Grey hair is a problem that mostly all middle aged people suffer with no matter whether they are men or women. Grey hair is a natural phase of life and proves that you are ageing, but with everybody wanting to look young it is turning out to be quite a problem. Grey hair can also occur in the younger generation, but this is a disease and can be treated.

To stop hair graying later on in life you can start taking precautions at a younger age, henna is one such prevalent precaution. Use henna daily on your hair to help strengthen your hair and give it a shine that you have never seen before. Henna is a herbal agent that exfoliates your hair and scalp which also helps to prevent graying to a great extent.

Uses of Henna for Grey Hair:

1. Natural Hair Color:

Feeling let down by grey hair, don’t to worry henna is a perfect colouring agent, it gives natural colour and henna helps to make your hair grow faster, shinier and flawless. Apply henna daily to keep your hair from graying and keep it strong and healthy.

2. Hair Volume:

One of the most important parts about henna is that when applied regularly it helps to strengthen the roots applying thickness of the strands which further helps to accelerate volume. Volume helps to keep your hair healthy and reduce hair fall and hair graying. Henna will certainly make you look 10 years younger.

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3. Anti Fungal, Anti Bacterial:

Sometimes fungal or bacterial problems may cause accelerated hair graying; henna is a natural agent that helps to fight all problems on the scalp and hair to prevent any such problem. Henna also helps to stabilize the acid-alkaline balance on the scalp which is another reason for hair graying.

Home Methods to Reduce Hair Graying by Using Henna:-

1. Storage and Use:

Try storing henna powder in a cupboard which has a dry surrounding; the powder will gain more strength by fermentation and will lose density if kept in a refrigerator. Try using henna for grey hair once every few weeks to obtain the necessary results you require in regards to the prevention of white hair. Henna works like a natural moisturizer for your hair, it helps to restore balance to the scalp and removes any exterior threat such as a fungal or bacterial threat. It is also a great coloring agent and really works towards getting rid of those greys.

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2. Black Henna:

If you are looking for a natural hair color that will help you reduce graying without the side effects, then you do not have to go too far. Black henna is the perfect home remedy for grey hair. Black henna helps to colour your hair and in turn make it explicitly silky and shiny. Be careful not to stain your skin with this extraordinary hair color. Application merely takes about 10-15 minutes after which you must apply a shower cap to your hair for about an hour.

3. Homemade or Commercial:

You can always purchase henna powder or paste from any market, but it is always better to make the henna at home because not only will you be preserving the nutrients but will also give yourself the satisfaction that the henna powder you have made is natural. If you do not want to waste time then both henna powder and paste are available at any store at various prices depending on the brand.

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