Looking for some simple mehndi ceremony decorations? When it comes to the Mehandi decorations, we get very excited. The quirky photo booths, colourful tassels, flower decorations, and other things like that give this happy event so much life. You can hire a decorator or planner, or you can do a few things yourself. This adds a personal touch and can save you a lot of money. So, here are some great ideas for homemade mehndi function decorations for your next mehandi that are simple, easy, breezy, and beautiful. These pictures range from beautiful ideas for outdoor mehendi décor to the newest images of indoor decorating trends.

Homemade Mehndi Function Decoration At Home:

Here is a list of 20 simple and best mehndi ceremony decoration ideas at home with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Homemade Mehndi Decoration At Home:

Image Source: pinterest

Having a small and intimate mehendi function at home? Then you can choose to keep the mehendi decorations a bit simple, but not boring! Check out this pretty mehandi ceremony decoration done in a living room. The bride’s or the groom’s seat looks really nice with yellow curtains in the background, and it adds a special touch to the photos. I absolutely love how the curtain backdrop is enhanced with yellow and white flowers. The floral wall hangings over the curtain seem fabulous. These homemade mehndi decorations are very pocket-friendly and definitely look very beautiful.

2. Simple Decoration For Mehndi Functions At Home:

Image Source: seven.edu.vn

There are a lot of ways to do mehndi ceremony decoration at home that don’t cost a lot of money but still look great. A simple and sweet mehandi decor can be made by using flowers and a plain, sweet background like that. Genda Phool as a theme or part of the decor is always a good choice for the Haldi or the mehendi. This beautiful home mandapa, which is decorated with genda phool and a lot of greenery, is the perfect idea for a simple decoration for a mehandi function at home.

3. Indoor Mehandi Décor:

Image Source: pinterest

A pretty floral canopy is a great idea for a mehndi decoration that can be used indoors or outdoors. If you want to have your mehendi ceremony inside with close friends and family, this is the perfect canopy to add to your decorations. Pick any wall in your house, hang a bright pink curtain with cute wall hangings, and make a floral canopy above your favourite sofa chair, and you’re done with your indoor mehandi decor! Also, the flower canopy can have a nice flow from top to bottom, which will look breathtaking in photos.

4. Outdoor Mehndi Décor:

Image Source: pinterest

Outdoor mehndi décor could be done in many different ways, depending on your style, theme, and colour scheme. Here’s another idea for a beautiful outdoor mehndi ceremony decoration. Having yellow cabanas that are so beautifully decorated makes the decor look even better and gives guests a beautiful place to sit and relax. Add colourful tablecloths and cushions to liven up and brighten the space. Also, if the event is at night, don’t forget to add fairy lights to the venue so that it shines as brightly as you do.

5. Mehandi Stage Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

If you like elegant and fancy mehendi staged decorations, you definitely want to incorporate this one at your wedding. This Mehndi stage decoration is like something out of a dream, thanks to a canopy of flower garlands and tiny ornaments. You can notice hints of both traditional and modern design in the room’s centrepieces and bright spots. The bright pink and blue curtains in the backdrop and a bunch of different flowers add a pop of colour to this mehndi décor. The small candles on the centre table round out the mehandi ceremony decor.

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6. Best Mehndi Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

How about adding kettles and kites to your mehndi function decorations? You can use kites and kettles as props in many different styles to decorate your mehendi function. Hang them overhead or use them as centrepieces. They seem fabulous in any style. Kites with lots of colours look so dreamy. Use multicoloured kites for quirky mehndi decoration. You can also use Bohemian or Rajasthani stools for seating; they are more colourful, which seems better.

7. Terrace Decoration For Mehendi:

Image Source: pinterest

Mehndi ceremonies are intimate affairs with very few guests present. So, it’s best to have your mehandi ceremony on the terrace of your home. You can save a lot of money on your mehndi decorations this way. Check out these mehndi ceremony decorations done on a terrace. The contrasting colours of the curtains and the sofa give the décor a pop of colour. These colourful cushions further elevate the look of this mehendi ceremony decoration. Using flowers and bird cages as props, complete this terrace decoration for the mehndi function.

8. DIY Mehandi Décor:

Check out this beautiful outdoor Mehendi decoration with a tassel shower in the shape of a cone! This will be a great, quirky way to decorate for your mehndi ceremony. The shades of pink and blue used to make these tassels complement the outdoor setting of this mehandi function. Adding colourful cushions makes the seating area really fun and amazing. No wedding décor is complete without flowers. Adding flowers to the top of these tassel decorations brings out the festive mood of a wedding.

9. Mehndi Thali Decoration:

A gorgeous mehndi thali decorated with a lot of bling is a must at any mehndi ceremony. No mehndi function decorations are complete without decorating the mehandi thali. Choose a copper thali to keep the look traditional. DIY the decorations by using colourful wooden sticks and stones. Add some flowers and candles to complete the look of the mehendi thali.

10. Mehendi Plate Decoration:

Image Source: knot9.com

It’s easy to make a mehndi plate look pretty. Mehendi plates that are beautifully decorated look great at the mehndi ceremony. Pick a heart-shaped plate and put a ring of yellow or orange marigolds around it. Then you can fill the plate with flower petals, like rose petals. Not only will this look good, but it will also smell good. Add some dry mehandi powder and mehndi cones to the plate to finish decorating it for a mehndi event. You can also add glitter to make it look shiny.

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11. Mehndi Jhoola Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

A mehndi ceremony would not be complete without a jhoola that is beautifully decorated. Jhoola is always the most beautiful part of the mehendi decor. So, if you want your small mehndi ceremony to look as fancy and Instagram-worthy as possible, check out this beautiful mehndi jhoola décor. You can make your simple mehndi ceremony extravagant using this antique jhoola covered with marigolds. Add colourful cushions and pillows to make the mehandi decorations more lively.

12. Mehandi Background Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

It’s not easy to host a mehndi party at home. But if you let your imagination run wild and put in a little bit of work, it can be a fun task. Play with the curtains to create a stage or background for the bride’s mehndi ceremony. The easiest way to decorate is with colourful curtains and fairy lights. Set this up with colourful lamps, tea lights, and pillows. These homemade mehandi decorations at home not only look beautiful but can also save you a lot of money.

13. Mehndi Tray Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

A beautiful mehndi tray adorned with glitz should be used at every mehndi ceremony. If you’re going for a classic look, a copper thali is a way to go. Make your own mehendi tray decorations with colourful laces and wooden sticks decorated with stones. Adding candles will make it look even more beautiful.

14. Mehendi Night Décor At Home:

Image Source: pinterest

If you plan to host a mehndi party at night, then all you need are some colourful curtains and those twinkling fairy lights to make your living room look completely different. This mehendi night décor at home is something close to heaven. The white curtains with fairy lights give a spacious and clean look to the décor, while colourful curtains on the sides set the mood for some festivities.

15. Mehndi Wall Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Mehndi décor is all about beautiful colours and lots of bling. Decorate any wall in your home with a bright yellow curtain and some fancy wall hangings. Add some colourful dreamcatchers over the backdrop to make it more fun and Instagram-worthy. Add some quirky props, like traditional hand fans and pom-poms. Even though you have a yellow background, little fans, and other things as decorations in the font, Those dreamcatchers are the focus of this mehndi decor.

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16. Mehandi Sangeet Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

This colourful pinwheel mehndi sangeet decoration will make you feel like a kid again. Well, you can get ideas from this mehndi decor and make a pinwheel-themed tent. Hang some strings of marigolds from the ceiling. Brightly coloured curtains, pinwheels, and Indian-style baithak: this mehendi décor looks straight out of 2000 Bollywood movies.

17. Balloon Decoration For Mehndi Function:

Balloons are no longer just used for birthday parties. Balloon decorations for mehndi functions are quite trendy these days. A green and yellow balloon wall for your mehendi ceremony will make a vivid backdrop for some stunning pictures. The alphabet balloons can be used to write the bride and groom’s names, a wedding hashtag, or just a simple mehndi.

18. Mehendi Decoration With Bride and Groom:

Image Source: pinterest

A cool and trendy mehndi ceremony decoration idea is to place the bride or groom under a large floral canopy. If the couple is doing the ceremony together, put two next to each other. This large outdoor canopy made of marigolds looks breathtaking. The pink and white flowers used to make the head of the canopy complement the bride and groom’s outfits. This is a great idea for a mehendi decoration. Put some bright cushions and other props in the rest of the area to finish off the mehndi decorations.

19. Mehndi Cone Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

It is not difficult to make a simple mehndi plate appear to be lovely. Choose a plate with a floral print. After that, you can adorn the plate with the petals of various flowers, such as marigolds. This will not only have a pleasant appearance, but it will also have a pleasant aroma. Place the mehendi cones in a symmetrical manner. Finish off the plate’s decoration for a mehndi event by adding some rose petals to the centre of the plate.

20. Bridal Mehndi Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Want to have some princess feels at your wedding? This beautiful mehndi event decor will make your Mehendi ceremony look royal. This bright yellow and orange outdoor Mehendi décor of a jhoola is a great choice if you have a large open space for your mehendi party and want something happy and colourful to brighten the place up. These bohemian umbrellas and potlis added to the backdrop make the perfect mehndi function decoration for a boho bride.

Mehndi function decorations are no longer restricted to green attire and agenda phools. People these days tend to mix and match colours, objects, and patterns for a quirky and fun look. Cute things like tassels, dream catchers, and kettles are showing up in Mehandi decoration more and more. These mehndi décor items add a splash of colour to the mehndi function right away and take it to the next level. Check out this well-put-together list of simple and classy mehndi decorations that not only look beautiful but are cheap and easy to make.

From the most simple to the most exquisite, We hope these elegant mehndi designs open the boxes of creativity in your head. These designs are nothing less than art. Whether it’s a mehandi stage decoration or a mehndi ceremony, you don’t need to look anywhere else. This article covered the most creative and eye-catching mehndi ceremony decoration designs, which are trending in 2023. And now that wedding season is almost around the corner. I am sure you’ll need to check out some of these mehndi decoration ideas.


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