What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about fashion and style? We bet it is all about outfits and clothes. But you may be lagging in something. While the dresses and outfits give a stylish look, they aren’t sufficient alone. One needs to make sure they are tip-top in all angles, right! Here is why we are here with the side bags for women and men. Bags are the most neglected thing for both genders when it comes to styling. But if you follow any celebrity stylists, we can see the importance they give to the bags. So, let us go ahead and explore how bags can elevate your style level easily!

What Are The Side Bags?

Well, there are several types of side bags for men and women, both. If you are wondering what they are all about first, and what are the models, here you go!

  • The bags are usually sacked which are made with different materials to be used to hang on the shoulder on one side.
  • They come in different variants, from leather material to synthetic to silk to cotton and more!
  • Do you know there are different types and designs too? You would be shocked – if we begin to name the most common ones themselves, they include tote, messenger bag, crossbody bag, handbags, travel bags, and more.
  • We understand, the style is continuously evolving and may be challenging to keep up, so let us just get ahead and explore the latest and trendy ones as of now!

Different Types of Side Bags for Women’s Shopping:

Side bag looks very stylish and is comfortable to hang. There are numerous kinds of side bags for both women and men. Some of them are listed here.

1. Jeep Side Crossbody Bag:


Have you ever heard of a crossbody bag? This jeep side leather sling bag is exclusively made for those who love macho and modern looks. The bossy vibes, bright hues, and stunning latest trend attached to it are unmatched. With an adjustable shoulder strap and sleek look, this guys side bags is ideal or men who love casual style statement

  • Design: Brown crossbody bag with adjustable shoulder straps
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Dry wipe as required

2. Decathlon Sports Side Bag:


Decathlon is a pioneer when coming to sports items and accessories. We all agree with that. This casual grey sports new fashion side bag from the brand is super inexpensive and comes in the best budget. Yet the quality is unmatched and uncompromised. With supreme looks, fashionable trendy style, comfortable fabric and yet spacious compartment bag, this is the best deal! The side bag is also versatile, can be best used for regular other purposes such as colleges wear too!

  • Design: Grey sports bag
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Wash as required, dry wipe on normal days

3. Fastrack Side Bags:


Fastrack brand in India is quite famous. Their bags are known to be stylish and comfortable to carry; here is one such in their latest collection. This red and brown messenger side bag looks sleek and can be used by both men and women. With bright, vibrant color and lovely looks, this is a must-have for those who do not want just simple looks but very bold statements.

  • Design: Red and brown side bag
  • Material Used: PU
  • Care: Dry wipe as required for dust

4. Side Bag with Chain:


This Kleio feminine sleek black bag with golden color chain is a replica for high-end designer wear bags. Women who love fashionista vibes and celebrity looks, want to look supreme and extremely conscious about edgy fashion, this is a must-have. This stylish side bags or girls instantly elevates the look and gives a very colorful yet beautiful appearance.

  • Design: black colored sleek side bag with a detachable sting
  • Material Used: PI
  • Care: Wipe with a dry cloth only

5. Beige Canvas Side Bag:


Finally, this canvas beige-colored side bag is one of the top favorite pick of ours. With military touch inspired style, heavy storage and spacious capacity, the zipper bag is ideal both for travel as well as casual outings. It gives a very bossy and bold look with mascular vibes. If you love such a style statement, this military male side bag is a must-have in your collection

  • Design: brown military canvas side bag with zips
  • Material Used: Jute cotton
  • Care: Dry wipe as required

6. Fila Side Shoulder Bag:


Fila is quite famous for its supreme quality and lovely designs. This particular red and black unisex shoulder bag come in the form of short messenger variety, able to be good for quick outings and casual daily wear. They give bright hues and comfortable look quickly, and yet make you appear very bold.

  • Design: Red and black shoulder bag
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Wipe with dry cloth for dust can be washed too.

7. Adidas Side Bag for Travel:


Another famous brand, Adidas has come with its lovely stylish look bags. This orange and grey bag is our absolute favourite; it gives edgy carefree travel vibes easily. Be it for day outings or vacations, these travel bags are best in terms of space, look, and yet very lightweight too. What else do we want for!

  • Design: Orange and grey shoulder bag for travel
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Clean with a dry cloth as required.

8. Puma Side Pouch Bag:


This black Puma side pouch bag is a huge hit. It gives the modern heavy contemporary look, wild style statement and a boho look quickly. It is easy to maintain and care for, provides a glossy, shiny look and is very spacious perfect for casual outings. Those who want simple yet elegant looks must have this one

  • Design: Black shoulder pouch bag
  • Material Used: Synthetic polyester
  • Care: Clean with a dry cloth and wash as required.

9. Long Denim Side Bag:


Do you ever know even Denim bags exist? They are the new cool and gives vintage classic vibes quickly. This women’s blue denim sling bag is one such lovely one, ideal for be it parties or casual outings or even for formal occasions. It gives an intense and vibrant chic look effortlessly and makes anyone appear contemporary and stylish with the style.

  • Design: Blue denim sling bag
  • Material Used: Denim cotton
  • Care: Clean with dry cloth only.

10. Tommy Hilfiger Side Bag:


If you are looking for a high-end designer wear kind of style, with an edgy look, this brand Tommy Hilfiger has first-class blue side bag for women. With the exquisite and abstract design, elite look, this new model side bags for ladies is for those women who aren’t here to compromise and settle, only prefer high-end and most smart looks. What do you think?

  • Design: Blue solid sling bag
  • Material Used: PU
  • Care: Clean only with dry cloth for regular use.

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11. Small Leather Side Bag for Men:


If you think and assume only women wear side bags, you are wrong. The recent trends are quite unique and stunning, and here is one of our favourite men’s side bags. This tan-brown leather colour female side bag compliments the entire outfit, be it formal or semiformal and gives a contemporary look effortlessly. It adds a new dimension to anyone who wears it

  • Design: Tan-brown leather bag with black straps
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Use a clean and dry cloth to dust.

12. Laptop Side Bag for Office:


Well, if you are an office goer, we do understand the importance of carrying a laptop bag every single day. But instead of carrying in the boring backpack, did you ever think of adding a new value addition to your collection of bags? Here is the lovely laptop side bag. This bag can be used both by men and women and comes in different sizes to make sure your laptop fits perfectly! What do you think?

  • Design: Dark grey laptop briefcase with zipped front and back pockets
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Wipe with dry or semi-wet cloth for dusting

13. Side Handbags for Women:


Probably the most common side bags which you ever encounter or see are the women side bags. They are versatile, come in different designs and colours. Here is one of the latest pick, the DressBerry’s maroon sling bag is all about love, has a more extended handle, and can be used by women to accentuate the entire look effortlessly. The sling is detachable and can be used as a purse too. Isn’t it great!

  • Design: Maroon sling bag
  • Material Used: PU
  • Care: Use a dry cloth to clean

14. Wildcraft Side Messenger Bags:


The messenger bags are probably among the oldest and yet timeless trends that have been in fashion for decades together. Here is the Wildcraft’s black messenger bag, which is unisex and can be used by both men and women. With simple abstract design and lovely look, these bags give a lot of space to store things and yet are very comfortable.

  • Design: Black messenger bag with two compartments
  • Material Used: Nylon and canvas
  • Care: You can dust with a dry cloth, and can also be washed

15. Side Bags for School:


Here is one of the kids’ side bags. These bags can be used regularly for school, although not for hefty books, yet it can be great for regular purposes. They can be used both as backpacks and messenger bags. Isn’t it great? This dual-purpose look is undoubtedly a huge hit!

  • Design: Blue side bags for kids with one main compartment and side compartments
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Wipe with a dry cloth

16. Heart Shape Side Bag for Teens:


This is a side bag for girls. It looks very cute because of its heart shape and baby pink colour. It is hard to structure a bag which has enough space to carry your necessary things.

17. Side Bag with Fringes:


The way fringes look cool on your hairstyle in the same wayside bags with fringes gives a very bold look. This is a side bag for ladies which have looks of the rough cowboy. You can carry this side bag while you wear boots and are moving out for fun.

18. Beautiful Embroidered Shoulder One Side Bag:

This black side handbag is embroidered with fluorescent red and orange colour on the front pocket which makes it look very attractive. You can use the small front pocket to keep money, hairpins, lipsticks and another small thing which usually gets lost in the big space. The hanging on the side makes the bag look more beautiful.

19. Chain Side Bag for Shopping:

If you have got bored of using the side handbags of wide straps of cloth then you can switch to the side bags with chains. This side bag has two zips, one for the main opening and the other for the small pocket. The golden colour chain attached to the pink bag is a perfect combination and you can carry this side bag with style.

20. Cotton Side Bags for Ladies:

Usually, the bags are made to form a hard structure so that the belongings remain in their form. This girl’s side bag is made of cotton which can b folded. It has tribal designs which are loved among the college girls. Though it is soft it will keep the hard things perfectly.

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21. Side Bags for Baby Girls:

Babies to have stepped in the fashion world, in fact, they are a step forward than adults. This baby girl’s side bag will meet their requirements. It looks very pretty with the shape of an animal’s face which attracts the children. They are lightweight, small and have thin hanging for their ease.

22. Multi-Pocket Side Bag:


Worried to carry too many things without mixing them? No problem you can easily arrange your belongings with this multiple pocket side bag. These side bags have three to four pockets in which you can put your money, cards, cell phone, and cosmetics separately. You can carry a thing light bag while shopping or moving out with friends.

23. Buckle Side Bags For Men:

Side bags are not only for women but there are also side bags for men. This side bag has a buckle which needed to be open and additional zip so that the things does not flow out.

24. Side Bag for Laptop:


Side bags are not only used to keep small things but they can even be used to keep your gadgets like a laptop. As men always need to be present for their office work wherever they are. With this side bag, you can carry your laptop and do your offices work easily.

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25. Felt Side Bag:

Felt fabric is very lightweight has a velvet touch. Even men need some relaxation time from their office work for vacations and their office bags won’t work out. This felt side bag looks super cool to be taken on leisure time where you can put your necessary belongings with you.

Bags are carried to school, college, office, shopping, parties and other places; means wherever you go you carry your bag with yourself. As all the necessary things are kept in bags whether it is important papers, money, credit cards, cell phone, chocolates and others. Though there are various styles of bags the side bags are much comfortable compared to others. You can carry easily on one shoulder or crossway.


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