9 Best Comfort Panty Shorts for Ladies in India

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Panty is undergarment worn by the women. It is to be worn beneath your clothes. One problem every women face is panty lines, especially if you wear fitted trousers or a tight skirt.

Short Panties

The solution to this problem is thong or short panties. Thong is uncomfortable and can’t be worn for long duration. On the other hand, short panty’s are super comfortable and easy going. Since, we are in favor of it, here is list of the types of short panties.

Boyshort Panties for Women:

Here we enlisted below, some panty shorts for Women of different styles.

1. Nylon Short Panty:

panty shorts

By the name, this type of short panties is made of nylon. It is the most common style. Nylon is soft fabric; hence it is ideal for summers. Plus you can achieve seamless look by it. They are stretchable, allowing you to do any activity throughout the day.

2. Cotton Boyshort Panty:

Cotton Short Panty

The cotton short panty is ideal short panty. They are soft, comfortable and breathable. They come in all types, like mid-rise to low cut. They are meant to be smooth and soft. They are so good, that you can actually live in one. Cotton short panties are best during summers.

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3. Satin Plus Size Panty Short:

Satin Short Panty

If you want add sexiness in lingerie without compromising on your comfort, and then satin short panty is for you. They usually have laces and cuts. They are made of satin, but sometimes laces take the major share. This type of short panty is ideal for new brides.

4. Lace Boyshort Panty:

Lace Short Panty

Lace short panty is completely made of lace. They are elegant and sexy. They have lining near the crotch area. It is a fancy wear; hence it is used for special occasions. It is ideal for first nights. They are available in various patterns and many colours.

5. Microfiber Panty Short:

Microfiber Short Panty

Microfiber is a fabric which is soft and breathable. It is ideal during training and doing hard physical activity. They are very stretchable and have no seam. They are can be worn alone also, as it is very stylish.

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