Tamil Nadu is a state, which is well known for its tourist spots in the form of beaches and hill stations. Beaches in Tamil Nadu are popular for its scenic beauty, sunny skies and warm climate. It is a popular holiday destination for tourists. Sunrises and sunsets provide beautiful experiences on these beaches which one must not miss. Here we provide you with Tamil Nadu beach locations which can help you better to plan a trip. Read more to know where and which beach to choose from to make your vacation memorable!

List of Famous Beaches in Tamil Nadu with Details:

1. Marina Beach:

Marina Beach is referred to as the world’s second longest urban beach in the world. It is located in Chennai. The sunset here is something to look forward to, and the natural beauty of this beach is very captivating. People normally come here with their families for a break from the routine humdrum. One can find a variety of eatables in the food stalls along with a track for walking, children’s play area, and horse riding. It is also an excellent venue for all the important functions of the state.

2. Kovalam Beach:

All those who want to get away from the city’s routine hustle and bustle can enjoy the scenic beauty of this beach. This is one of the popular beaches in Tamilnadu. The Kovalam Beach of Tamil Nadu is also known as the pride of Chennai. It is the perfect place for those who are in search of an environment which will let them relax. It is only 20 minutes away from the city of Chennai and easy to access.

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3. Elliot Beach:

Elliot Beach is a famous beach that is found in Besant Nagar. People usually go there to relax and gave a great time. This beach is clean and less crowded and one will never regret a visit to this beach.

4. Mahabalipuram Beach:

This is among the best beaches in Tamil Nadu. The Mahabalipuram beach Tamil Nadu is a beautiful one located in the southern region of Chennai. It is well known for temples sculpted out of rocks, , stone carvings and other interesting places such as crocodile farms and schools of sculpture and art. It is a great destination for all the holiday seekers and is crowded during most times of the year.

5. Kanyakumari Beach:

In case you are looking for more Tamil Nadu beach places, Kanyakumari may be the one for you! Kanyakumari Beach is located on the extreme south of India. It is known for its sunsets and full moons and is a remarkable place for holidays. The beach has multi-colored sand which makes this place unique and noteworthy. It also has a lighthouse which offers a very beautiful and scenic view from afar. Vivekananda rock is a place not to be missed here. This is a great place to visit!

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6. Poompuhar Beach:

Many do not know this beach in Tamil Nadu, but this is known for its calm and secluded nature. The Poompuhar beach is a wonderful beach which has a lot of historical significance and relevance. The stories of this place are found in the famous Tamil epic ‘Silapathikaram’ and carry a lot of importance. This beach is very beautiful and is filled with many resorts.

7. Rameswaram Beach:

The Rameswaram beach is one of the historical beaches of Tamil Nadu since it is believed as the holy land of Lord Rama. This place is full of important temples which are enshrined with the statues of all the main characters of Ramayana. This place is great for study tours.

8. Muttukadu Beach:

The Muttukadu Beach is a very thrilling, exciting and fun place to be in. It is known for its calm nature and blue seas. The estuary adds to the charm of this place. It provides with a multitude of activities such as boat riding and swimming and is an ideal place for sunbathing.

9. Vattakottai Beach:

Vattakottai beach is a beautiful and isolated beach located in Tamil Nadu. This beach is well known for its exotic beauty with palm trees all around the coastline. This place was known as the Vattakottai Fort during the 18th century. The sunlit beaches, coconut trees, and calm weather make this place worth visiting.

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These are some of the best beaches in Tamilnadu.Hope you found this article useful and helpful in planning your vacations. While this list is a combination of both city-based beaches and secluded beaches, it is up to you to choose the beach of your choice. The calm beaches gives you time to relax and rejuvenate unlike the city crowded beaches and the city beaches however provide a welcome relief to those who want to escape from their mundane routines.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

1. Which is the largest beach in India?

Marina beach is said to be the world’s second largest urban beach comprising a length of 13km. It spans from Marina beach and continues up to the Elliot’s beach as well.

2. How to reach Kanyakumari and what is the specialty of the beach there?

Kanyakumari, is the southernmost point of India and is well connected with trains and flights. All major cities in India have trains to Kanyakumari. What makes this beach special is that one can see all the 3 seas, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea merging at a point which is beautiful. It is also well known for the multi-colored sands of the beaches.

3. What are that other coastal districts one can visit in Tamil Nadu?

Other places that one can visit for a coastal experience in the state of Tamil Nadu include Kanchipuram, Thanjavur, Cuddalore, Thiruvarur, Villupuram, and Thoothkudi.