Since many decades, bags have played an important role in the life of human beings. Whether they are handbags, trolley bags, back bags, basket bags, garbage bags, or any other kind of bag, they always have helped people in their own manner. One of all these helpful bags is the laundry bag. They help keep the clothes that are to be washed separately so that they do not get mixed with the washed clothes. They are also used to keep white clothes different from other colourful clothes.

Simple Laundry Bags in different Sizes and Designs:

Laundry bags are also available in the form of baskets kept in the washroom for people to keep changed clothes. Following are few laundry bags widely available in the market:

1. Personalized Floral Laundry Bag:

The fancy floral bags are quite trendy these days. The cotton laundry bag is given a sack-like shape that can be closed from the top with a small rope. They help to keep the stinking clothes separate from the other clothes which are to be washed. This type of cotton bags can also be made at home.

2. Net Laundry Bags:

Widely used by the riches, the net laundry bags are made from steel rods and net material. It is given a deep long bag type loom which van store many clothes at a time. The trolley type bag also has wheels below to move the bag from one place to another easily.

3. Suitcase Designed Bag:

With the development in bags for laundry, special travel laundry bags are widely available in the market. They are similar to suitcases and made with plastic or cotton. They are foldable and can be carried while travelling for a few days.

4. Handbag Designed Bag:

Inspired by the handbags, such bags for laundry are widely made of hard plastic. It is given a handbag design which can be carried easily. Such bags are also used in the hotels for laundry to bifurcate the clothes of different rooms.

5. Weaved Laundry Bag:

Want to give your washroom a classic look with ancient articles! Get a laundry bag that is weaved with fibre, plastic or ropes. They are inspired by the old rope buckets used for laundry purpose. It can also be covered with lids made from a similar material.

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6. Commercial Drum Designed Bag:

A pattern of plastic laundry bags widely used these days is the drum type laundry bag. Made out of thin carbon plastic, it is available in many different sizes, colours and designs. Such bags are also washable and adjustable.

7. Small Laundry Bags:

Want to separate innerwear, socks, hankies etc., from other big clothes! A small laundry bag will help you in this case. You can store your tiny belongings in these bags while travelling or also for regular use at home. Made out of plastic, it will help you to keep stinky and stained clothes separate from others.

8. Funky Laundry Bags:

Want to have something funky and decorative for your laundry! The large laundry bags are made from hard leather with a perfect shoe design. It gives your bag a new look. Although they are big, they take only a small portion of your bathroom space.

9. T-Shirt Laundry Bag:

Not willing to spend money on expensive laundry buckets! You can also make it at home using a T-shirt which is of no use. By sticking the T-shirt from below, you can make it a bag that can also hang behind the doors for storing laundry clothes.

10. Pot Designed Bags Laundry:

Want to get a traditional look for your laundry buckets! The plastic laundry bags are woven, giving the bag a pot inspired design that can be made of the size you wish to have. It also contains a proper lid to stop the filthy smell from spoiling the room atmosphere.

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11. Woolen Sack Bags:

A large laundry bag made out of polystyrene type Woolen is quite famous among people, especially for wet clothes. The bag is available in various colours and sizes. The tiny holes in the bag help air go within, which doesn’t make the clothes go stinky.

12. Mesh Laundry Bag:

Widely used by the home where you find several kids, such mesh fibre laundry bags are quite beneficial. The bags come with a flexible material that can be folded and kept aside in the cupboard when not used. They also have a net type material which helps bad odour to leave the clothes.

13. Colourful Laundry Bags for Children:

The children’s room is quite messy with toys and clothes there. If you want your children to keep their clothes in a proper manner, get a children’s laundry bag and inspire them to keep dirty clothes in it. As kids’ clothes are full of mud, stains, etc., you can use laundry bags with plastic covers. Design them in monster, favourite superhero, dolls, favourite cartoons etc., to make them attractive.

14. Zip Locks Laundry Bags:

A new variety in small laundry bags is the one with a zip lock facility. The bag is made with nylon net material and a zip at the open end. As it is also washable, you can pack small clothes in it and directly put them in the washing machine for separate washing. Such bags are widely carried by women who have infants for picnics and occasions.

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15. Canvas Folding Laundry Bag:

Worried that laundry bags would occupy a lot of space in your washroom or home! Here you are, with a folding laundry bag that can be used whenever you want and kept aside by folding it. It is made out of canvas and wood, iron or fibre.

Whether it is home, hotel or travelling, laundry bags have always been helpful to save your clean clothes from getting dirty by placing them separate from the filthy ones. With different designs and material, they have played a major role in keeping a home clean. Also, special bags are available for children, which can also be used to wash their soft toys without any harm.

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