Travel bags are defined as small bag as a valise which is generally made of leather or any hard surface having a shape and can carry clothes and other necessary items for travelling. A travel bag must be a one which is easy to carry and maintain. It should be perfectly designed and should have immense space for the articles to be stored while travelling. It should be light in weight and easily distinguishable from other bags by colour or design.

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Different Types of Traveling Bags for Men and Women:

Nowadays you get many different types of travel bags and you can grab a one according to your travel plans. Let’s have a look on top 25 India’s most beautiful travel bags designs in Large and Small Sizes.

1. Vintage Leather Travel Bag:

Vintage Leather Travel Bag Save

As the name suggests this is a vintage type of leather travel bag used by both men and women. The leather used in this travel bag is of high quality and has a great shine all over the bag. These type of travel bag can be used for small overnight or weekend trips as it two cabinets for storing the article with zipping at the top. It has a long leather strap which can be carried on the shoulder.

2. Small Travel Bag with Wheels:

Small Travel Bag with Wheels Save

This type of travels bags is very convenient to carry and very spacious. Though it appears to be small it has multiple cabinets for storage. The bag has several pockets and even has a luggage tag means having no worry of losing the bag while travelling. It has a trolley and wheels at the bottom thus making it easier to carry.

3. Hard Surface Travel Bag:

Hard Surface Travel Bag Save

These types of large travel bags are ideal if you are travelling for a long trip. The bags are pretty durable as it can withstand water, tear and abrasion-resistant also unlike the soft materials bags. These types of bags are very easy to handle and carry as it has a trolley and wheel at the bottom.  The bag has ample space to store the articles and belongings required by travelling.

4. Colourful Travel Bags:

Colourful Travel Bags Save

Some people are fond of colour and want everything should be colourful and bright, even their travel bags. These types of colourful travel bags are ideal as it suits their taste and personality. The travel bag has wheels and can be comfortably carried to anyplace you travel. The bag is bid in size and has zip to safeguard the things. It’s a perfect travel bag if you are planning to travel for a longer duration of time.

5. Compact Travel Bags for Men:

Compact Travel Bags for Men Save

Men prefer to carry travel bag which is compact in nature and all their necessarily articles are kept in one place. So this type of travel bag is perfect for them as its compact in nature. These types of bag look s very stylish and are easy to carry.  It has enough pockets for storage of things and the belts are soft and do not hurt your hands while carrying.

6. Purple Small Travel Bags for Women:

Purple Small Travel Bags for Women Save

If you have planned to travel for a day or two then this type of small travel bags are convenient and easy to handle. The bag has high quality two zippers on each compartment. The bag has a comfortable handle to carrying purpose and has a good storage area. These type of small travel bags are perfect for women’s to carry while travelling for a shorter duration.

7. Small Shoulder Travel Bags for Girls:

Small Shoulder Travel Bags for Girls Save

Here comes a stylish and fashionable travel bag for the teenage group. This type of shoulder travel bag can be carried by both girls and boys. This small travel bag is good if you are planning a day out with a friend or family. It’s available in a wide variety and various colours and you can handpick the one according to your choice and persona.

8. Weekend Travel Bag for Women:

Weekend Travel Bag for Women Save

Some women or girls need to travel for a short weekend trip for business purpose or a leisure trip. Then this wide black colour leather bag is perfect for them. The bag has enough compartments for storage and has a small handle if you wish to carry on hands. It even has a  long strap which enables you to carry them on the shoulders also and even has a luggage tag for safety purpose.

9. Cute Wheeled Travel Bags for Girls:

Cute Wheeled Travel Bags for Girls Save

Now day’s young girls prefer to have a different travel bag while travelling. These types of travel bags are ideal for them as it looks s attractive and very appealing to the eyes. On the bag, the cute butterfly is embossed and has a hand trolley and wheels to carry the bag. The bag gas one extra feature that is expandability i.e. the bag can be expanded more to you require to store some extra things while travelling.

10. Sporty Travel Bag:

Sporty Travel Bag Save

Some people are sports lovers and adore carrying their sports materials and equipment even while travelling. So this sports bag is perfect for them. The bag is made of soft material and has two big size compartments for storage. It’s available in various shapes and sizes and you can grab a one according to your need.

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11. Canvas Travel Bag for Men:

Canvas Travel Bag for Men Save

Now a day’s canvas travel bag is very much in demand and appreciated by men as its very light in weight and can be easily carried anywhere, and it’s very easy to maintain also. The travel bag is found in many sizes ranging from big to small and has good internal space and bulky external pockets available for packing.

12. Zip Army Green Travel Bags for Boys:

Zip Army Green Travel Bags for Boys Save

Some young boys adore the army look so this bag army green colour. The bag has a rough and tough look and enough pockets and pouches for you to storage. It has a broad adjustable belt for hanging purpose. This type of bag is perfect to carry on short trips only.

13. 3 layer Travel Bag:

3 layer Travel Bag Save

These types of travel bag are very convenient while travelling as you adjust them according to situations. The bag can be folded and can be made smaller in you have a small quantity of luggage and can be opened to full size for extra space also. The travel bag has wheels at the bottom making it easier to carry. This bag is ideal for trekking or for a picnic with friends and family.

14. Cool Travel Bags for Young Boys:

Cool Travel Bags for Young Boys Save

Here comes a smart travel bag for young boys as it makes them look cool and stylish. The bag is designed with soft material and the corner having leather gives the bag a classy and fashionable appearance. The bag has two compartments with high-quality zip around and a padding handle, lending a nice and soothing grip for holding the bag. Overall it’s a cool travel bag for youngsters.

15. Kids Travel Bags:

Kids Travel Bags Save

Cute little travel bag for small kids. This bag is specially made from thermal material and extremely light to carry. The bag has good internal space where kids can pack their article for travelling. To add it has smooth wheels and an adjustable stick, making it easy to carry and on top kids, favourite cartoon character picture is laminated making it look more lucrative and stylish.

16. Denim Travel Bags for Women:

Denim Travel Bags for Women Save

Here comes a smart travel bag for women or young girls made from denim cloth and giving them a minimalistic look. These travel bags look very stylish and give a girl an exclusive look among the crowd. The bag has a good amount of internal space for keeping the things and soft padded belt which can be hanged on the shoulders. It has small pouches internally to keep the valuables.

17. Travel Shoulder Bag for Men:

Travel Shoulder Bag for Men Save

Here comes stylish and fashionable one-shoulder brown colour bag for men or young boys. It looks very stylish and smart when carried on one shoulder. The bag has fine leather finish and has several pockets for storage with zipping at the top for protection. It has a mobile phone pocket wherein the mobile can be kept safely. The bag has a slim look and appears awesome when carried.

18. Big Size Traveling Bag with Two Wheels:

Big Size Traveling Bag with Two Wheels Save

Sometimes you plan to travel for a longer duration then this type of big size travel bag is apt at that point in time. The bag is crafted with soft materials and has deep pockets in the front and sides. The bag has the standing trolley and two wheels at the bottom, making it easy to carry. It opens from the front and has huge internal space for keeping the article required while travelling.

19. Hello Kitty Travel Bags for Young Girls:

Hello Kitty Travel Bags for Young Girls Save

Young girls love to carry the travel bag which reflects the picture of their favourite toy that’s hello kitty. These travel bags are designed with light material and have compression straps in the main compartment for safety. It has a wheel and a trolley making carrying easier and smoother.

20. Casual Black Backpack Bags for Travel:

Casual Black Backpack Bags for Travel Save

The black travel bag looks great when carried and gives a girl a minimalistic look. It lends a casual look and has several pouches for storage. In the front a small phone case it designed wherein you can keep your mobile phone and has deep inside storage place.

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21. Stylish Leather Travel Bag for Women:

Stylish Leather Travel Bag for Women Save

The bag is designed with fine leather and gives the bag a very neat and smooth finish at every corner. The bag is crafted of red colour but it’s available in a wide variety, designs and colour and you can pick the one according to your choice and style. To add to comfort it has broad shoulder belts, so as to distribute the weight equally at every corner. It looks very stylish on women and gives awesome an appealing persona.

22. Branded Travel Bags for Women:

Branded Travel Bags for Women Save

As many women adore and appreciate to carry only branded travel bag only. Now many big brands design travel bags and it even look classy when carried. The bag has a neat and smooth finish and has a luggage tag even. It has a high-quality zip at the top and a deep inside compartment for storage. The branded bag gives a woman a minimalistic appearance.

23. Stylish Sling Travel Bag:

Stylish Sling Travel Bag Save

Recently sling bags are becoming popular in both boys and girls as it looks very fashionable and stylish when carried. It’s small in size and perfects to carry off you are planning for short trips. The bag has a broad shoulder belt making it comfortable to carry.

24. Light Weighted Big Travel Bag:

Light Weighted Big Travel Bag Save

This bag is made from very light material and is termed as light-weighted travel bags. The bag has enough space inside for storing and has compression straps for keeping the things intact.  It has a stroller and wheels making it easier to carry the bag from one place to another.

25. World Map Designer Travel Bag:

World Map Designer Travel Bag Save

Now designers also have made travel bag look trendy and smart. The bag has the portrait of world map designed all over the bag making it look exclusive and awesome. It has high-quality zip at the top for safeguarding the things and has padding handles for carrying the bag.

Planning for a trip, then get a travel bag according to your trip so that you don’t get hassle while travelling. Travel bag must be one which suits to your trip and can be easily carried anywhere you desire without the fear of anything going wrong. Travel bags are available in wide range and varieties and you should handpick the one which suits your necessities, durable and have all the features you require in your travel bag.

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