The very happening Mumbai city is a busy place indeed. It is known for its fast, hectic and busy schedules. However, it is not just the hustle and bustle that Mumbai is famous for. It is also known for its malls, shopping centers, people, and food and mostly importantly beaches. Yes, Mumbai has some of the finest beaches. Located in Maharashtra, this place is a beauty. Here we have listed some of the wonderful beaches of Mumbai so that next time you go out with your friends for weekend getaway; you will know exactly which beach to venture.

9 Famous Beaches Near Mumbai:

Here are The 9 Beautiful Beaches Near Mumbai.

1. Juhu Beach:

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Juhu Beach is one the finest and beautiful beaches you will ever find in the city of Mumbai. This place has great food; great stalls and is the best place for you to hang out with your friends. The sunsets here are worth watching and the brown sands, cool waters and balmy weathers add to the beauty of this beach.

2. Chowpatty Beach:

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The Chowpatty beach is a wonder. Located in the heart of the city, this beach is well known for its views and sumptuous food. Most people who have visited this beach have always said great things about it and this place is sure to lighten up your mood after a week of exhausting and tedious work.

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3. Versova Beach:

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The Versova Beach is a very fascinating and beautiful one. People absolutely seem to love this place. It is located near the village of Versova and is known for its fish markets and that are held every day for auctions. It is popular, recognized and one of the top beaches in Mumbai.

4. Madh Island Beach:

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Madh Island Beach is a popular tourist attraction. It is known for the cluster of little villages which are found in the western coast of Mumbai. It is also surrounded by mangroves which increase its scenic beauty. The hotels here are comfortable and luxurious and the food is quite delicious.

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5. Marine Drive Beach:

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The Marine Drive Beach is about three kilometers long and is located in the south of Mumbai. It is a popular tourist spot and is known for its sparkling beautiful waters, balmy weather and cool stretches of sand. You can always take a nice long walk here barefoot and enjoy yourself completely.

6. Aksa Beach:

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The Aksa beach is located in the northern region of Mumbai. It is a very romantic beach and an ideal place for lovers. The weather here is beautiful and by evening the climate gets better. The cool rolling waters are so mesmerizing to look at. It is a great place for a short tour with family and friends.

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7. Uttan Beach:

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The Uttan beach is located about seven kilometers from the village of Uttan. This place is known for its scenic beauty and gorgeous views. It is clean and pretty and has quite a number of food stalls if you are looking for a good meal. This is the best beaches in mumbai to visit.

8. Manori Island Beach:

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The Manori Island Beach is located near Gorai beach, Mumbai. One can easily reach there by taking a bus route from Molad. This place is absolutely enchanting. Its natural beauty is soothing to the visual senses. It creates a good mood and makes your holiday very pleasant and enjoyable.

9. Devka and Jampore Beach:

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The Devka and Jampore beach is located about 180 kilometers from Mumbai. Its white sandy beaches, cool crystal waters and pleasant weather has enchanted its tourists and today it is one of the most recognized beaches of Mumbai. Visit this place once and you will never regret!


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