Calvin Klein is an American company based in New York and named after the company’s founder and designer, Calvin Klein. The company started collecting youthful coats and dresses and added sportswear, lingerie, blazers, and different types of bags. The products of Calvin Klein are available in all leading stores worldwide, whereas it also has its outlets in major cities. It designs bags and other products for both men and women.

9 Different Types of “Ck” Handbags in India:

Calvin Klein offers a variety of handbags in India. Here are some of the different types available:

1. Calvin Klein Tote Handbag:

Women always appreciate tote bags as it has a large indoor area for storing. The bags are suitable and perfect to keep overnight keeps, at jobs and even ideal bags while shopping. It’s a multi-functional bag, and the bag’s layout is simple; thus, the handling becomes easier.

2. Calvin Klein Cross Body Handbag:

These Calvin Klein Cross body bags are the merely best bags when you are on the go. The bags have flexible bands which can adjust as per your comfort. The bags look very smart and are made of remarkable products to match your style and looks and help you to keep your hands free every time.

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3. CK Shoulder Handbag:

Here comes a stylish shoulder bag for women. The bag has long, soft straps to carry the bag on your shoulders. These travel bags are available in many incredible designs and patterns, and you can pick the one according to your use.

4. Classic CK Hobo Bag:

This Calvin Klein hobo bag has an utmost visual charm, and the pebbled finish of the bag looks heavenly and gorgeous. The stylish front pocket with leather straps gives a fashionable look to the bag. This type of bag is available in various sizes and trendy patterns, and you can choose according to your needs.

5. Sizing White Calvin Klein Handbags:

The most stylish and sizzling Calvin Klein bag in white color. The bag looks very classy and royal when carried. This marvelous and magnificent bag is perfect for evening parties and special occasions.

6. Calvin Klein Travel Handbag:

These stylish travel bags by Calvin Klein are perfect while travelling. The bag has front pockets and a big compartment for storage. These bags are found in many ranges and colours, and you can pick the one as per your travel plans.

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7. Calvin Klein Handbag for Men:

These designer bags for men are perfect for carrying for official use. They include a laptop bag with enough small pockets in the front for other essential items. The “CK” logo is printed all over the bag, giving it a branded look when carried.

8. Calvin Klein Duffle Style Leather Handbag:

This duffle-style bag by Calvin Klein is made of pure blue leather with a black outline. The bag is perfect for travel, with ample storage space and a long black strap and broad handles for carrying. The products are long-lasting, and even daily use doesn’t cause any changes to the bag.

9. Black and White Polkas Dot Calvin Klein Handbag:

The black and white combination always looks attractive and sophisticated when carried. The black polka dots printed on the bag enhances the look by many folds. The bag has a sufficient indoor area to keep necessities easily. The sleek black handle makes it easier to carry the bag for shopping or your workplace.

A bag is being termed as a friend of women other than holding personal things and adding a style and looks of a person. If the bag is designed like Calvin Klein, it adds more sophistication to your looks and persona. The bags designed by Calvin Klein are most ideal in terms of quality, looks and attracts attention regarding design. Thus these bags are the most effective.


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