We all want to attract positivity and good fortune, don’t we? Though all festivals are unique, Navratri’s festival is auspicious and dedicated to Goddess Durga. Though each state has a different tradition, the Navratri decoration goes hand in hand with any celebratory process, which displays the enthusiasm and gusto with which people from all over the country celebrate. The decoration during Navratri is part of the traditions during the none days in addition to rituals, prayers, fasting, dancing, and cleaning. Whether it is simple decoration or elaborated ones with fairy lights or rangolis, this article has Navratri decoration ideas you can try. Read on!

15 Creative and Special Navratri Puja Decoration Ideas:

We have prepared some stunning Navratri decoration ideas you can implement to create a traditional feel and look. Get started and inspired.

1. Dandiya Decoration:

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Dandiya is a traditional Gujarati folk dance popularly performed during the Navratri festival. Usually, people gather at a decorated place and celebrate the festival by dancing happily with dandiya sticks. However, suppose you are decorating a place for a dandiya event. In that case, it is best to use vibrant decorations to reflect the liveliness of this dance form. Furthermore, you can also create a canopy using colourful fabrics over the dance floor. Finally, as depicted in the picture, you can hang colourful umbrellas creating a beautiful look. This way, you can create a separate space for the dancers while the non-dancers can sit around and enjoy themselves.

2. Ghatasthapana Decoration:

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Navratri festival has a significant ritual involved during the puja called the Ghatasthapana. This ritual consists of creating a particular vessel or pot called ghata, marking the beginning of the nine-day festival. Therefore, when creating a beautiful Ghatasthapana for display, choosing the right pot made with materials like earthenware, brass, or copper is essential. Once you take the appropriate pot, fill it with water and decorate it with fabric, flowers, and symbols of the Goddess, like coconut with a red sacred thread to give the pot a traditional look. To further beautify the look of the pot, you can add a string of lights and rangoli.

3. Attractive Garba Decoration:

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Another traditional dance form of Gujarat that is popular all over India and the world is Garba, performed during the Navratri festival. This dance form is celebrated like dandiya, where people gather and enjoy themselves by dancing to their hearts’ content. When inviting your circle of friends and family to a garba event, it is essential to use vibrant and colourful decorations to create a festive atmosphere. As shown in the picture, using multiple coloured fabrics and lights brightens the space encouraging everyone to groove their body to the music.

4. Navratri Thali Decoration:

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Many of us dedicate time to decorating the puja thali during the regular puja season or special festivals. However, Navratri holds a special significance in one’s life because it is one of the largest festivals celebrated enthusiastically. You can choose simple décor or display your creative side using colourful kundans and beads, making the thali look unique and attractive. This is one of the best ways to showcase your creative side to the onlookers.

5. Navratri Mandir Decoration at Home:

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Navaratri is a Hindu festival dedicated to worshipping and celebrating Goddess Durga for nine days. To honour the Goddess and seek her blessings, many people create a special mandir or shrine in their home during these nine days. So firstly, you need to choose an appropriate place to install the Navratri mandir since it will be there for nine days. For example, choose a corner of your living room or dedicated prayer room so that other chores are not disturbed. Additionally, you can use fabrics of red and gold colours in addition to symbols like a lotus flower or a trident to decorate it. Finally, you can further brighten the mandir by adding a string of lights while helping you connect to the divine.

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6. Navratri Pandal Decoration:

Image Source: prokerala.com

One of the typical setups you can see on the roads of many cities during Navratri is the temporary pandals or tents. These places are common where people gather to offer prayers to the Goddess while enthusiastically singing and dancing. Pandals are a famous scene in Bengali tradition whose popularity has spread throughout the country. When decorating the pandal and creating a festive atmosphere, you can use traditional Indian colours like red, green, and yellow, which add a unique elegance. Finally, you can also decide on a theme and choose décor accordingly.

7. Navratri Decoration with Flowers:

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Flowers are another prominent décor element in many festivals, especially for Navratri decoration. You can exude the authenticity of the festival by using fragrant and colourful flowers. For example, you can use marigold flower garlands in different colour shades in the pooja room or the doors and windows of your house, welcoming happiness into your home. Though marigolds are the common flowers used for decoration, you can always use different flowers like daffodils, jasmine, and roses, creating an enthralling presence with their enchanting aroma. However, remember that depending on the flowers you use, you might have to replace them twice or thrice a day during the nine-day-long festival.

8. DIY Navratri Decoration:

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DIY art and crafts is all the rage because this process involves everybody in the house, whether kids or adults. Everybody can decorate to prepare their home for the Navratri festivities by coming together as a family. This picture showcases a beautiful yet easy-to-achieve decoration idea you can implement into your home. You can use everything in your home, making it a cost-effective option. For example, place a satin cloth on the floor painted with kolam patterns where you can set the Goddess to offer prayers.

9. Navratri Background Decoration:

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This is yet another Navratri background decoration that you can achieve with the things you have in your house. For example, you can use art and craft papers to create what looks like a beautiful flower. By making these elements in different colours and sizes, you can cover the entire background area behind the idol of the Goddess. Remember to choose a combination of a bright and light palette of colours, creating a perfectly blended look.

10. Navratri Decoration with Rangoli:

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Festivals in Indian households are incomplete without a bright and beautiful rangoli in front of the home. With a rangoli outside the house, the cheer and festivities are welcomed into the house. There is a wide range of designs you can incorporate in the form of rangoli. Furthermore, you can use colourful powder or multi-coloured flowers, which kickstart the festivities of Navratri. The image we have presented above can be a perfect example of the same. You can also delve into the internet for more accessible or more complicated designs depending on your preference. Finally, you can get creative and use a combination of flowers, candles, and diyas to brighten the space gorgeously.

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11. Navratri Kalash Decoration:

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Kalash is a sacred vessel in numerous Hindu ceremonies and rituals, including Navratri. Therefore, the Kalash is often decorated with great care and attention to detail because it symbolizes prosperity and abundance. Though you can take a kalash of any material, many prefer copper or brass kalash because they are considered auspicious. Now you can beautify the kalash by using your creativity to represent a piece of personality. This way, you can create a customized Kalash that is unique only for your home.

12. Kolu Decoration Ideas:

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Kolu is a traditional south Indian ritual celebrated prominently during Navratri, also called BommaiKolu or Golu. During the Navratri, people arrange a display of figurines and dolls decoratively on a series of steps. You can place the dolls randomly based on your preference or choose a theme too. For example, you can create a village fair, a traditional wedding, or even Indian mythology as a theme which helps you create a cohesive display by allowing you to focus. Furthermore, you can create an inviting atmosphere and festive touch by adding string lights, diyas, or lanterns. The decoration of the kolu is entirely dependent on personal preferences.

13. Navratri Stage Decoration:

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Incorporating a stage is necessary if you are planning a cultural program during the Navratri festival in your apartment building or colony hall. However, decorating the stage appropriately according to the occasion is equally important. For example, further elevated wallpaper decoration with floral garlands can be a simple yet attractive, cost-effective option. In addition, the use of multiple coloured floodlights adds to the beauty of the décor significantly.

14. Navratri Flower Rangoli Decoration:

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This is yet another Navratri flower rangoli decoration idea you can implement to welcome home the festivities and positivity associated with it. You can initially draw the rangoli using a chalk piece and then fill the pattern with multiple flowers like marigolds, roses, and jasmine. You can also create borders with green leaves, which divide the lines beautifully. Though our design is only an example, you can always use your design and fill it with flowers appropriately.

15. Navratri Light Decoration:

Image Source: english.jagran.com

You can decorate and elevate the festive environment of your home during Navratri by lighting in any form, whether it is string lights, diyas, or tea candles. For example, you can place diyas around the mandir, choose a pattern line Swastik and om, and place diyas along the design. This way, you can bring a cheerful look to the surroundings and brighten the space efficiently. However, suppose you have kids and don’t want to experiment with diyas. In that case, you can purchase battery diyas from the market to achieve a similar effect.

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One of India’s well-known and prolonged celebrations honouring Goddess Durga’s nine forms is Durga puja or Sharad Navaratri. Though each part of India has a different way of celebrating the festival, the Navratri decoration idea is the key priority which is also common all over the country. Therefore, go through the shared thoughts and incorporate the ones you liked the most. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


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