn as well. Yoga for pregnancy, yoga for pregnant mothers, pilates et al helps increase your chances of getting pregnant and for easy deliveries too.

4. Keep yourself entertained at all times, say experts. Mood swings cause by hormonal changes and medication happens for expectant mothers, and in most cases the husband bears the brunt. This is why it is so important to let the expectant mother have a lot of fun and entertainment around her. Watch movies which make you happy, lighter ones and comedies especially.

It is uncomfortable to sit in one place for a long time and then get up to answer natures call frequently, so keep yourself entertained. Maybe walk around the house with ear phones listening to soft soothing numbers. Remember, the baby too is hearing it and studies have shown that the baby develops its psychology depending on what it perceives through sounds when in the womb. Hence, be very careful with what you speak and hear around, while expecting your little angel.

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5. Pop prenatal supplements as prescribed by your family doctor. So if you are planning to welcome pregnancy and motherhood in the next three months, it’s time to listen to your doctor and pop in prenatal pills. On a daily basis, multivitamins comprising 400mgms of folic acid should be consumed. Please don’t be your own doctor and use over the counter products, speak to your specialist and get a prescription for the same.

Vitamin B is important to have before you get pregnant, since it brings down birth defects, such as spine and brain defects in new borns, say sources. Moreover, multivitamins have plenty of nutrients and minerals, essential for the woman who wishes to be pregnant. Iron in the supplements along with calcium helps women steer clear from anaemia and bone density issues. Keep a reminder for the pill to be popped in the morning

6. Sleep as much as you can, especially as and when the body demands. When you decide to get pregnant, grab hold of hubby dearest over the weekends and on holidays, and snooze off cuddling him. It is important to sleep because the body would need to stock on energy.

Most pregnant mothers and mothers to be don’t realise how important it is to stock up on energy before, during and after pregnancy, and when the baby arrives, expect sleepless nights, which is why we ask you and the experts would also say,as much as you can now, because the body needs it. Studies have shown when the body sleeps, the brain can function better and the hormones are balanced well, which means you would suffer less from heartburns and side sleep paranoia too.

7. Beat the stress in easy ways, because it would affect your chances to get pregnant, say experts. Studies and research has shown that if you lead crazy high stressed lives, both men and women together would find it very tough getting pregnant. This is because the ovulation functioning would go haywire, stress levels would also affect the embryo in implanting itself in the uterus too. Both the man and the woman should speak with a counsellor and get a gut check done on their emotions, which would help them stay calm and prepare them for the next stages of life, namely pregnancy.

Watch sitcoms, romcoms and funny animal videos, or maybe go online and check for cute baby videos too. If you want an outing, grab hubby dearest along and go for a long walk by the lake, in the woods, or simply sit with him and enjoy a cup of tea watching the morning sunrise and the evening sunset. The little pleasures of life would make sexual activity conducive and this would be beneficial when the two of you decide to have a baby, and while you are pregnant too. In addition to that, we would ask you to start journaling your thoughts today, keep a diary and pen down what you cannot express to anyone in words or actions. This would allow you to combat stress in a positive way, and listen to soft soothing holistic music, it calms the nerves, drives away worry and also gives you tension free sleep too.

8. Hire a photographer or use your own camera phone to snap-snap the moments of happiness. Now this is not just for you, but let’s face it and rawly put, you need to evoke the right feelings and emotions between your husband and you. So make an album which brings in the feeling of romanticism, which would lead to better sexual activity and high chances of conceiving too.

Get an album made which would comprise photos on pre pregnancy, pregnancy months and post pregnancy, even while delivery happens too. This is but a time which is so pure and magical, since childbirth is one of the miracles of life, isn’t it? So why not beat stress and indulge in a little photography too. Years later, your grown up angel would thank you for the sacrifices and commitments made.

9. Eat well and stay better, say experts. Chances are that as you decide on pregnancy and if you are in any of the trimesters, the body would have cravings for varied food tastes. The husband here plays a big role, and sometimes he would have to wake up in the middle of the night to adhere to his wife’s demands of having a pizza or maybe a simple peanut and jam sandwich. So make a list of the must have’s at home to stock up on, because the baby in you would make big demands. Apart from that, you dont have to move lock, stock and barrel to stay in a calm environment for the pregnancy to happen or the baby in you to come out fine.

We would also ask you to steer clear of gossip, negative talks and people, and also from official work for a long time, since the stress factors in them would hamper the pregnancy chances or the state of being pregnant. If you dont like where you stay right now, chances are you would be stressed and unhappy, leading to various complications later on, so make apt changes before you get pregnant.

10. No rule in the book with regard to you looking for a job before pregnancy and while being pregnant, no one says you cannot do so. Now this would also be a good time to switch jobs, should you be very unhappy where you are at the moment. Companies are told to hire women even if they are pregnant and to grant them Family and Medical Leave Act benefits when the time comes, but you need to be at least a year in the organisation to enjoy those benefits, say experts.

Federal law has made it mandatory for any company with manpower more than fifty employees to grant both the man and woman twelve weeks of mandatory paid leave. Having said that, even if you wish to work while pregnant, you should check if you are okay with the hours, transport facilities, childcare plans and flexibility of work too, say experts. This should be criterion to check before you are pregnant, while pregnancy and post delivery of the child too.

11. Mommies know best, and by this we mean your mother, since she gave birth to you and it would be her maternal experience that would be best to guide you with. So have a mother daughter time and learn from her. This would be a good time to bond, learn how she dealt with lesser facilities during her time and yet got pregnant and had you successfully. It would be an emotional bonding but a lesson very important, which you would hand over to your child too, when they grow up and go through natures way of procreation again.

Not only mothers, but aunts and grandmothers too would play the role of mothering you on how to get pregnant the right way, how to manage your pregnancy status quo and also about deliveries too. Check with them on the time they took to conceive, if there were complications and hurdles they had to face, breech deliveries if any, health wise what to do and what not to do, any underlying genetic or hereditary conditions that run in the family to be bothered of, get all the important information and make notes relevant to your needs. This would be important information which you can share with your family doctor too, to avoid complications ahead. When the doctor is given a clear picture, he or she would be able to help you better.

12. Check with your doctor if your body and his body are ready to bring into this world a new life. Set up an appointment with your gynaecologist today, say experts and then make plans ahead on getting pregnant. Experts say when both the husband and wife books in for a pre-pregnancy check-up at least 90 days before they start, ruling out health issues that can affect the plans on being pregnant is possible. Apart from that, the doctor would be in a better position to inform you on the latest vaccinations needed, STD checks, heart issues, cholesterol and blood pressure, or any chronic ailments to do away with first, before you get pregnant, so as to avoid complications later. Men too should check with the doctor as regularly as their wives do, say experts.

Regular physicals would help understand if the body for both the man and the woman is safe to start planning on pregnancy, say experts. Medications if any can be altered or changed to ensure successful pregnancy happens. If there are fertility issues for the woman or the man, at an early stage this can be addressed too. Genetic testing too is recommended, because medication would be prescribed accordingly and conceiving thus wouldn’t be a problem.

Checking with a certified doctor would make sense, since he or she would be the one to manage the rigmarole of conception right up to the baby is born. Speak with family and friends to help you find someone reliable, honest and trustworthy. The doctor should also be friendly and empathic, and at your beck and call via phone, should there be an emergency or anything you need on the spot.

13. Why check with a dentist? Well it seems absurd to many but it is important that women check with their dentist before getting pregnant. Experts say and studies have proven that oral health care is important to be up to date with, because it does affect pregnancy and fertility. Gum diseases when ignored can lead to preterm birth, miscarriages and even the dreaded preeclampsia too. When you check with a dentist, you would learn how to control gingivitis and they would clean the gums and teeth too.

14. Baby showers and girly fun is important before and while you are pregnant, so book some girly time for yourself and have great weekends. Every real mom has vouched for this, and they say short trips and travels with their BFF’s girls did wonders for them and the baby too. If you girls have been planning on a dream holiday weekend getaway, your chance is now. Moreover, you would need your girl pals more now and while you are pregnant than ever before. So book yourself and the girls on a carefree trip and celebrate the bonding of sisterhood.

15. No using chemical treatments for the hair, skin and any other cosmetic needs. You’ve been an avid fan of hair colours, which contain chemicals, but experts say before and while you are pregnant, even for some months post delivery, DONT COLOUR your hair and no touch up either, because it is unsafe. This is especially in the first few months of pregnancy, when any chemical close to the mother can affect both the mother and child on a large scale at a later stage. Remember, it is in the first few months when your child’s organs are developing, and chemical exposure would only hamper the growth process.

16. Borrow and stop shopping for new clothes. Yes, this is a time when the stomach would slowly start expanding, and a cute BABY BUMP would appear, only to grow larger. Those tight tops and skinny jeans would do no good, so keep them away for now and dont shop for more, because you would GROW OUT OF THEM TOO. By the fourth month is when you should ask your girl pals and family members to buy you maternity clothes. Yes, what you can actually splurge on would be shoes, bags, hair accessories and anything that would benefit you while you are pregnant and post delivery too.

17. Experts opine that talking with your husband everyday on how to be the best parents when the newborn comes into the world, makes life positive for the two and motivating to look forward as well. Parenting isn’t cake walk and mostly women would bear the brunt, so work together to plan on childcare, who stays home, about the child birth rituals, financial needs, schooling for the child, vacation post delivery, parents frequency of visits, issues that would plague the husband especially baby blues where the man feels left out, sexual needs of the man while you are pregnant, and more.

Now that we have given you enough of tips on what you should think off or do before, while and a little on post pregnancy, let’s take a look on signs that tell you “YOU’RE PREGNANT”
Just because you felt nausea this morning and your mood swings have been for a week, it doesn’t mean you are pregnant. We don’t want to steal that moment of joy and happiness for you and him, but let us give you more information on signs that indeed say YOU’RE PREGNANT. Hence please read on and be well-informed on the same.

Pregnant Tips:

1. Check your body, your body would be the best messenger to let you know if you are pregnant so pay close attention to it. Get a home pregnancy done, which would tell you if the hormones are changing or not. there would be minor changes in the beginning which would indicate that, and they can be detected early on, say experts. Bloating and sore breasts needn’t be signs of pregnancy always, it could be menses issues too which means you aren’t expecting. Hence, until you take the home pregnancy test with a reputed kit as advised by you ob-gyn, don’t assume and blow the trumpet to the world. If you period is missing in action and a few tell tale signs inform you of the positive pregnancy, it’s time to call your doctor and get a confirmation for the same.

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2. Talking about sore breasts, this is common when you have menstrual issues, say experts. Remember, the breast tissue is very sensitive, hormone sensitive to be precise. hCG and hormone starts flooding in your system when the fertilization of the egg happens, which makes the volume of blood increase. This is why your breasts would swell and become heavy, and that’s when the doctor confirms you are pregnant, not otherwise.

3. While periods are on, women face cramps, before, while and after it too. This could also be when implantation happens, a process where the uterine wall gets the fertilized egg attached to it, say experts. At this moment the uterine wall would stretch a little more than what it should, and that is why you would have cramps. The process of stretching helps the wall prepare itself for the baby over the next nine months, say sources. Once again, no assumptions to be made and if the pain is unbearable, speak to your ob-gyn.

4. While implantation happens, there would be bleeding and when women spot it, they panic or they announce that they are pregnant. If you have missed your period or maybe it is shorter than what it used to be, before making an assumption please check with the ob-gyn

5. Fatigue happens and this is when your body wants plenty of sleep and rest. You may not be able to keep up with the daily rigmarole as before. Remember, when you are in the first trimester, the baby would make many demands on the body, especially for food and that means while the embryo is born there would be signs of fatigue and the body would need to stock up on rest.

6. If you notices your nipples looking different in shape and colour, or if while sexual activity is on your husband notices it too, remember it could be that you are on the second stages of pregnancy and you don’t know about it. This is because the hormones change and melanocytes are responsible for the colour changes. speak to your ob-gyn for more information on this, it could or could not be pregnancy.

7. Morning sickness and nausea happens to all women, and in most cases full blown. Hence, ask your doctor for help and they would tell you what to do and what to avoid, such as flights and heavy work or travelling too much.

8. Cant wear your favorite skinny jeans no more, maybe bloating is to be blamed. This is because progesterone makes the digestive system slow down and your tummy puffs up. This isn’t necessarily a sign that you are pregnant, it could be when PMS happens too, say experts.

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9. Worried about peeing more often than usual? Well most pregnant women worry about it, and its natural so shunt he stress!! When you are in the early stages of pregnancy and thereon, you would need to take many bathroom breaks say experts. This is because while pregnancy advances, the flushing out of fluids happen more.

10. Food cravings needn’t mean you are pregnant, it could mean deficiencies of another kind too. So your ob-gyn would let you know if the jumbo bagel bag and chicken wings you want now and then, is for the baby and you, or some other reason.

11. Blame the hormones once again if you must, but headaches and constipation could be because of that, say experts. This is because the digestive system is being overworked and underpaid, as in slow. Food wouldn’t pass quickly, and the gas created within causes more flatulence and this would happen more when your pregnancy stages progress, say experts.

12. More than anyone else, your husband would be at the receiving end, because of your mood swings, which is natural. The hCG levels have increased and this is why you feel too tired and hence moody at the same time. Now add to this the constipation, headaches, bloating and you have a perfect recipe for moody days and nights. We don’t want to elaborate more on this, but yes, the friendly ob-gyn can help!!

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Now that the little pink line on the pregnancy kit says it all, congratulations. But wait, don’t let the stress and worry take toll and don’t dwell on it. Everyone will give you loads of advise, maybe mom would warn you about too much coffee you have, or the wine indulgence and the steaks you eat, keep calm and read on to what experts have to say.

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Pregnancy no doubt is one of the miracles of life and a thrilling experience too, but it comes with a load of worries as well. there is a lot that you should do and shouldn’t do to have a healthy baby after nine months. This can sound scary for first time moms to be, because no one wants a child with birth defects or any untoward situation too.

However, all said and done, if you stress too much about who says what, apart from your trusted ob-gyn, the next nine months would be taxing. Beating yourself silly on a mental note would only make things worse, and this would be hazardous for the growing child within too. Sometimes well wishers and close ones too could mount pressures to follow their experience, which your gut instinct says not to follow.

This is why we say, only trust your ob-gyn and your mommy, they know what best is to be don because of their time and experience around such cases.

So are you ready for your 40- weeks?

1. Conceiving a child and caring for it right from the first week in your womb should be both the mother and the fathers, utmost priority. This means, regular ob-gyn visits and following the consultation to the core is a MUST

2. Travel light only if and when the need arises, especially if flights are to be taken. Long and hazardous travels can lead to miscarriages, say experts.

3. Plenty of fresh fruits and veggies are a must for the mother to be, and no smoking and no alcohol or the use of recreational drugs at all should be allowed. She should consume or stay close in proximity with those who do, the father as well. this is a good time to go back to being healthy in your diets, plenty of proteins, carbs and minerals, supplements as given by the doctor as well, should be had. Don’t be your own doctor, seek help as and when the need arises.

4. We wouldn’t want to scare you but most pregnant women say that lunar eclipses do affect the baby in the womb. This could be a possibility since the body is made up of seventy percent water, and the phases of the moon could have an effect in the water bag which nestles the young one too. Its better to be safe than sorry, say even doctors.

5. Get extra domestic help for daily chores or ask family and friends to help if you cannot afford to hire someone. However, at no costs should an expectant mother lift heavy loads, do cooking and cleaning or roam around aimlessly. This can be harmful for the child and the mother. Exercise though is important, and only PREGNANT WOMEN CERTIFIED TRAINERS should be consulted and their services hired for the same.

6. The most critical time for pregnant women is the first trimester and the last one, say experts. Due care has to be taken at these times, and someone has to be around with the mother or else she would have problems. She cannot be exposed to harsh chemicals, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, negative people and surroundings etc, even X RAYS too pose harm for the baby within, and the mother too, so please be very careful

Summary of all tips and advice given:

As we near the end of our advice to you, and since we want you and your husband to happily bring in the new member, here is a summary of everything we have spoken off so far.

1. Check with your ob-gyn for pre and post signs of pregnancy, don’t make assumptions
2. Check with a certified and a reputed health or fitness expert for exercises and diets
3. Involve prenatal vitamins on a daily basis
4. Read more about pregnancy fitness
5. Learn about nutritious way to eat and stay healthy, for him and the child too
6. Learn how to lose weight safely before pregnancy, on staying fit with a baby bump and after pregnancy too
7. Buy a book or a DVD on pregnancy
8. No smoking, no drinking, no drugs at all
9. Keep a journal for your thoughts
10. Keep a track of your period and cycles
11. Speak to family and friends for help, advice and for recommendations on hiring a trusted ob-gyn
12. Brush your teeth and care for your gums too
13. Stay clean and hygienic at all times
14. Don’t do heavy work, no lifting or cleaning, cooking or walking the pets
15. Make a journal for pregnancy, blog it and share it with your near and dear ones
16. Be positive, listen to soothing music to help soothe the nerves
17. Make a list of the birth facilities near you, check them in person when you have time
18. Read more about alternative ways on giving birth, should you choose not to have a C-SEC
19. Join a childbirth class with your hubby, helps with bonding and the father wouldn’t suffer from “baby blues” when the child is born
20. Relax and breathe, your little angel is on it’s way

We hope what is given here makes good reading sense to you, and if there is something you would like to add or share or let us know, please go right ahead and do so. Our aim is to have mothers and fathers well informed on how to get pregnant, what to do when pregnancy happens and the works. This is a miracle of love and bonding, and it shouldn’t be treated as a chore.

Good luck and blessed be

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