Modern loft beds are making an easy approach in the market due to their popularity. These beds have a ladder connecting the person with the loft bed above. The loft bed for kids and the loft bed for adults are the most wanted beds for fascinating purposes in the room. The loft bed set can be single or twin, depending on the design. Moreover, the lower section of the set generally has a study table, dining furniture, storage wardrobe, workspace, etc. Thus, loft beds are making their place in the new market with increased demand.

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What Is Loft Bed?

A loft bed is simply a bed with a different structure than normal beds. The loft beds have a ladder connecting the main bed’s upper part. The overall design of the full-size loft bed comes in various formats. The different types of loft beds are girl’s loft beds, toddler loft beds, junior loft beds, and boy’s loft beds.

What To Consider/Think When Buying A Loft Bed?

The different points to be remembered while buying a loft bed are,

  • The need for headroom for a loft bed must be cleared.
  • The size of the loft bed should be fixed, i.e. whether it is for kids or adults.
  • The space underneath the loft bed should also be considered.
  • Is there a need for guardrails on the loft bed?
  • The type of mattress to be used for the loft bed.
  • The weight limit of the loft bed should also be considered.

These points should be kept in mind while deciding to buy the loft bed.

Best Loft Bed Designs In India:

Here, we enlisted 9 latest loft bed designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Alex Daisy Oslo Loft Bed for Kids:

The Alex Daisy Oslo is one of the prominent producers of loft or bunk beds. The kid’s full loft bed is provided in twin bed designs. Two major beds are provided in the bed set. The premium finish is given to prevent any sharp edges in the bed. It is generally made from Zealand pinewood, one of the finest woods. The kid’s low loft bed is the kind of bed from Alex Daisy Oslo.

  • Dimensions: 198*96*146 cm.
  • Material/Finish: Zealand Pinewood/Premium wood.
  • Style: Twin bed.
  • Mattress Type: Normal mattress.
  • Pillow Type: 2 standard pillows.
  • Warranty: 2 years

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2. Camabeds Story Single Loft Bed with 5” Foam Mattress:

This product is very good as the mattress used is 5″ foam. The main use of the mattress makes it a unique product for those who generally look for a mattress in the bed. It is a college loft bed with all the needed features, providing the study table underneath. Many of the students can find a relaxing time in a limited space. Thus, this bed is very much suited to a college loft bed.

  • Dimensions: 203*96*173 cm.
  • Material/Finish: Metal/Premium Finish.
  • Style: Single Loft bed.
  • Mattress Type: Standard 5” Foam.
  • Pillow Type: Single standard pillow.
  • Warranty: 1 year

3. Lundby Smaland Loft Bed Set:

Lundby Smaland Loft Bed set provides the basic beds for kids. The girl loft beds are the main beds that the company considers. It is perfect for a dollhouse with kids. The overall set includes a matching stool, a cute play table, and twin loft beds. The whole section of the bed is kept for kids only. It is colourful and has an adorable design. So, this bed can be used for kids and let them have a pleasant sleep.

  • Dimensions: 7*15*20 cm.
  • Material/Finish: Softwood/Premium Finish.
  • Style: Twin bed.
  • Mattress Type: Standard.
  • Pillow Type: 2 white standard pillows.
  • Warranty: 5 years

4. Adona Adonica Twin Loft beds with ladders:

It is considered as the kid’s loft bed with 2 main drawers provided as a storage system. All the material is used under the brand name Adona Adonica. The construction is kept unique and robust. It is generally a white loft bed with brown drawers. The bed sizes are too big so the parents can sleep on the bed. The corners are made round and safe to prevent any harm. So, these beds can be used for teenagers.

  • Dimensions: 187*95**165 cm.
  • Material/Finish: Adona Material (Wood)/Fine Finishing.
  • Style: Twin bed.
  • Mattress Type: N/A.
  • Pillow Type: 2 standard pillows.
  • Warranty: 5 years

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5. Alex Daisy Pinewood Montana Loft Bed for Kids:

Alex Daisy also provides twin or double-size loft beds. This bed is totally for kids aged between 3 to 8. The pink colour of the bed is adorable and shines in the room. A fun slide, tent, and curtains are added to the loft bed to make it a Disney look. The pinewood has been used as the core material. The loft bed frame is basically in the format of a tent where a kid can reside and have fun.

  • Dimensions: 200*100*120 cm.
  • Material/Finish: Pinewood/Premium.
  • Style: Double size.
  • Mattress Type: N/A.
  • Pillow Type: 1 standard pillow.
  • Warranty: 2 years

6. WE Furniture Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves:

The beds from WE Furniture are very prominent and famous as they provide a quality project. It is a metal loft bed generally used as the college loft bed. A separate desk and shelves are provided in this loft bed. The white colour suits the overall view of the bed. The desk and shelves are provided to store some important items. A single ladder is provided for the single loft bed. Thus, these beds can be used as youth loft beds.

  • Dimensions: 107*200*117 cm.
  • Material/Finish: WE Wood/Premium Finish.
  • Style: Single loft bed.
  • Mattress Type: Standard.
  • Pillow Type: Single standard pillow.
  • Warranty: N/A.

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7. Doll Furniture Loft Bunk with Shelving Units:

The doll furniture loft bed is generally maximized for girls. It is a girl’s loft bed with all the doll’s features. It is pink in colour with extra shelving units. Also, it is an angled single bed of 18 inches. A ladder is also provided to get on the upper bed. Overall, the wooden loft bed has extra shelving units and a good mattress. It is best suited for small girl kids.

  • Dimensions: 55*26*60.
  • Material/Finish: Wooden/Contemporary Finish.
  • Style: Single loft bed.
  • Mattress Type: Standard.
  • Pillow Type: 2 standard small pillows.
  • Warranty: 1 year

8. Your Zone Metal Loft Bunk Bed:

The loft beds from your zone are fun-loving and specially designed for kids. It is also a metal loft bed with the best features for an outcast. This tween loft bed requires no assembly, and space under the bed can be utilized for many purposes. The bed is very useful for the kid’s room, providing a decorative feel and enhanced look. Thus, the same bed can be gifted to your kid on their special day.

  • Dimensions: 73*42*79.
  • Material/Finish: Metal/Premium finish.
  • Style: Single loft bed.
  • Mattress Type: N/A.
  • Pillow Type: 1 standard pillow.
  • Warranty: 1 year

9. Junior Metal Loft Bunk Bed in Black Finish:

It is also the queen loft bed specially designed for juniors. The multiform mattress is used in the bed to compile the best results. The space under the bed is limited and can be used as multi-purpose. The queen-sized loft bed is very good for an ordinary room. The finishing is provided in the black colour. Thus, the bed is very well-suited for teenagers who can have a good time while sleeping and playing indoor games under it.

  • Dimensions: 50*42*79.
  • Material/Finish: Wood/premium.
  • Style: Single loft bed.
  • Mattress Type: N/A.
  • Pillow Type: 1 pillow.
  • Warranty: 1 year

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Pros and Cons of Loft Bed Designs:

The different pros and cons of having a pretty loft bed are:


  • The space under the bed can be used as a desk and utilized properly in the room.
  • This extra space can also decorate the room during birthday parties or normal functions.
  • The loft bed can be sued as a filing cabinet or compact frig under the bed.
  • The space under the bed can be kept for special purposes like a small window, dry erase, hanging chalkboard, etc.
  • The sides of the frame can be decorated, which comes in between the desk and bed.


  • One can get tired after looking at the ceiling all the time as the bed elevation is high in the room.
  • One can also get too tired after hanging out on the ladder again and again.
  • The loft beds are suitable for AC rooms only.
  • It is very hard to watch TV unless it is flat and in your sight of view.
  • It is very inconvenient to make use of some other things that are near the bed.
  • One can get head bumped due to irregularities.
  • Some adult people may find sleeping over a loft bed boring.

The loft bed has some unique features in everything. Although there are some cons of using it, the majority is still at stake at the pros. The loft bed with desk or loft bed with storage is the best option for household use. The children’s loft bed is in demand as it is very convenient to use and remains Eco-friendly. The loft bed for teens is to be taken with care as it may require some guardrails for protection. Overall, the loft bed has a unique environment to mention in terms of bed and can be used for the best comfort zone.


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