The latest bedroom sales are along the lines of beds with mattress included. This gives you the freedom from the hassle of buying a separate mattress. The new bed and mattress come with quality foam or coir inserts. These are placed in ergonomically and so give you the best sleep ever. The new bed mattress is specially designed to find your body shape and memorize it so that you can sleep in the same way every night. Getting a full bed and mattress makes this a comfortable choice as well. So do check out the types of bed mattress designs that are available in the market today.

What Is Bed Mattress?

A bed mattress is the soft foam material that is placed on the bed, on which we sleep. This foam and/or coir material is made to give you a soft yet firm surface to sleep on. Beds that come with the mattress are better choices as they are fitted according to the dimensions of the bed itself. So you will always get a fitting mattress.

What To Consider/Think When Buying An Bed Mattress?

When you plan on buying a bed mattress, think of the size and the quality. Choose between all foam, foam, and coir or all coir. Each of these options is specially created for specific needs. The all-foam option is good for that soft feel. The foam and coir give you a firmness that all foam mattresses may not.

All coir mattresses are too tough, but if you have specific medical issues like back pain, etc. then opting for this will be a good idea. The complete bed with a mattress is always the best choice to make for people. Check out double bed mattress, twin bed mattress size, king size bed with mattress, etc. for that perfect fit in your room.

Latest Bed Mattress Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 10 Simple and modern bed mattress designs with pictures. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Orthopedic Memory Mattress:

Here is a quality queen-size bed mattress that you can buy especially if you suffer from orthopedic problems. This memory mattress gives you a medium firmness that will help to ease the pain. This top bed mattress is made for all those who have knee, back and other problems. Get a good night’s sleep while healing your body in the process. The long warranty period is given as this is a high-quality queen bed mattress and so will last you a lifetime.

  • Dimensions: 182.9 x 91.4 x 12.7 cm
  • Material/Finish: Foam
  • Style: N/A
  • Mattress Type: Memory Foam
  • Pillow Type: N/A
  • Warranty: 20 years

2. Folding Bed Mattress Designs:

This folding bed mattress is also something you should go in for if space-saving is what you are looking at. The mattress folds into three parts and can be used accordingly. You can open it completely to get a full-size mattress. Another option is to fold it once and keep the other half vertical. This way you get a sofa bed mattress. The last option is to wrap it twice and have a smaller seating/sleeping area.

  • Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 34 cm
  • Material/Finish: Epe Foam
  • Style: N/A
  • Mattress Type: Foldable
  • Pillow Type: N/A
  • Warranty: N/A

3. Mattresses with a Foam Comfort:

A 3-fold mattress, in a single king-size, this is a good choice for the foam bed mattress. The king bed mattress is delivered in a pre-assembled state, and there is no assembly required. It is ideal for hosting guests or visitors. This tri-fold mattress offers three inches of supportive comfort in the form of traditional foam. This mattress will fold easily for storage and any transport. It has a removable, washable cover.

  • Dimensions: 36 x 72 x 3’ (Inches)
  • Material/Finish: Foam and Fabric
  • Style: Modern
  • Mattress Type: None
  • Pillow Type: Optional (as per customer specifications)
  • Warranty: N/A

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4. Repose King Mattress:

This is a lovely king-bed mattress that you can buy for your bed. The upholstered spring mattress comes in various sizes and colours. Here the particular image shows a maroon colour mattress with jacquard fabric. The mattress is made with high-quality fabric, and so this will last you a long time. Fabric can be cleaned easily, or you can opt for a mattress cover that will keep it clean and spill-free.

  • Dimensions: 75 x 72 x 6
  • Material/Finish: Upholstered Spring Unit
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Mattress Type: King Size
  • Pillow Type: N/A
  • Warranty: N/A

5. Single Bed Mattress Designs:

If you need a single-bed mattress, then this is the best option for you. It’s made from high-density material which is foam, and so it will keep its shape for a longer time. The printed single bed and mattress cover gives you a dark base so that dirt and slippage are not seen easily. It comes in a roll that is compressed, so you need to leave it open for some time so that it gets into shape.

  • Dimensions: 72*35*3 Inch
  • Material/Finish: Foam High Density
  • Style: N/A
  • Mattress Type: Single
  • Pillow Type: N/A
  • Warranty: N/A

6. Twin Bed Mattress with Orthopedic Quality:

Having a twin bed will mean you need a twin bed mattress. Here we show you a single mattress that can be used on each of the beds. This mattress gives you dual comfort of relief from pain and a good night’s sleep. The material used for this duality is high-density foam on the bottom so that shape is retained and soft foam on the top for comfort and softness.

  • Dimensions: 72 X 48 X 4 inches
  • Material/Finish: Foam – High Density and Soft
  • Style: N/A
  • Mattress Type: Twin
  • Pillow Type: N/A
  • Warranty: N/A

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7. Twin Memory Foam Mattress:

Looking for something more high-tech for your twin beds, then you can check out this twin bed and mattress. This is made from memory foam which remembers your body shape to give you exact curves on the bed. This way you get sound sleep and can wake up refreshed. The memory foam is one of the latest in mattress specifications. Choose this lovely toddler bed mattress which comes with a 10-year warranty.

  • Dimensions: 182.9 x 76.2 x 15.2 cm
  • Material/Finish: Memory Foam
  • Style: N/A
  • Mattress Type: Twin
  • Pillow Type: N/A
  • Warranty: 10 year

8. Cotton Double Mattress:

Another great option for mattresses is the cotton mattress. Here we show you a double bed with a mattress which is a cotton mattress. The wool blend used inside the mattress is of good quality and will give you a soft surface. The double bed and mattress are stitched well to retain the wool blend in the right places. Checkered cotton fabric is used to cover the mattress and give it a clean look.

  • Dimensions: 60 x 20 x 40 cm
  • Material/Finish: Wool Blend with Cotton Cover
  • Style: N/A
  • Mattress Type: Double Bed
  • Pillow Type: N/A
  • Warranty: N/A

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9. Hospital Bed Mattress Designs:

Most hospitals need strong and sturdy mattresses for their patients. The hospital bed mattress designs come in various sizes and shapes. Most of them are single bed size. The mattress is made from high-quality foam and keeps the shape. This makes it easy for patients to rest the whole day. The mattress is soft enough to bend when the hospital bed is kept upright for patient ease. The spill-proof fabric is used to cover the mattress for longevity.

  • Dimensions: 28 x 21.4 x 16.6 cm
  • Material/Finish: Foam
  • Style: N/A
  • Mattress Type: Hospital Bed
  • Pillow Type: N/A
  • Warranty: N/A

10. Inflatable Mattress:

While driving your car, kids or even adults may want to sleep during the journey. Having an air bed mattress makes this most comfortable. The mattress can be filled with air using the pump given. It fills up very quickly, and you can place it in the back seat of your car. The mattress is strong enough to carry 300 kg so you can easily fit 2 adults on it. This makes travelling comfortable and easy especially on long drives.

  • Dimensions: 85-90(w) x 115-130(l) x 42-45(h) cm
  • Material/Finish: PVC
  • Style: N/A
  • Mattress Type: Air Bed
  • Pillow Type: N/A
  • Warranty: N/A

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Pros and Cons of Bed Mattress Designs:

It is always a good idea to make an informed judgment before you go ahead and buy furniture and furniture-related items. The bed mattress is one such important decision to make as it is where you will rest every night. Mattresses come in various types, so knowledge of them all is necessary. You have the standard bed size mattresses, and then you also have patient-specific mattresses, also platform bed mattress and adjustable bed mattress. So depending on the need, you can choose the perfect mattress for you. Here we specify the pros and cons for you:


  • Bed mattress makes sleeping very peaceful and restful.
  • A foam and coir bed mattress is the best choice in terms of durability as well as usability.
  • Types of mattresses like air, hospital bed, etc. are all good for patients and can help in the healing process.
  • The folding mattress is good for adjustable furniture and space-saving.
  • The memory foam mattress is the latest, and they fix according to the shape of your body.


  • Mattress quality can be compromised, and durability can be an issue.
  • Mattress covers can be thin and not last as long.
  • Washing/cleaning of the mattress is a complicated process.
  • Stain removal is quite tedious.

What do you long for after a long day of tiring work? A place to rest your body! A bed and super mattress is the best place to be then. The bed mattress is the perfect gift you can give yourself. Choose the best mattress and get the all needed rest and sleep every night. With a good quality mattress, you can awake refreshed to tackle another hard day of work. So it’s essential to select the right mattress that fits the bill. Mattresses according to sizes and needs are plenty in the market. Make a good choice and feel refreshed with sweet dreams at night.


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