There are no festivities without Diya. Diya decoration is an innate part of any celebration or festivity in our country. Whether it is Diwali or weddings and birthdays, the beautiful lights from diyas can enhance the décor element and bring a beautiful look to any space. The lights add to the gorgeous and captivating look and feel. Today, we bring you the best of diya decoration ideas. These beautiful diya décor ideas are perfect for the upcoming festival and will bring you joy and happiness.

So why wait? Let us go ahead and check out the best Diya decoration ideas this season. Here we go!

Simple and Homemade Diya Decoration Ideas in 2024:

Be you want simple and easy diya decoration ideas or trending and stunning intricate diya decoration ideas, we have the best for you. Let’s check out these unique and creative latest decoration ideas with diyas.

1. Ganesh Diya Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Whether it is Ganesh Chaturthi or any festive event, we all believe our Lord Ganesh symbolizes clearing obstacles and paving the way for a smooth life. We have the Ganesh diya décor idea right here for you. You can go ahead and do a diya decoration around Ganesh ji’s portrait or design a diya with Lord Ganesh himself! The decoration is sure to look gorgeous and also is great for any new beginnings. Within this, you can go with traditional diyas or move with colourful modern-looking diyas around Lord Ganesh to give an alluring and beautiful look.

2. Decoration with Diya Lamp:

Image Source: flipkart

It is always a very good idea to add a statement diya lamp and then decorate it with small traditional diyas. This can give a very traditional and captivating yet elegant look. We have these diya lamp ideas for you, where you can decorate a lovely big diya lamp with lights and then go ahead with adding small diyas around it. This is a perfect choice to go during any festival such as weddings or housewarming ceremonies. Isn’t it truly beautiful?

3. Lotus Diya Decoration:

Another fantastic aesthetic choice would be to go for the Lotus Diya decoration idea. Lotus diya is a perfect design to check out, as it gives a traditional and vintage classic vibe and looks beautiful with a colourful appearance. You can find several designs within the lotus diya decoration. Add the diyas with flowers or additional candles to give an alluring look. What do you think?

4. Eco-Friendly Diya Decoration:

We live in an environmentally conscious world, and being eco-friendly is a good take. We have lovely eco-friendly diya decoration ideas for you, too. You can make diyas with matki or similar earthen materials while making them look beautiful. Adding beautiful colours to these matki diyas can enhance the overall look too. These diyas also look traditional and won’t disappoint you. They give a beautiful colour and effect during any celebration and will impress you indeed!

5. Diya Decoration with Candles:

This is another easy and simple yet lovely way to decorate with diyas. You can go ahead using candles to decorate diyas. Either you can go with using candle wax on diyas or get tealight holders and place the candles in them and further decorate the holders with beautiful colours or flowers. Both these ideas can give you amazing, lovely, and stunning unique diya décor seamlessly. Did you like this idea?

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6. Diya Thali Decoration Idea:

Image Source: pinterest

We cannot leave out discussing thali decoration ideas, can we? When it comes to decorating your home with diyas during any festivities, you must also make sure to add a lovely thali decoration with diyas to further enhance the beautiful look. Adding embellishments, as shown in the image, can be an easy, quick, yet mesmerizing idea. You can add a few or many embellishments per your taste and preference; add the colourful diyas on the thali and rest assured it will look lovely.

7. Diya Decoration with Flowers:

Image Source: Freepik

We love adding a lot of flowers to diyas. Particularly, during any ceremonies or Diwali festival, adding flowers can bring on a beautiful look, along with the candles and diya lighting. Add colourful flowers such as roses and marigolds around the diya corner. You can place them in front near the entry of your home or near the puja mandir to give a grand and plush beautiful look.

8. Handmade Diya Decoration Idea:

Image Source: pinterest

You can even get creative and do a beautiful handmade diya decoration. It is easy and alluring. You can take a diyas or tealight candle holder of your choice, and bring it to a colourful shape with paints or embellishments. Further, take paper and threads to bring onto a holder design. Use colourful threads to enhance the look. Add additional attachments, such as paper flowers, to give it a beautiful look. It is easy, fun, and beautiful. What do you think?

9. Peacock Diya Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

One of the most popular yet classic decoration ideas is peacock diya. Peacock diya decoration ideas can never get old, for it to be classic and evergreen, exuding a colourful and charming look. You can get a readymade peacock diya or make it at home with peacock feathers and add lights to give it a beautiful look. Further, you can even accentuate the look by adding flowers and multiple small diyas around. How do you like this idea? It is among our top favourite diya decoration ideas.

10. Paper Diya Decoration Idea:

Image Source: pinterest

Another fun and yet alluring design idea with diyas is to make paper diyas. This can be a fun and easy project with kids and elders, and add a nice decorating element to the walls. Make paper diyas with colourful thick quality papers and hang them on the wall. Add the colourful lights beside them on the wall and plug them on. You can see how stunning the result is! This is a perfect decoration idea with paper diyas for the upcoming Diwali! This idea is perfect for Diwali decoration at home.

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11. Diya Decoration with Paint Colours:

Image Source: Shutterstock

An amazing and beautifully natural way of decorating diyas is to paint them with lovely and bright colours. You can take any plain diya we get in the market and go ahead with painting them with colours of our choice. You can either get creative with designs or go ahead with plain colours and gold borders. It can give a stunning and colourful look to any diya décor theme.

12. Diya Decoration with Thermacol:

Image Source: youtube

This is another lovely idea to check out. Trying diya decoration made with thermacol is a creative and lovely way to add further décor elements to your home. You can add thermocol pasting near door entrances or walls to give your space an alluring and classy look. You can personalise and own the décor by adding beautiful colours and sparkles too.

13. Diya Decoration idea with Clay:

Image Source:

If you wish to make your diyas from scratch, why not try these one-of-a-kind unique clay diyas? Have you ever given it a thought? These beautiful clay diyas are indeed unique with lovely designs. You can make them with pure clay and add colours to brighten them slightly. Add on candles, and you are good to go. How do you like this idea? This is a perfect creative choice to give it a traditional look.

14. Elephant Diya Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

You can also get the elephant diya decoration items to spice up your décor theme. Elephant diya décor is trending currently and gives you a vintage royal and plush look. Adding further décor elements near the elephant diya can accentuate the décor, too, such as flowers or additional small diyas or tealight holders.

15. Swastik Diya Decoration:

Image Source: Shutterstock

You can also do a traditional Swastik diya decoration in front of your home. This can be done in two ways. Either you can take a few small diyas and arrange them in a Swastik design, or use a beautiful colourful big diya and add a Swastik sign with flowers or rangoli. Both ways can look beautiful and give you a classic traditional and evergreen décor feel. What do you think?

16. Diyas with Rangoli:

Image Source: pinterest

Rangoli and diyas are the classic combination. On festivals like Diwali, there is nothing like decorating your entrance with beautiful colourful rangoli and adding diyas. They can truly give an amazing and rich look. Depending on your time and preference, you can try doing a beautiful rangoli and add small diyas to design further. Further, you can also add flowers to brighten it up even more. What do you think?

17. Hanging Diya Decoration near Puja Mandir:

The hanging diya near the puja place is always special. It gives a deep spiritual feeling and also lightens up the space even better. You can check out the traditional brass hanging diya designs for the same. They give a classic traditional look and are a perfect choice for all occasions. What do you think?

18. Beautiful Urli Diya Décor:

We love how gorgeous and plush an urli diya design can lend to any celebration or festivity. You can check out the traditional urli design and have a look yourself. It looks beautiful and can be placed in a space you like the most, be it near puja space or a corner of your home. Adding it near a set of small diyas can also lend you a beautiful and bright traditional look. Do you agree?

19. Floating Diya Decoration:

Image Source: Shutterstock

You can already guess what we mean by floating diya décor. This idea is a perfect choice if you wish to accentuate your diya décor a notch higher. The unique and stunning floating diyas bring you a more beautiful and bright look. Adding flowers along with diyas in the floating space is a perfect and classic choice to try out.

20. Luxurious Diya Décor in Temple:

Image Source: instagram

If you wish to have it all and bring a fancy and alluring vibe to the temple or entry space, how about this luxurious and fancy diya decoration idea? It is all about bringing the small things together. Bring colourful flowers, small and large diyas, candles, rangoli, and more together to create such a fancy and luxurious setup. Rest assured, you will receive quite a lot of compliments on this décor. What do you think?

How To Light Diwali Diyas The Right Way?

If you are looking for the diya décor for Diwali, it is also crucial to keep in mind these tips to light diyas the right way.

  • Always light the first diya in the puja room. Add diyas near the Tulsi plant if you have one.
  • Try to ensure that diyas stay on as long as possible during the night, as we all believe that Goddess Lakshmi enters the homes that are lit well.
  • Use ghee if you have access to light the diyas. It is believed that ghee is more divine than oil. Ghee prepared from cow milk is further preferred.
  • Fill the large or akhand diya with ghee and keep filling it at regular intervals to stay lit.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these beautiful and latest diya decoration ideas. Whether it is for a festival or a celebration, diyas can indeed enhance the traditional look and bring light and brightness to any home. We love décor with diyas, and they always remain classic. Do you agree? What are your thoughts, and which décor did you like the most? Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you.


1. Which oil is good to light Diya?

While ghee is preferable to light Diyas, you can also use sesame, mustard, or castor oil. Do not use sunflower oil to light Diyas.

2. What time should we light Diya?

The apt and recommended time to light Diya is from early hours in the morning to before 10 AM preferably, and from five to seven in the evening.

3. Which are the most common and bright colours to use to decorate Diya?

The most lovely colours many prefer on Diyas are gold, silver, copper, red, yellow, and pink. These colours instantly enhance the look and bring a sophisticated feel. You can also use other colours of your choice.


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