The inner wears hold an essential role to give your figure a perfect look along with taking care of its sensitiveness. Different colours and patterns are available as per ones choice. Among all the colours, black is a very sensual colour which attracts everyone whether it is for clothes or inner wear. Black panties hold an important role in women wardrobe, no matter what ever the material is.

Womens Black Panties:

Following are few catchy designs of black panties available in the market to select from.

1. Bikini Panty Designs:

Bikinis are generally worn for a sexy appearance on the beaches and also while swimming. The black lace panties are given a narrow V shape covering in cotton attached with laces to tie on the waist. It exposes you thighs and nearby curves to show your sexy legs.

2. Chiffon Black Panty:

Chiffon has always given catchy designs whether it is clothing or under garments. The hot black pantys design gives a net effect on the back and side while the front is given floral pattern to make it lovelier. It is the prior choice of new brides and models.

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3. Low Waist Black Panty:

A simple womens black panties design with low waist is widely selected by the teens and youth. The low waist panties have a good grip on the waist giving a lovely look to the abdomen. The cotton panty also exposes your thighs.

4. Girly Black Panty:

Love to wear cute teen panties! Here is a little black panties collection where the panty is given spotty pink dots, net sides and a tiny bow. The sides and top elastic is also covered with cotton material to protect one from rashes.

5. Full Length Black Pantys:

Want a comfortable tummy panty! A black cotton panties design with tummy top line is the best suitable. The panty is made with cotton to keep you clean and dry while the top thick line is made with floral design in net for a feminine touch.

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6. Satin Hipster Panty:

Satin is a material which gives a shining and catchy look to the viewer. Similarly black satin panties give you a bold appearance when carried with a satin bra. The hipster panty is also given net sides to make it sexier. They cover your hips and make you look cosy.

7. Floral Sheer Panty:

The sheer black panties are becoming quite popular among the teens and brides. A clumsy sheer black panties design with chiffon flowers threaded in it is the primary choice now days. The panty exposes your skin to viewer for a passionate attraction. It is light in weight and also comfortable.

8. String Black Panty:

A new panty design widely used as a bikini is made with thin black material and given black strips and several bow designs for a charming look. The design is seen on ramps for pool side fashion shows and also on beaches to celebrate the summer.

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9. Strips Panty:

Nothing is sexier than a hot black panties design made with strips of chiffon material. The panty is made with two strips on the waist one on the lower waist and one on the abdomen. The lower part is also made with a strip which is connected with two shiny bows.

Women’s Black panties whether made from cotton, satin, polyester or any other material, have a unique place in the wardrobe of the female. They not only give a bold look but also are high signs of sensuality. The panties in black have their own charm for the new brides as a part of attraction. Currently the satin and chiffon black panties are preferred widely by the teens while simple black cotton panties by the old age women.

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