Spring is here! Everything about this season has to be with bright colors. So while last season we chose rosy red lips this season our lips need some TLC with pink! It should always suit your style and looks so don’t always think fuchsias, a nude pink will also seal the deal. But the question is how? Well let’s dig in and find out.

The Right Shade- Based on Skin Tones:

The Golden rule is: blue means cool and red means hot. So pick a blue undertone if you have a paler skin tone, and red undertones for warmer tones. However, exceptionally those with very dark skin tones must opt for darker shades. But end of the day you choose what you like.

• Fair Skin Tones:

Neon lips add an edge and look resplendent on pale skin tones. Play with your style and add a pop to your puckers to spice it up a notch. But avoid lighter pink as it will make you look paler and your lips will suffer a whitewash.

  • Skin with red undertone- pick shades with blue undertones.
  • Skin with yellow undertone- pick a slightly brighter pink with a lighter blue undertone.

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• Duskier/ Darker Skin Tones:

These skin tones can play around with varied hues of pink. Simply any color yellow undertone would work well. But avoid bright pinks.  Try Berry shades for a more sensuous look.

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• Darker Skin Tones:

Always opt for a darker shade with a red undertone. Avoid dark or light undertones by opting for deeper pinks with red or blue undertones depending on mood. Avoid pale colors at all costs as they make your lips look like an extra attachment on your face.

The Right Shade- Based on Shape Of Lips:

This is really not as easy as you thought. The right color will make your lips look normal and not too thick or too thin that gives the impression of a liposuction gone awfully wrong.

The rule of thumb for this category is: the fuller the lips, the darker the shade. But always choose with respect to the skin tone.

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The Right Technique:

No we won’t tell you how it’s done, rather how it is done better in the following steps. Rest assured you’ll thank us for your flawless puckers.

1. Apply a lip primer/ regular foundation to form a proper base.

2. Apply a transparent lip liner or one closest to your shade to ensure that the color doesn’t bleed out easily.

3. Use a blending brush to apply the lipstick evenly.

4. Dab out the excess product on a tissue paper.

5. Finish off with clear or shimmer gloss applied over the base color.

6. To add a touch of oomph just dab an extra bit of gloss on the centre of the lower lip and watch it shine.

7. Put a finger right into the middle of your mouth cavity and pull it out. Some lip color will come off on your finger. This will save you from tainted teeth.

The Right Approach:

Keep things simple and don’t over-do your look with excess of brightness. It rarely works unless you want to look like a red velvet cupcake!

Opt for a light shade of peach or beige for a blush as it will highlight your pink pout better.

The older you are the creamier should be your lipstick. It keeps on longer and with age lips grow thinner so creamy texture work best.

So it’s a longer process than just rubbing a lipstick across your lips. But then all good things take time. Spare some time for your perfect lips and the results will speak for themselves.


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