The handmade bags are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. Artisans make them as they are skilled and know how to use tools effectively. The handmade bags patterns are very different and hardly have similarities until and unless made in bulk. Usually, they are made by local peoples, and no manufacturing unit is installed.

The handmade bags designs are unique and are loved by people. These can be even made by recycling the waste and giving them a completely new look that can be reused with style. Thus it involves the two R of the three R’s of environment, and the last one, the “reduce”, depends on you. If you really care for the environment but want a super stylised bag to carry, then check these designs. We like the things done by our own hand in the same way the bags made by hands have the same finish we like to prefer.

Beautiful Handmade Handbags with Leather and Cloth:

Here is a list of the 15 most beautiful handmade bag designs in different patterns using woollen, leather and fancy materials.

1. Handmade Paper Bag:

Paper bags are very light to carry. Different types of papers are given a very new look which looks stylish. The paper bags are available in different bright colour, can use glittery ones and printed paper bags and these handmade paper bags for different purpose like making it as a gift wrapper or to carry light objects in the market. Even you can make the handmade paper bags yourself in a creative way. They are less expensive and Eco-friendly.

2. Handmade Baby Bag:

If you think that only adults carry bags, you are wrong; it’s time for micro fashion. The kids are no longer away from fashion. The handmade baby bags especially have kids liking patterns. Much artwork and beautiful sceneries are made to attract kids. As kids like bright and neon colours, these bags are available in these colours. The handmade baby bags have enough space to put their small belongings, which they like to carry everywhere.

3. Beaded Handmade Bag:

Beads have a gleaming structure, and these are to be strung together to make something out of it. The beaded handmade bags are beautiful in looks. Different designs are made out of it, and the availability of beads in numerous colours makes it easier to put more creativity into them. To get a more beautiful look, some even have handles made of beads. The bags are delicate; if one bead comes out, then the whole bag gets destructed. It should be handled with care.

4. Handmade Denim Bag:

Denim is the first love of almost every people. It is a very tough fabric with cool looks. The handmade denim bags are made of jeans patterns, especially the top part of jeans with pockets. Most of the bags are made of this style, and some are made oval, square and rectangle. They have zip or buttons to close the bags. The denim bags are available in blue and black to give the real denim look. These bags can carry heavy loads and can be carried to college with style. Carrying it daily may make it dirty, but you don’t worry; it is easily washable, and no harm will occur to its looks.

5. Handmade Evening Bag:

The evening handmade bags are made for you to carry in style at your parties. They are designed particularly for party purpose. They are available in clutch form or purse style. These bags be even be carried on different occasions where to look good is a priority.

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6. Handmade Leather Handbag:

Handmade leather bags give a higher standard to you. Whether it is men’s wallet or women’s handbag, most of them are handmade. Leather is such a material that needed to be drafted properly to make something out of it. Not only the local companies but also the standard companies provide handmade leather bags. Leather bag of different designs is made which are loved by the people. They are available in various colours apart from brown and black. Only one drawback of handmade leather bag is there that is, it is costly.

7. Handmade Bag by Using Newspaper:

Every home gets one or two newspaper daily to get the news, and then they are thrown as waste. To reuse these newspapers without recycling them, to get the new paper out of it, it is turned into bags which can carry. The newspaper handmade bags are made to carry light objects. It is even made joining some newspaper together to make a higher density bag. These bags are less expensive.

8. Formic Sheet Handmade Bag:

Fomic sheets are very soft and give a velvet touch. These sheets are used to make handmade bags that are very good looking. The formic sheets have a little shine and can be easily washed. Thus if it gets dirty, then it can be washed and dried easily. They look very good in bright colours. Though the fabric is very light, it can carry heavy objects.

9. Embroidered Handmade Bag:

Embroidery in anything makes it look beautiful. The handmade cloth bag designs with embroidery on it make it looks beautiful. The embroidery can be done with simple flowers, stars and sceneries. There are bags with heavy and light embroidery. Usually, embroidery is done with contrast colour to that of bags cloth colour. Each embroidery design has its own uniqueness, which adds charm to the bag.

10. Woolen Handmade Handbag:

Everyone must have worn grandma’s knitted sweaters in winters. The grandma’s knitting style is now used to knit woolen bags. Though these are not knitted by your grandma but by someone else, it will give the same feeling. Woolen, handmade bags are very trendy and new in the fashion world. They are made of different sizes and styles according to peoples need.

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11. Quilted Handmade Bag:

Have you ever imagined the quilt you use to put on in winters while sleeping to make a bag? The quilted handmade bags are very foamy, like a quilt, and light in weight but strong to carry heavy objects. They are available in different styles mostly have check and criss-cross stitching. These bags are mostly used while travelling or to put baby belongings. No doubt others can even use it for their use.

12. Rajasthan Handmade Bag:

The Rajasthan handmade bags are very old in terms of handmade but had never lost their craze among people in comparison to other types of handmade bags. The Rajasthan handmade bags are very different from other bags and are very beautiful. It has its own charm and always carries the Rajasthan look. It has seashells hanging, use of mirror work and different pretty patchworks and artworks which will win your heart.

13. Handmade Crystal Bag:

Crystal handmade bag doesn’t mean bag made of real gemstones. You can make it if you are really that rich. The crystals are artificial stones embedded on a cloth to make a bag or a pure crystal bag in which the crystals are stringed and tied properly to make a bag out of it. The crystals handmade bags can be carried to parties by matching them with your outfit.

14. Handmade Jute Bag:

The jute fabric is light in weight but is very strong to hold heavy loads. You must have seen the jute bags carrying tons of vegetables, rice and all. This jute fabric is now used to make jute handmade handbags. It is gaining popularity mostly among teenagers because of its looks and styles. Its patterns give a similar look to Rajasthan bags. They are less expensive but awesome in style.

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15. Handmade Plastic Bag:

We should not use plastic objects as it is harmful to our environment, but you can definitely use the recycled ones. These handmade plastic bags are made of plastic wires by knitting them properly with others. These are light in weight, and your plastic is strong and can carry enough weight. These bags are mostly used to carry things in the market, but with different styles, you can even use them to carry other belongings.

Bags are our necessity as we have to carry so many money things every day. It has become an accessory, and you even want this accessory to look good. The bags made in factories are made in bulk and have thousands of the same designs, making you uncomfortable while buying as everyone wants a unique piece. The handmade bag uplifts you from this problem. Each piece of handmade bags designs are unique and are made by skilful workers who try to put their best to make it look good. The handmade bags are mostly made by local people or in rural areas. Getting these bags will indirectly help them.

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