Worrying about filling water in the water bed? Then there is the right type of new cool water bed types wherein water can be filled easily into prefabricated tubes called as waterbed bladder. This makes the whole scenario of filling water with a garden pipe or a long rubber pipe as the traditional way of filling the mattress with water. Modern water beds can now be able to support by themselves instead with water tube frame which needs is integrated. This integrated water bed is less hassle luxury bed. The new water bed designs are also constructed with a temperature regulating system to keep the water temperature warm or as per the room temperature.

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What Is A Water Bed?

Bed in the water you might think it’s a complicated system. But it is nothing but a vinyl mattress which is filled with water. The entire bed in an earlier stage needs to be filled completely with water with a pipe, the modernized version has the inbuilt pipe facility in the mattress. There are two basic types of water beds which are the soft-side and hard-side water beds. Depending on personal choice, the type can be selected easily.

Modern Water Bed Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 10 cool and latest water bed designs with pictures. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Water Bed for Kids:

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The water bed is one of the coolest things which one can have. There are mainly type and colours available in waterbeds. The best water bed for your small one at your house is the water bed. This blue colour PVC material water bed is a water bed which can be used as indoor as well as the outdoor bed. The water needs to be filled using a garden hose or a long PVC water pipe. Due to this type of water filling method, his bed is best used as a summer outdoor water bed kid’s or also as baby water beds.

  • Dimensions: Single, 80x190cm
  • Material/Finish: Plastic, 0.5mm PVC
  • Style: Water Bed
  • Mattress Type: Single
  • Pillow Type: Single
  • Warranty: N/A

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2. Box Spring Water Bed Design:

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Box spring is a coolest and most comfortable bed type which you can have at your house. The box spring bed idea can be mixed with better water beds idea, which combines to form the waterbed with box spring look alike. This type of bed is available in all size which includes the twin, queen and king size. The water bed mattress type is a water tube fitted type which makes it easy to use and also easy to maintain.

  • Dimensions: 180cm x 200cm
  • Material/Finish: Vinyl
  • Style: Water Bed
  • Mattress Type: Double
  • Pillow Type: Double
  • Warranty: N/A

3. King Size Water Bed Design:

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The water bed is considered by everyone as the coolest and luxurious furniture to have in your bedroom. This type of bed needs good maintenance, due to that the rate of purchase is reduced. But if you like a water bed and can maintain well go for this white colour king size water bed. This bed resembles a box spring bed due to the height and mattress type. The waterbed is supported with a thin mattress on the top as a protection mattress.

  • Dimensions: 180 cm x 200cm
  • Material/Finish: Vinyl
  • Style: Water Bed
  • Mattress Type: King
  • Pillow Type: King
  • Warranty: N/A

4. Motionless LED Waterbed Design:

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Looking for a coolest and fancy bed for your romantic bedroom. This product along with waterbed images can help you visualize the bed. This product offers you everything that you want for your bedroom to make as a romantic room. The bed is a circular low-level bed with led lighting seen on the outer front circular region of the bed. The front headboard is designed as a high to the low pattern. To make this bed design more interesting, motionless water bed is used. The mattress allows having a calm and peaceful sleep.

  • Dimensions: 180 cm x 200cm
  • Material/Finish: Leather
  • Style: Modern Water Bed
  • Mattress Type: King
  • Pillow Type: Double
  • Warranty: 2 years

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5. King Size Waterbed Design with Headboard:

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Nowadays the style of having a good long headboard is preferred, and combining a good headboard design with a comfortable better waterbeds mattress is an amazing combination. The headboard is a tufted button designed using high-quality dark grey fabric and the mattress colour is light grey. This contrast colour provides a good feel to your bedroom along with the well thick dark grey base. The good solid base provides rigidity and stability to the bed.

  • Dimensions: 180cm x 200cm
  • Material/Finish: Synthetic Leather
  • Style: Modern Water Bed
  • Mattress Type: King
  • Pillow Type: Double
  • Warranty: 10 years

6. Queen Size Waterbed Design:

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This vintage queen-size water bed with amazing mattress type and also easy to maintain. The inner water bed mattress is made from layers of water-filled type in water-filled tube pattern. The mattress is best suited as a couple of mattresses. This water bed frames made with storage type with water bed headboards give abundant place to store daily to use items next to you. The traditional bed is the perfect type for couples as a gift for your parents.

  • Dimensions: Overall length-Head to Toe 64”
  • Material/Finish: Synthetic: Solid wood frame.
  • Style: Modern Water bed
  • Mattress Type: Queen
  • Pillow Type: Double
  • Warranty: N/A

7. Twin Waterbed Design:

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The water bed is a perfectly comfortable bed these days due to the waveless mattress design. This white colour water bed type gives the perfect colour lift to your bedroom. The size of the bedroom plays a huge role in selecting the water bed type. This twin water bed type will fit in a medium-size room to large size bedroom as well.  The price paid to own this beautiful bed is worth every penny.

  • Dimensions: 38” W x 76” L
  • Material/Finish: Synthetic Soy-based foam.
  • Style: Modern Water tube system.
  • Mattress Type: Twin size
  • Pillow Type: Double
  • Warranty: N/A

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8. Waterbed Couch:

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Couches can get really creative and innovative in design for a simple yet creative design are available in the market commonly these days. One such simple and innovative couch design is the couch water bed design. This water bed is amazing and convenient to use due to design. The bed can be easily placed in any room as well as in the outdoors as a garden couch bed. The water can be filled very easily since the inlet to fill the couch mattress.

  • Dimensions: 140 cm W x 180cm L x 30cm H
  • Material/Finish: Synthetic: Ultra-durable, 600D polyester oxford fabric with PVC coating.
  • Style: Modern
  • Mattress Type: N/A
  • Pillow Type: Single
  • Warranty: N/A

9. Hard Side Waterbed Design:

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Water beds can really get expensive; the cost is not just because of the bed frame material used but also the mattress type used. This hard-side water bed made from water-filled wave-less mattress type makes the cost of the bed to be expensive. The time and effort to make this durable bed which can be made with waterbed drawers design as well which falling under the expensive side. The bed frame is made primarily from wood material with synthetic fabric covered on the outside.

  • Dimensions: Overall width-side to side 77”
  • Material/Finish: Primary material Wood, Deep Fill, Waveless.
  • Style: Modern
  • Mattress Type: King
  • Pillow Type: Double
  • Warranty: 30 years

10. Soft Side Waterbed Design:

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To get a normal mattress feel from the most luxurious non-foam mattress could be the soft side water bed mattress type. The soft bed has chambers of water tube bed which is filled with water. The level of fill can be of a various type like the shallow, mid as well as deep fill. The fill type makes the bed pressure of the bed to differ. The pressure points help in reducing the pressure points compared to a normal mattress

  • Dimensions: 60” W x 80” L
  • Material/Finish: Polyester blend fabric, vinyl, foam.
  • Style: Modern
  • Mattress Type: Queen
  • Pillow Type: Double
  • Warranty: 5 years

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Pros and Cons of Water Bed Designs:

Every furniture at your home needs to well analyzed and realizes the fitting of the furniture at the specified place. This ideology goes to selecting the best bed type for your bedroom as well. This luxurious bed type the Water bed requires a good amount of research for choosing the best waterbed mattress type and knowing the water bed benefits. Let’s have a brief look at the pros and cons of choosing a water bed.


  • The foremost important advantage of choosing water bed is comfort.
  • Cools down body temperature during hot summer due to the water-filled mattress.
  • The water-filled mattress offers good resistance hence pressure point in the joints is reduced.
  • Back pain and spinal discomfort are reduced since the water bed relaxes the muscle around the lower back.


  • The foremost concern is the cost of the water bed.
  • The water bed falls under the expensive side.
  • The mattress can be punctured since vinyl can be less resistance against the prick.
  • Over time the water bed can develop bacterial growth which can cause bad odour and allergic reactions.
  • Restricted or one can say limited availability of bedspread type. This limits in the search area and sometimes the fit can be insufficient.
  • Shoulder and neck support is restricted.

Waterbed furniture is definitely a viable option due to its awesome factors like comfortability, relaxing effect and other added effect like waterbed heater or as a temperature regulator, dirt and dust-free mattress type. For the winter this water bed is an amazing mattress type since the bed can be heated up and the water heated bed gives cosy warmth while sleeping. The cost plays a crucial role in selecting this type of comfort providing a bed. But since this water bed falls under the luxurious bed type cost is considered as a secondary factor in comparison to a primary factor which is the comfort and luxurious feel created in your bedroom. So enjoy a pleasant cosy and romantic sleep by selecting the best water bed designs!


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