We all know how much Karnataka has to offer in terms of tourism. The beaches in Karnataka are well known for their clean and beautiful nature with splendid views and best suited for a peaceful holiday. They further also provide several watersports for adventure lovers. You can either choose to relax on the beaches or go for sports. You can spend any number of days chilling out in Karnataka sea beaches given that you enjoy the calm and serene places around. Why wait, read this article to know where to head next for your holiday. We present you the best beaches Karnataka, which are worth visiting in a lifetime!

Must Visit Beaches In Karnataka With Details:

1. Mangalore Beach:

The beaches of Karnataka are absolutely enthralling. One of the beautiful beaches in Karnataka is located in the beautiful coastal city of Mangalore. It is a great place for short tours. The beautiful coconut trees, pristine waters, sandy beaches, and pleasant weather make it an ideal destination for short holidays. You will also find ancient temples and churches here which will be an added bonus during your visit here.

  • Name of the Beach: Mangalore beach and one can also visit Surathkal beach
  • About the Beach: It is one of the cleanest and calm beaches that would make your stay peaceful and comfortable. It is scenic with beautiful sunsets that one must not miss
  • The Area Located: 20 km from Mangalore is Surathkal beach.
  • Things to Do: One can enjoy watersports here and also great for sitting and relaxing.
  • How to Reach: You can visit Mangalore town via railway station or airport. There is good connectivity to access the main city of Mangalore. You can take public transport or taxi to reach any of the beaches from the city.
  • Top Attractions (others): You can also visit nearby temples to view the beautiful architecture.
  • Best Time to Visit: Would be around October to February
  • Places to Stay: There are several luxury and budget accommodations to stay in the vicinity of Mangalore.

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2. Gokarna Beach:

The Gokarna beach provides you with gorgeous views and scenic beauty. This place is worth going to. beautiful weather. It is a natural, unspoiled and a virgin beach and one can totally relax and enjoy with your near and dear ones.

  • Name of the Beach: Om beach (or) Gokarna beach in Gokarna
  • About the Beach: One of the most popular beach destinations for a holiday in Karnataka, with adventure sports and trekking. It is a most visited spot by tourists.
  • The Area Located: It is located in Gokarna
  • Things to Do: Adventure sports and trekking. Trekking to other beaches like Half-moon beach and Paradise beach can be done, and the route is totally amazing and scenic. One cannot reach these beaches through road transport and hence should trek all the way.
  • How to Reach: There are regular overnight buses from Bangalore city, else one can go to Hubli and take a bus from there.
  • Top Attractions (others): You can visit nearby waterfalls like Jog falls from here. There is another place Murudeswar which is around two to three hours, to visit the temple and beaches there.
  • Best time to Visit: This would be around winter time, from September to January every year
  • Places to Stay: Most of them choose to stay in Namaste café which is located in Om Beach. You can also get several shacks on the beach for a budget stay.

3. Maravanthe Beach:

The Maravanthe beach of Karnataka has a magic of its own. It is exquisite, calm, peaceful and very charming. The beach is absolutely stunning and is a great place for vacations and holidays.

  • Name of the Beach: You can visit the most famous Maravanthe beach in Karnataka.
  • About the Beach: One of the most beautiful beaches in Karnataka, there is magic in the waves of this beach. You have Kodachadri hills in backdrop making it amazing.
  • The Area Located: The main city Kundapur is around 12 km from this beach. The shore runs just parallel to national highway around 100 meters.
  • Things to Do: Adventure sports like snorkeling and scuba diving
  • How to Reach: You can reach Mangalore either by air, train or road. It is around 90 km from Mangalore airport. Otherwise, most of the cities in Karnataka have regular buses plying to Maravanthe.
  • Top Attractions (others): You have Kodachadri hills which you can visit from this beach. Kodi beach is also nearby.
  • Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit this beach is around winter times, from September to March every year
  • Places to Stay: There are several reasonably priced hotels to stay in the town.

4. Devbagh Beach:

Devbagh is a beautiful island whose beauty will remind you of all the fairy tales and magical places you have read of during your childhood. The coast is absolutely amazing, and the weather is great most of the time. The blue waves look gorgeous as they roll across the sea and the white sandy beach adds to its beauty.

    • Name of the Beach: Devbagh beach
    • About the Beach: Most beautiful and enthralling beach that can be found here and is a must visit place for a beach lover. This is an island beach in the Arabian Sea with blue waters and casuarina trees around.
    • The Area Located: Located around 8km from Karwar bus stand and 5 km from Majali village.
    • Things to Do: Water sports can be done here. fishing, dolphin watching, speedboats, snorkeling, kayaking, and parasailing can be found here.
    • How to Reach: You can reach the beach through jetty near Kali River Bridge. You have to explore the place on foot as transport options are very limited
  • Top Attractions (others): Can visit Tarkali, which is a commercialized island. One can visit Tsunami Iceland and Segal point there.
  • Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit this beach is from October to January.
  • Places to Stay: There are both resorts and homestays around this place.

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5. Kudle Beach:

Kudle Beach is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. It is about 20 minutes away from the Gokarna beach. This place surrounded by hills on three sides which increase its charm and beauty. This beach provides beautiful scenes and the food here is absolutely remarkable. One of the best things to do on Kudle Beach is to go on long walks barefoot.

  • Name of the Beach: Kudle beach
  • About the Beach: One of the most serene beaches you can find in the vicinity of Gokarna, you can stay here and just enjoy the charm and magic of nature.
  • Area Located: In Gokarna town, near the Gokarna beach.
  • Things to Do: There are fooderies here to relish. One can just sit on the beach and enjoy nature.
  • How to Reach: You can visit the beach by taking the bus to Gokarna from Hubli or Bangalore. There are regular bus services from the state capital of Bangalore.
  • Top Attractions (others): Visit other nearby beaches like Om Beach and Gokarna Beach. You can visit Jog falls too which isa3 hour drive from here.
  • Best Time to Visit: Around September to February
  • Places to Stay: You can stay at several beach shacks on the beach which can help you better enjoy the beauty of the beach at close quarters.

6. Kurumgad Beach:

The Kurumgad beach is about 4 kilometers away from Karwar. It is a tortoise-shaped island and is known for the famous Narasimha temple. Thousands of devotees come here every year to worship. It is well connected by roads and has many comfortable resorts and hotels for accommodation.

  • Name of the Beach: Kurmgad beach
  • About the Beach: Based on a tortoise-shaped island, is one out of the 5 islands in the region. This is now a privately owned place with palm trees all around the coastline and several dolphins around
  • Area Located: Located around 4km from Karwar town. Can be reach through Sadashivgad boat Jetty
  • Things to Do: Can take exotic walks, watersports like boat rides, swimming, fishing, and snorkeling. One can also play beach volleyball here
  • How to Reach: You can reach Karwar through nearby cities in Karnataka and then take jetty to here.
  • Top Attractions (others): One can visit Narasimha temple which is famous here
  • Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit this beach would be around October to January.
  • Places to Stay: You have several resorts around this beach to stay.

7. Panambur Beach:

The Panambur beach is located about 13 kilometers away from Mangalore. It has a beautiful coastline and is known for its scenic and natural beauty. And it is an ideal place for picnics, short tours or just a day out with a few friends. It is hardly crowded which makes the environment pretty calm and peaceful.

  • Name of the Beach: Panamur beach in Mangalore
  • About the Beach: One of the most popular beaches in Karnataka, there are several adventure sports here. It is most visited spot here
  • The Area Located: Located at a distance of around 2 km from Port of Mangalore and 9km from Mangalore.
  • Things to Do: Adventure sports and boat races.
  • How to Reach: You can take a train to Mangalore station and take public transport or taxi to reach this beach; else you can access Mangalore via air.
  • Top Attractions (others): International kite festival is held every year in January.
  • Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit this beach is around winter times, from October to February every year
  • Places to Stay: There are numerous hotels around this area and in the city of Mangalore. One can opt either a budget hotel or luxury resort according to their choice.

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8. Ullal Beach:

The Ullal beach is one of the most beautiful scenic beaches of Karnataka and is 12 kilometers away from Mangalore. It is a great place for weekends and short holidays. You can engage yourself in water sports or also try some sunbathing. This place has been loved by the tourists because of its balmy weather and peacefulness.

  • Name of the Beach: Ullal beach
  • About the Beach: Situated next to Someshwar beach. This is a scenic beach which is clean and has clear blue waters. It is not much crowded and hence is must visit for beach lovers to enjoy the tranquility of the beach.
  • The Area Located: It is situate around 17km from Mangalore city area
  • Things to Do: You can have water sports or even enjoy through relaxing
  • How to Reach: You can reach this beach through public transport or taxi from Mangalore. Further Mangalore is well connected through airport and train and bus wise from major cities of Karnataka and nearby states.
  • Top Attractions (others): You can also visit Someshwar temple, Rani Abakka fort, and temple as well.
  • Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit this beach is around September to March
  • Places to Stay: you have several options to stay in Mangalore city for better access to all resources.

9. Tannirbavi Beach:

The Tannirbavi beach is located in Dakshin Kannada. This place is exotic, beautiful and gorgeous. It is about 12 kilometers away from Mangalore and is one of the well-known beaches in Karnataka.

  • Name of the Beach: Tannirbavi beach
  • About the Beach: One of the most secluded beaches in Mangalore, which is far from the city and is less crowded. It is ideal for a weekend getaway.
  • Area Located: It is around 12 km away from Mangalore city
  • Things to Do: You can just sit and enjoy the serene beach,and this is for sure loved by beach enthusiasts due to privacy and quiet nature it provides along with amazing sunsets
  • How to Reach: You can visit through availing taxi service from Mangalore or taking own vehicles. There is no public transport. Further, one can visit Mangalore easily from any city in Bangalore through bus and train. There are trains to Mangalore from nearby states as well; one can also fly to Mangalore from other towns.
  • Top Attractions (others): You can visit other beaches nearby like the Mangalore beach, Ullal beach and Someshwar beach and temple
  • Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit this beach is around October to February
  • Places to Stay: There are plenty of hotels and resorts available in Mangalore city.

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We have seen some of the best beaches in Karnataka through this article. Some of the beaches near Karnataka are well known for being less crowd and secluded in nature thus making them perfect for weekend getaways. These Karnataka beaches are for sure loved by every beach enthusiast. Please share with us your experiences if you have visited any of the beaches above in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

1. I want to visit some beaches near Bangalore, which are the nearby ones?

You can choose to take either an overnight bus or train and visit Mangalore for the nearest beach. It takes less than overnight journey as the distance is around 165 km. This is the best and nearby beach available to visit from Bangalore within Karnataka. You can also opt to go to Gokarna for touristy beaches.

2. Which sea borders this coastline?

The Arabian Sea borders the coastline of Karnataka. Given the calm and serene nature of the sea, the beaches in Karnataka are well known to be clean and unspoilt. They are beautiful during sunsets.

3. How many beaches are there in the state of Karnataka?

The beaches in Karnataka are more than 15 in case of well-established beaches. These are serene and are friendly to tourists due to the amenities available in nearby areas. Some of the most visited beaches include Gokarna beach, Mangalore, Ullal, Kudle, Malpe, Murudeswar, Panambur, and Tannirbavi.


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