If you have entered the journey of pregnancy, it can be quite overwhelming. There are do’s and don’ts for everything – beginning from foods to activities even to sleep! As you go along, the comfort and non-comfort equations alter too, and we only think of what can best suit our body, as per the changes it is going through. Similarly, there are both the sleeping position during pregnancy which one must avoid, as well as which can be comfortable too.

Given this particular time of your life, it is essential to keep cautious and make a note of both safe as well as non-safe sleeping positions for pregnant women. We are here to help you out with this!

Right Positions to Sleep in Pregnancy:

There is a pile of new changes your body is going through at this phase. It is essential to always be in note and have knowledge of what can be useful and what to avoid during this phase. According to available research, mediocre and inadequate sleep are very common for many pregnant women, accounting for almost 76% (1). This is alarming! Sleep disorders, unpleasant feelings at night, sleep apneas, and nighttime urination urges are also very commonly reported (2). Keeping these in mind, here we give you a proven and scientifically safe right position to sleep during pregnancy.

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1. If you are in the early pregnancy and first trimester, you are safe and sound to sleep in the most comfortable sleeping positions you may always like. This may be on the stomach or sides. This will not affect your body or baby adversely. Given that uterus hasn’t grown much until now, this is feasible. Only concerns you may find is nausea or hormonal changes during pregnancy.

2. But during the second and third trimesters, it is best to habituate the sleeping style at the left sides. These sleeping positions while pregnant help to improve and balance the right blood flow circulation to and from the uterus. You can place a pillow between your knees to find relief, in case you have hip pain.

3. Sleeping on your left side during pregnancy also helps kidneys to get rid of waste products and fluids from the body in the right manner. Chances of stillbirth are also reduced according to a few studies. This is also the best sleeping position during the second and third trimesters.

4. Recent studies have equally mentioned that sleeping on the right side during pregnancy can also be not bad. However, it may be comfortable (3).

Sleeping Positions to Avoid During Pregnancy:

While we have spoken about the proper sleeping position of a pregnant lady, remember, there are also some wrong sleeping postures, which are a must no! You may have already got your answer. Lying and sleeping position on your back during pregnancy is a big no, as they may cause back pains, adverse effects on the digestive system, low blood pressure, and reduced blood circulation to heart and baby. It may also increase the chances of stillbirth.

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Do not also habituate sleeping on the stomach while pregnant. After 16 to 18 weeks, it is strongly recommended to not sleep on the stomach, as the bump starts to grow, and there may be associated discomfort around the walls of the uterus during this time. The baby also needs space to breathe, which may be of concern at this position.

Tips and Aides for Comfortable Pregnancy Sleeping:

We do understand the challenge of sleeping well during this phase. Here are a few easy and most popular tips to help get good sleep at this time.

  • You can choose to use a lot of pillows. Crossing legs between pillows can help you reduce discomfort and hip or back pains.
  • Plan and schedule, prioritize the right sleeping time. follow a similar time every day, to get used to a sound sleep
  • Drink a lot of water in the whole day. The flow of blood and nutrients around the body can be facilitated well.
  • Avoid resting on the back for a longer time, as it may lead to back pains.
  • You can even choose recliner or semi-upright position instead of bed for the best sleep, in case you suffer too bad no-sleep days.

Effects of Wrong Sleeping Position on Pregnancy Health:

The wrong sleeping postures can lead to both mental and physical health concerns during pregnancy time. First of all, it does not let you have a good night’s sleep, giving rise to fatigue and tiredness. It is challenging even to accomplish day to day tasks. Other health concerns like disorders, preeclampsia and additional growth restriction of the fetus can arise due to lack of proper sleep. Other wrong sleeping postures, such as on the back, can lead to stillbirth in some cases. Do not worry too much about positions that can cause miscarriage or bad concerns; make sure to habituate to safe positions. While it may not always be the case, it is important to remain cautious and get used to comfortable side sleeping positions for the best at this phase.

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With this guide on the best and safe sleeping position during pregnancy, we hope you found the answer to your queries. It is only better to be cautious and safe than sorry. This time and the journey is most special for every woman out here, and it is also our duty to make it comfortable as well as responsible for enjoying this phase. Tell us what you think too, we love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Is There a Relation Between Stillbirth and Sleeping Postures?

Ans: Regular bad sleeping postures can lead to stillbirth. Some studies proved them scientifically, and hence it is advised not to sleep bad and unsafe positions during the pregnancy phase.

Q2. Can Pregnancy Cushions and Special Pillows be Helpful at This Time?

Ans: Special pregnancy pillows are available in the market to help and aide the women sleep good and rest back and hips, avoiding pain. You can use them without harm, placing them between legs or near hips.

Q3. What if I Wake Up on My Back Suddenly Between Night During Pregnancy? Do I Need to Worry?

Ans: If you find yourself suddenly on your back during the night, do not worry. Just turn back to normal side position and have a good sleep. You should not worry if you do not feel any pain or abnormality.

Q4. How Many Hours Should Mothers-to-be Sleep?

Ans: It is crucial and essential to sleep at least eight hours of good sleep for pregnant women. This time also requires equal rest, both physically and mentally!

Disclaimer: Consult your health care provider for the best and personalized advice. It is essential to only take suggestions as per one’s health from own gynecologists, with having regular check-ups from time to time.


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